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Amusement Presentation Basic change: Why? Diversions are too long television group of onlookers versus in-stadium gathering of people Definitiveness Amusement stream Demonstrable skill The Procedure Calling Official Ref Umpire Head Linesman Line Judge Other people Calling Official Preparatory sign
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Diversion Presentation

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Fundamental change: Why? Recreations are too long TV group of onlookers versus in-stadium gathering of people Decisiveness Game stream Professionalism

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The Process Calling Official Referee Umpire Head Linesman Line Judge Everyone else

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Calling Official Preliminary sign If there are various banners for the same foul, they talk immediately, then one gives a sign Accurate number Result of the play

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Referee Make choice for the group if evident Preliminary flag just if choice from group or team dialog fundamental Rarely more than 3 stages to “clear” Stop, then talk

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Announcement Speak to the fellow sitting on his love seat before the TV Don’t say more than would normally be appropriate, an erroneous portrayal brings down believability (say however much as could be expected utilizing as few words as could be expected under the circumstances) Speak in a typical manner of speaking, don’t raise your voice if the group is uproarious Finish talking before moving in the opposite direction of the camera

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Umpire Must have the capacity to implement most fouls with no arbitrator data! More mind boggling authorizations will oblige some dialog Communicate/sign separation with wing authorities

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Head Linesman Walks at about the same time as the umpire CONFIRMATION #1

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Line Judge Holds spot, then steps it off Confirmation #2

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Everyone Else PAY ATTENTION!! (affirmation #3)

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Referee Do not sit tight for affirmations to give prepared Do not surge the prepared for play if the QB is corresponding with the mentor Don’t postponement prepared a lot of either

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Concepts The objective is * effectiveness *, not having the speediest amusement Minimize the time two or more authorities are on TV having a talk Ideal circumstance is the point at which the umpire is putting the ball down as arbitrator finishes his declaration

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If TV break is coming after foul, go to business, THEN manage any implementation issues Most pre-snap fouls will oblige no dialog by any means. Ref ought to effectively get clear numbers

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Referee fouls: declare as quickly as time permits after the play is over. On the off chance that a choice will be required from the group, give preparatory at the earliest opportunity

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This is genuinely a team exertion and will require each authority to comprehend his part

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Results This procedure can cut 30 seconds or more from the dead ball period For a normal 15 foul diversion, that speaks the truth 7 ½ minutes All this is done without disposing of a solitary play from the amusement .:tslidese

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