An Antiquarianism Review of Mulberry River.

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Known prehistoric studies destinations taking into account the Catawba River and tributaries, and the ... Gravelling annihilates archaic exploration destinations, deserting a field loaded with inlay. ...
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An Archeology Survey of Mulberry Creek A SARS Thesis Presentation by Will Gulley May 8 th , 2007

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Research Statement What will an archeological review of Mulberry Creek yield, and by what method would it be able to be associated different destinations found in the area?

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The Mulberry Creek district highlighted in blue.

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The Catawba River and the different tributaries that stem around it. Highlighted is the Mulberry Creek Survey venture

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Known archaic exploration locales in light of the Catawba River and tributaries, and the connection to the Mulberry Creek Survey.

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Aerial photograph the study land, and the surmised areas of the known destinations

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Known Burke Phase locales. Note the absence of locales in the highlighted region

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Note the unmistakable soapstone Temper is a substance added to earthenware production to fortify the vessel and consider notwithstanding terminating Front and back case of Burke Phase curvilinear entangled stamped stoneware.

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A case of a full Burke Phase Curvilinear muddled stamped clay vessel

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To the Right, an ancient rarity as it might show up amid overview to one side, perfect conditions for surface review work. The site to one side, however was not in my undertaking zone. Envision the braided hair to one side extending seven feet tall.

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Plowed lines in the Berry Site field, leaving a decent setup for deliberate surface overview.

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Gravelling is the way toward shearing off the dirt in fields to get to the stones and rock situated underneath. Gravelling demolishes prehistoric studies destinations, abandoning a field loaded with inlay. Circumstantially, the gravelling organizations have substantial accumulations of antiquities that are protected from on the sifters before the stones hit the crushers. Still, these site devourers abandon nothing left.

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Results? Utilizing the three strategies specified before, I could find and report six new paleontology destinations in the Mulberry Creek Area. They are labled as MCS\'s (Mulberry Creek Survey) 1-6.

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Burke Phase Sites MCS 1, 2, 3, and 6 have been recognized as Burke Phase paleontology locales, on account of accumulations and three efficient overviews. Shockingly because of authorizations and gravelling, site sizes were not able be acquired completely. MCS 6 MCS 1 MCS 2 MCS 3

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Other Sites The two residual locales are of non-Burke stage order and are of prior clay vessel styles, recommending that the destinations were not being used amid the Burke stage period MCS 4 MCS 5

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Conclusions Circumstantial proof proposes that the Burke stage society extended over the mulberry spring region, and that the hill locales in Patterson and the Upper Yadkin can be associated with the way of life of the Upper Catawba waterway valley. Paleohistory review work takes watchful arranging and brief note-taking to succeed well.

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I\'d like to thank everybody for the assistance with this undertaking, particularly Dr. David G. Moore

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