American Recuperation and Reinvestment Act Overhaul and Rebuilding Proposition.

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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Update and Restructuring Proposal September 2010

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ARRA Activities - COMPLETE Summer Only 2009 Up to $2.5M apportioned ($636,714 spent ) This activity upheld "Summer Only" money related help to 701 offspring of working families (reached out to 2010 project) which incorporate youngsters going to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education\'s Commissioner\'s Districts and kids whose kin are now enlisted/getting kid care budgetary help from EEC. QRIS – Environmental Rating Scale Staff Training Up to $120,000 ($85,416 spent) This activity bolstered the preparation of EEC staff to end up dependable raters utilizing the Environmental Rating Scales. Voucher Reassessment For CCR&Rs, Contract Providers, and IT Consultant Service Up to $2.27M be utilized as a part of FY2010 and FY2011 (spent in full) This activity bolstered: contracted suppliers in accepting the voucher evaluation process (up to $1.12M); repayment of CCR&Rs with the end goal of giving transitional backing and supported proficiency proposals(up to $1M ); and IT specialist administrations to perform IT frameworks improvements (up to $150,000). Data and Referral Up to $150,000 (spent in full) This activity upheld the streamlining and change of data and referral administrations gave to families and teachers in Massachusetts through the aggressive acquirement of a call focus administration for monetary year 2010.

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ARRA Activities (Infant and Toddlers) Improvement of Physical Environments Up to $500,000 This activity will bolster a two section model, which starts with preparing of suppliers that serve newborn children and babies and after that offers little concedes to the prepared projects to actualize a domain change venture. Advancement of Infant Toddler Early Childhood Program Guidelines Up to $50,000 This activity bolstered the improvement of Infant and Toddler Early Childhood Program Guidelines that adjust to the Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences. The expert will accumulate data from national and Massachusetts partners with pertinent experience to create drafts of the records. The final result is a last arrangement of norms and rules for discharge to the early adolescence field. Early Literacy Program Up to $175,000 Up to $150,000 focused for expert advancement open doors and specialized help with respect to early proficiency for families and Family Child Care Educators serving babies and little children. Suppliers that are serving no less than one sponsored tyke, will get a formatively and socially proper gathering of kids\' books . Up to $25,000 to bolster an one‐time expert advancement gathering and on-going open doors for intelligent practice, in association with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE), which will concentrated on shutting the early education capability crevice inside the pre‐kindergarten to age eight continuum.

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ARRA Activities (Infant and Toddlers) Infant/Toddler Rate Increase Proposed : Up to $3M to decrease the business sector rate hole by giving a 3% rate increment to all EEC Infant and Toddler teachers over the Commonwealth.

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ARRA Activities (Preschool) Access to Financial Assistance for Preschoolers Up to ~$12.2M Allocation of up to $12.2 million to open access for preschoolers on the holding up rundown. EEC to begin with foreseen that entrance could be opened for around 877 preschool kids. $135,000 bolstered CCR&R organizations for organization of this voucher activity for three months. REKEEP : Providing before and/or after school administer to kids who took an interest in the Summer 2010 KEEP, are entering kindergarten in September, 2010 and keep on meeting the Department\'s monetary help necessities (i.e., salary qualification, administration need, and so on.). Progression of tend to these youngsters will be through ARRA money related help, to start in September, 2010 and proceed through Summer 2011; HS Wrap : Providing previously, then after the fact school nurture qualified preschoolers as of now selected in Head Start programs (i.e., wrap-around consideration) who will enter kindergarten in September, 2011 and who meet the Department\'s monetary help necessities. Wrap-around nurture these kids will be through ARRA vouchers starting in September, 2010 and proceeding until late June, 2011. Qualified Head Start preschoolers may then be qualified to get an entire day voucher taking after the end of their Head Start program through Summer 2011, if pertinent; and Monitoring : Use not more than 5 % of the assets to enlist monetary and automatic screens for ARRA subsidizing. Serious Summer Only Kindergarten Preparation (KEEP) ~$4M for the summers of FY10 and FY11 Supports a concentrated kindergarten readiness program amid the summers of 2010 and 2011 to address the accomplishment crevice. This system will bolster preschool kids entering kindergarten who have not already had admittance to amazing early training and mind or are at danger for summer learning misfortune.

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Pre-School Kindergarten Program $4.1 Million 18 month Voucher Program $12.2 Million $16.3 Million MONITORING 1. PSCCE 2 .(proposition to pay add-on rate for quality) HS WRAP KEEP REKEEP QRIS (proposition to include reserves

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ARRA Activities (School Age) Out of School Time Learning Promotion Initiative Current : Up to $250,000 Proposed : Up to $250,000 to develop program into FY11 for five areas The objective of the Out-of-School Time Literacy and Learning Promotion stipend is to hold or increment understudies\' scholastic additions, especially in the region of proficiency, by strengthening their school day and year learning through high-affect exercises and viable educational program amid the mid year months and all through the school year This award will bolster expanding OST projects\' ability to execute high-affect learning exercises through associations with government funded school regions for direct preparing, displaying of compelling direct instructional practice and honing/criticism for staff. Summer Only Vouchers 2010 Up to ~1.6M for FY2010 Provided "Summer Only" kid care money related help to the offspring of working families (expansion of 2009 project) which incorporate youngsters going to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education\'s Commissioner\'s Districts and kids whose kin are as of now enlisted/accepting tyke care budgetary help from EEC.

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School Age Summer Voucher 2010 $1.6 Million Summer Voucher 2009 $636K $2.236 Million Waitlist Solution (proposed) PD Evaluation (proposition to include stores) Birth-8 Study (proposed) Out of School Time Learning (proposition to include reserves)

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ARRA Activities Communications Campaign Current : Up to $298,500 : This activity will bolster workshops for key partners on utilizing proof based interchanges to change open recognitions; specialized help on correspondences materials (audit existing EEC distributions and materials and reexamine to all the more adequately impart a brought together message that backings assembling a statewide birth to 8 early training and care framework); study circles to convey incorporated specialized help on changing the general population discussion around the significance of early instruction and mind; and will give an imaginative brief that deciphers the discoveries from exploration on the most proficient method to discuss early tyke improvement in an organization relatable to the media and key partners. Proposed : Up to $200,000 to buy security materials and items for dissemination and TA on EEC site. CSEFEL Professional Development Opportunity Up to $250,000 This activity will bolster the arrangement of a 15 hour course (1.5 CEUs) in the CSEFEL educational programs to improve teachers\' learning and aptitudes for helping youngsters create social and passionate competency and reducing testing practices. Facilitated Family and Community Engagement Grantee-Infrastructure Grants Up to $250,000 This activity will bolster CFCE grantees to create and execute a group based vital arrangement for addressing the necessities of families with kids birth to eight years of age in their groups.

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ARRA Activities Professional Development to Address Limited English Proficiency Up to $225,000 This activity will bolster the conveyance of far reaching vocation improvement and preparing administrations outfitted to the requirements of the Spanish-talking early training and care experts with restricted English capability (up to $150,000); and 2) grant $75,000 to bolster a seller to work straightforwardly with the Readiness Center Network to assist build up a statewide framework to bolster expanded access to advanced education for early instructors with constrained English capability Early Childhood Information System Up to $750,000 This activity will bolster the advancement of three new information framework activities including 1. an "early adolescence data framework" (ECIS) that fuses the task of special kid IDs, teacher/staff IDs, and project IDs, connected with opportune, available, helpful information to enhance the adequacy of both instructing and learning and increment access to auxiliary information from numerous sources. Expected expense is $325,000-$400,000; 2. information investigation and exploration capacity and to proceed with the organization\'s association/participation in the UMass (Lowell) Open Indicators information presentation apparatus advancement and use. Information examination of surviving EEC information to be accommodated no less than 12 months at an expense of $100,000-$150,000 and enrollment in the Open Indicators information shared at an expense of $75,000; and 3. build up an "early cautioning marker framework" as called for in the Governor\'s Readiness Cabinet information report, apply it to kids more youthful than five, and suggest state and nearby intercession and composed case oversee

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