Amplifying .Net Reflector: Writing Your own particular Add-ins .

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Who is this gentleman?. Utilizing .Net since Fall 2001 (beta 2)MCSD.NetDebris.Net: A .Net disassembler (in progress).Net related connection blog
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Expanding .Net Reflector: Writing Your own Add-ins Jason Haley Seattle Code Camp 4 November 2008

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Who is this person? Utilizing .Net since Fall 2001 (beta 2) MCSD.Net Debris.Net: A .Net disassembler (in advance) .Net related connection blog "Fascinating Finds" Author of a couple Reflector Add-ins The group programming fellow, Open Seas

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Ways to amplify Reflector Additional dialects Change the disassembler yield Display distinctive gathering data Add "missing" usefulness Create new usefulness

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Demo Simplest Reflector Add-in

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Agenda Ways to Extend .Net Reflector .Net Reflector Add-in Model Overview Getting Started

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Languages Disassembler/Decompiler include ins Implement ILanguage, in addition to a couple others Often matched with a program/watcher

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Demo PowerShellLanguage

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Viewers/Browsers UI/Visual add-ins WinForms Controls to show decompiler yield

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Demo ClassView, CodeModelView

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Metadata applications Provide valuable expansions to Reflector Use the get together data somehow Use other Reflector usefulness

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Demo Review

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Agenda Ways to Extend .Net Reflector .Net Reflector Add-in Model Overview Getting Started

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Introducing the code demonstrate Resides in Reflector.exe Interface driven Reflector namespace Majority of non metadata interfaces Managers Reflector.CodeModel namespace Contains the metadata interfaces Reflector.CodeModel.Memory namespace Contains some solid items

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The obvious parts IAssemblyManager Tree perspective of stacked congregations ICommandBarManager Menus, Context Menus, Toolbar ILanguageManager Language drop down rundown on Toolbar IPropertyPageManager Dialog appeared from View-> Options

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Demo ReflectorUI

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The not all that unmistakable parts IWindowManager Access to StatusBar , ComandBars , Windows IConfigurationManager Access to cfg document stockpiling ITranslationManager Access disassembler industrial facility ApplicationManager Not utilized by include ins, gives an IServiceProvider

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Demo EnumAddin, ReflectorWrapper

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Agenda Ways to Extend .Net Reflector .Net Reflector Add-in Model Overview Getting Started

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Writing your own include Where to begin CodePlex webpage has articles and code Existing include ins My addins page Add-ins to begin with ClassViewer CodeModelViewer

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Reference Points I Use Solution from CodePlex website AssemblyCollection.Sort Enum Addin Boxing Count Create Using Code Shortcut Open Zip

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Tips for Creating Addins Look at the wellspring of comparative addins Reflector Add-in Starter Kit Create an easy route to the reflector.exe in canister registry Add your include, then close it (creates the .cfg record) Set bookmarks for testing System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break() (Vista) Taskkill/im reflector.exe

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Summary Reflector.exe has the code demonstrate Get the starter pack Download the include ins CodePlex Look at the code for existing include ins Create your own – enormous or little

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Web Resources .Net Reflector – Reflector Add-ins – Reflector Forum - My material –

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Questions and Discussion Any extra tips on utilizing Reflector? Any thoughts on making extra include ins? A couple on my rundown: Interface use assistant Assembly reference confound discoverer F# dialect Other dialects? Confusion name mapper Add-in chief displayed after Firefox

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