American Recuperation and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Subsidizing Redesign State Vitality Protection Office August 25, 2009.

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DOE arrangements to have all applications endorsed by September 30, 2009 ... Once endorsed by DOE, SECO will convey warning bundles to all city leaders ...
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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Funding Update State Energy Conservation Office August 25, 2009

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SECO ARRA PROGRAMS SECO will manage four projects from the U.S. Branch of Energy (DOE) which were supported by ARRA. State Energy Program Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program Energy Assurance Program

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State Energy Program State Energy Conservation Office (SECO): $218,782,000 Status DOE affirmed SECO\'s application on July 10, 2009 Request for Applications as of now being composed Program Areas Building Efficiency and Retrofit Program Transportation Efficiency Program Distributed Renewable Energy Technology Program Energy Sector Training Centers Public Education and Outreach Legal Authority Federal Regulations: 10 CFR, Part 420

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State Energy Program Governmental substances qualified including state government, units of neighborhood government, government funded schools, state funded colleges and universities and metropolitan utilities Ready to go ventures given need Cost repayment based contracts Funding must be spent by April 2012 Comptroller Affidavit Other execution measures include: Jobs Created/Retained Energy Savings Energy Cost Savings Greenhouse Gas Emission diminishments Funds Leveraged

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Building Efficiency and Retrofit Program $158.2 million Competitive Revolving Loan Program Energy Savings Performance Contracting $10 million top 2% intrigue 10 year basic payback/15 year straightforward payback if retrofit incorporates renewable vitality Meter and check post retrofit 5

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Transportation Efficiency Program $17 million Competitive Grant Program 20% match Two Projects Traffic Signal Project - $6 million Signal Synchronization Signal light supplanting with LEDs Alternative Fuels - $11 million Incremental expenses for vehicle buys Refueling base Equipment

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Distributed Renewable Energy Technology Program $30 million Competitive Grant Program 20 % coordinate required $2 million top NEPA Eligible Technologies Biomass Geothermal Solar Water (Hydro) Wind

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Energy Sector Training Centers $6 million Provide subsidizing for gear to prepare specialists in vitality effectiveness and renewable vitality fields Texas Workforce Commission Community Colleges

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Public Education and Outreach $5 million Statewide buyer instruction crusade Promotion of flow projects Web based applications Interactive assets Efficiency apparatuses Texas-based mini-computers

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Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants TEXAS TOTAL: $208,759,900 Entitlement Cities and Counties: $163,121,800 (Cities more than 35,000/Counties more than 200,000 accepting a direct allocation) State Energy Conservation Office (SECO): $45,638,100 (Cities unde r 35,000/Counties under 200,000) Status SECO presented its application to DOE June 24, 2009 DOE arrangements to have all applications endorsed by September 30, 2009 Legal Authority Federal Law: Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, Subtitle E, Sections 541-548

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Proposed Reallocation Process Submitted to DOE by SECO will redistribute its $45,638,100, less managerial expenses, to around 1,130 urban areas and 244 regions in Texas not getting an immediate assignment from the DOE in view of populace. Once affirmed by DOE, SECO will convey warning bundles to all city leaders and area judges which will incorporate dispensed subsidizing levels, every relevant shape that must be rounded out and came back to SECO and courses of events that must be met. Urban communities/Counties will need to submit "preparatory" acknowledgment archive inside 45 days of receipt of warning parcel. Urban communities/Counties must pass a determination and give to SECO inside 60 days of receipt of notice parcel. Urban communities/Counties must present an application sketching out proposed extend inside 90 days of receipt of notice parcel. 11

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Potential Uses of EECBG Funds (Per DOE, uses might be constrained) Development of a vitality effectiveness and protection technique; Building vitality reviews and retrofits, including weatherization; Financial motivating force programs for vitality proficiency, for example, vitality reserve funds execution contracting, on-bill financing, and spinning advance assets; Transportation projects to save vitality; Building code improvement, usage, and examinations; Installation of disseminated vitality innovations including joined warmth and power and area warming and cooling frameworks; Material preservation programs, including source diminishment, reusing, and reused content obtainment programs; Reduction and catch of nursery gas discharges produced via landfills or comparable waste-related sources; Installation of vitality proficient movement signs and road lighting; Installation of renewable vitality advances on government structures; Any other suitable action that meets the reasons for the program and is affirmed by DOE.

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Leveraging Funds SECO will work with financial specialist possessed utilities to give data to urban communities and districts on right now accessible vitality productivity projects and help urban communities and provinces influence boost subsidizing for greatest viability in vitality proficiency programs. SECO will work with the Texas Historical Commission keeping in mind the end goal to influence assets being made accessible to redesign authentic region courthouses.

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Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program State Energy Conservation Office (SECO): $23,341,000 Status Initial application submitted to DOE on August 15, 2009 Comprehensive application because of DOE on October 15, 2009 Legal Authority Federal Code: Energy Policy Act of 2005, Title I, Subtitle B, Section 124 (42 USC 15821)

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Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program Residential ENERGY STAR machine items Save vitality by empowering apparatus substitution through shopper refunds Product reusing is supported especially for iceboxes, coolers and room ventilation systems Enhance existing discount programs by utilizing ENERGY STAR national accomplice connections and nearby program foundation Use existing ENERGY STAR customer instruction and effort materials

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Energy Assurance Program State Energy Conservation Office (SECO): $2,432,068 Status DOE endorsed SECO\'s application on August 11, 2009 Project Management Plan because of DOE October 11, 2009 Workforce Development Plan to DOE November 11, 2009 Legal Authority American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Pub. L. 111-5 ,Titles XV and XVI of the Act

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Energy Assurance Program Provide subsidizing to redesign the Energy and Utilities divide of the State of Texas Emergency Management Plan (EMP) SECO will work in organization with the Public Utility Commission of Texas and the Railroad Commission of Texas . Join reaction activities for new vitality portfolios (renewables, biofuels, and so forth.) and Smart Grid applications Strengthen and grow State and neighborhood government vitality confirmation arranging and flexibility endeavors

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Resources SECO jolt reserves site page Texas Recovery page Branch of Energy, SEP site page U.S. Bureau of Energy, EECBG webpage Opportunities 19

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Thank You Lisa Elledge Stimulus Program Manager 512-463-7392 20

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