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Talcot Parsons. The association of social relationshipsSocial structureSolidarity and stabilitystructural-functionalism
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American Sociology of Medicine

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Talcot Parsons The association of social connections Social structure Solidarity and dependability auxiliary functionalism & harmony Social arrangement of interrelated social structures Each plays a particular capacity in achieving solidness & mix Focus on gathering forms Realizing self-interests (strife) versus solidness & incorporation

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Parsons and the Professions Human activity (organization) comprehended with reference to regularizing measures (structure) Non-financial regulating systems are basic esp. re: the callings (like solution) Human creatures act as opposed to react – office Humans comprehend their reality, decipher it, give it significance, settle on decisions about their investments (office)

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Parsons on prescription Medicine is not logical Resistance to revelations, trend in restorative practices, components of enchantment in therapeutic treatment Glue ear - One explanation behind the present pandemic in the rate of surgery for paste ear in youngsters is that a move in treatment has occurred from non-surgical to surgical strategies. An authentic audit of the treatment of this condition uncovers the presence of past \'surgical scourges\' and the significance of two specific components—specialized advancements, for example, the outline of tympanostomy tubes and the presentation of antibacterial medications; and the draw of panaceas, for example, ionizing radiation. Furthermore, it uncovers how restorative practice is, as most human conduct , subject to design. Regardless of this, there is a consistent yearning by professionals to be declared "logical" in their work, and meanings of science are similarly powerless to change after some time.

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Parsons on solution Medicine is not logical Placebo impact – medicates no clear biochemical effect of body Difficulty is demonstrating a causal relationship between an objection, treatment, cure Sick part is a "social" part & not principally an organic or physiological condition Pain:

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Social Roles, Health, Medicine Practitioners – neighborhood human services framework SICK ROLE & SICKNESS CAREER - people and social frameworks the idea of the infection profession a man as she or he gets to be distinctly symptomatic, characterized as wiped out, a patient, handicapped, and so forth individual experiences over a timeframe With incapacity/weakness - last the whole lifetime of a man

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Social labelling A disease name may ... imply that the individual so marked gets to be distinctly enmeshed inside specific establishments that maintain the name as opposed to support its dispose of ... AA is a prime case of an organization that delays the ailment name in its formal belief system (the prerequisite that people freely affirm that they are "alcoholics") and in its capacity. An extensive rate of AA individuals\' social lives fixates on the association and different individuals, hence secluding them from ordinary connections and further fortifying their part as "al-coholics." [Waxler 1981:296-297]

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Social Roles and the Social System: Rethinking Parsons Economic, social, and social capital Access to marking and social parts A man is named throughout social arrangements between him/herself, specialist, healer, shaman, family, and others The result is affected by every individual\'s convictions and preparing furthermore by the social and hierarchical settings in which the transaction happens Depending upon his or her social position the individual may discover de-naming troublesome, that proceeded with sickness, illness, incapacity is normal and consequently the manifestations keep Using prescription to take a gander at aggregate social framework

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Bourdieu: 3 sorts of capital Economic capital : order over monetary assets (money, resources). Social capital : assets in light of gathering enrollment, connections, systems of impact and support. Social capital : types of learning; aptitude; training; any preferences a man has which give them a higher status in the public arena, including exclusive standards. E.g. Guardians furnish kids with social capital, the states of mind and learning that makes the instructive framework an agreeable commonplace place in which they can succeed effectively.

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Definitions of Social Capital rather than traditional and neoclassical financial hypothesis accept society is comprised of the aggregate of people acting exclusively to accomplish non-aggregate objectives Social capital inheres the structure of connections amongst people and among people. the foundations, connections and standards that shape the quality and amount of a general public\'s social associations. Social capital has a material base and in addition an ethical base. Individuals have diverse measures of social capital relying upon the genuine or potential assets relying on the span of the system to which they are connected relying upon the measure of monetary and social capital the individuals from that system have. Social capital is never autonomous of alternate types of capital

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Social Capital & Health in Canada as to social capital, thinks about progressively demonstrate that groups bolstered by a considerable load of social capital have better monetary and social execution (Putnam, 2000). Better wellbeing, wellbeing conditions, and human services.

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Canada, Health, & Inequalities

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First Nations: Non-Medical Determinants of Health just 56.9% of homes were viewed as satisfactory in 1999- - 00. just 33.6% of groups had no less than 90% of their homes associated with a group sewage transfer framework. In 1999, 65 First Nations and Inuit people group were under a bubble water counseling for differing periods of time transferable maladies, for example, giardiasis and shigellosis (both intense irresistible sicknesses described by looseness of the bowels, fever and queasiness) can be followed to poor water quality

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Cultural Capital & Health

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First Nations: Education

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