American Recuperation and Reinvestment Demonstration of 2009 (ARRA).

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American Recuperation and Reinvestment Demonstration of 2009 (ARRA) A Preparation for the HSC Personnel Walk, 2009 Wellbeing Related Examination NIH (S10.4B) Research Ventures ($8.2B) Offices and Hardware ($1.4B) Near Adequacy Research (CER) ($400M) Similar Viability Research (CER) ($1.1B)
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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) A Briefing for the HSC Faculty March, 2009

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Health-Related Research NIH (S10.4B) Research Projects ($8.2B) Facilities and Equipment ($1.4B) Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) ($400M) Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) ($1.1B) Health IT ($18B) – EMR program National Coordinator’s office ($2B) Prevention and Wellness Programs and Research (Secty HHS) ($1B)

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NIH Supplementary Funding Purpose of financing – Obligated by Sept 2010 $7.4B to Institutes and Centers, $800M to Office of Director No expansion to base, no “out-year” duties Create or hold occupations Economic boost – reporting prerequisites Urgency versus quality Research Projects New Grant recompenses Roster of “near-miss” awards Program officers obligation Identify 2-year sub-tasks Solicit reconsidered proposition, renegotiate Grant Supplements Active stipends > 1 year to end Supplements for 2 year ventures Program officer obligations Administrative approbation –modifications, staff, gear and so forth Study segment – change in extent of work

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NIH Supplementary Funding CHALLENGE GRANTS $100M – $200M, might at last be more (CER) 2-year new concedes, up to $1M Total ($500K/yr) – one time sales Institutes and Centers have recognized 15 “Challenge Areas” every zone incorporates numerous “Challenge Topics” Goal is to “jumpstart” zones of examination with 2-year ventures (01) Behavior, Behavioral Change, and Prevention (02) Bioethics (03) Biomarker Discovery and Validation (04) Clinical Research (05) Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) (06) Enabling Technologies (07) Enhancing Clinical Trials (08) Genomics (09) Health Disparities (10) Information Technology for Processing Health Care Data (11) Regenerative Medicine (12) Stem Cells (13) Smart Biomaterials – Theranostics (14) STEM Education (15) Translational Science 12 page Application, Multiple PI’s permitted New Investigator inclination Deadline for accommodation April 27 HSC SPECIAL RESOURCES Center for Clinical and Translational Research (CCTS) Translational Data Warehouse (I2B2) Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design (BERD) Core Labs (Biomarkers) Community Engagement (Health Disparities) Tissue Bank (TexGen) School of Public Health Coordinating Center for Clinical Trials Health Policy/Health Economics Program Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Programs School of Health Information Sciences (SHIS) Health Informatics (I2B2, iMed Consent and so forth) Bioinformatics/Systems Biology Medical School/Nursing School/Dental Branch Clinical Research Programs – Aging, Trauma, Neonatology, Patient Safety and so forth and so on.

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NIH Facilities and Equipment Funding NCRR G20 (Cores) & C06 (Facilities) ($1B) and S10 ($300 M) Research Facilities ($1 Billion) Facilities – Core offices remodel (G20) RFA-RR-09-007 Renovation, reclamation and modifications to existing offices in addition to hardware $1M - $10M No match. Geographic component Opens August 17, due date September 17 Part of $1 Billion accessible for this system Facilities – Research Facilities Improvement (C06) RFA-RR-09-008 Major remodel, reclamation and changes to existing exploration offices in addition to gear $2M - $15M No match. Geographic element Opens April 6, due date May 6, June 17, July 17 Part of $1 Billion accessible for this system Research Equipment ($300 Million) Shared Instrumentation Grants (S10) PAR-09-028 $100K - $500K PI and 3 NIH-financed activities/agents – can be others No match obliged RFA open at this moment (March 23) Original $60 million, now extra ARRA subsidizing High-End Instrumentation – (S10) PAR-09-118 $500K - $8 Million. Significant hardware PI and 3 NIH-financed tasks/specialists – can be others No match obliged RFA opens April 6, due date May 6 $160 million, approx 40 grants

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Comparative Effectiveness Research $1.1B assigned to AHRQ with move through to NIH ($400M), Office of Secretary ($400M) and AHRQ remaining $300M. Incorporated Projects crosswise over NIH/AHRQ NIH RFAs included in Challenge Grant Announcement AHRQ RFAs expected in June 2009 Compare results, viability and propriety of things, administrations and methodology for counteractive action, analysis and treatment of maladies and wellbeing conditions Development and utilization of clinical registries, information systems and electronic wellbeing information for results research CBO white paper Meta-examinations Actuarial information Research Databases Clinical trials

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Prevention and Wellness Programs Administered by Office of Secty HHS ($1B) Community-based and clinical avoidance and wellbeing procedures for endless illnesses ($650M) CDC Immunization program ($300M) Healthcare-related diseases (States - $50M)

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Health Informatics Office of the National Coordinator for Health Technology ($2B) Robert Kolodner MD - to create “nationwide healthâ information innovation foundation that takes into account electronic utilize and trade ofâ informationâ€¦â€â  NIST, NSF and other Federal offices to build up a system to developâ multi-disciplinary Centers for Health Care Information Enterprise Integration, with grantsâ to organizations Grants, to bolster provincial wellbeing data trades ($300M) Resources to create wellbeing data technologyâ workforce adequate to bolster HIT Programs Education programs in medicalâ informatics and wellbeing data managementâ€â  Provides help to instructive organizations “to set up or grow medicalâ health informatics instructions projects, including confirmation, student and mastersâ degree programs for both medicinal services and data innovation students…”, Priority for existing training and preparing projects and projects intended to beâ completed in under six months.â â  Provides for an exhibition system to incorporate data

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