An Epic Course of events delineating the advancement of OCL in connection to "those Top web folks".

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Ian offers his vision of an OCL Kids web Portal with his new accomplices in-wrongdoing. ... Ian creates starting with no outside help, including building the children server and making ...
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An Epic Timeline delineating the improvement of OCL in connection to "those CAP web folks"

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The Dawn of CAP Tech-slanted CAP Make Ingersoll their base While staying away from entries For "Lost in Cyberspace"

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"I think Ian has been here since the principal CAP session… But I don\'t appear to have any genuine records… " - Rosemary Lewis

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1999: Ian and basin cap join CAP

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Elsewhere, youthful Bryan starts organizing his I.T. aptitudes…

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1999: Ian\'s work on the Services For Children site at accumulates consideration as the webpage gets the "Best Practices 2000" recompense for "Creative Internet Use in Canadian Public Libraries".

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Summer 2000: Ian moves upstairs to lead the Ingersoll CAP group. In Fall, he is joined by Bryan.

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Ian\'s initial CAP duties incorporate checking the utilization of the Ingersoll community PCs and outlining various sites for neighborhood non-benefit associations.

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Summer 2000 - January 2001: Ian builds up a searchable web database for genealogical information, the first of OCL\'s numerous genealogical web databases.

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"The very night this [Ingersoll Historical Census] was dispatched, we had hits from genealogists around the world. This was historic work in the library and family history group, and has produced much great consideration for OCL." - Rosemary Lewis

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Since then, Bryan has helped with the dispatch of eleven new genealogical databases and elements. He took the computerized photos for the Plaques database that is a piece of this genealogical fortune trove.

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The rural subject of the photograph task moves Bryan when it\'s the ideal opportunity for Prom…

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Fall 2000 - February 2001 Ian and Bryan help with a noteworthy re-vamp of the OCL site. The new site highlights numerous new pages and an upgraded look.

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Bryan additionally plans profoundly inventive destinations for various group installations, including a site for the Ingersoll Creative Arts Center that permits Arts Center overseers themselves to redesign highlights showed and courses advertised.

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"Pleasant website - simple to explore - we will anticipate checking in regularly." "Lovely site - so instructive! Well done!" - Comments from the ICAC Guest Book

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Summer 2001: Bryan starts an imaginative re-outline of OCL\'s web list, including various new components including online holds.

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A thought is incubated...

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The Bretian Era As CAP Coordinator Brett was put under a magnifying glass When sent on a somewhat overwhelming journey Resumes… Interviews… All the while tryin\' To discover three to work with Ian and Bryan

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October 2001: Dave Walter, Neil Reesor and Stephen Scovil join the Ingersoll CAP Web Team...

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Ian offers his vision of an OCL Kids web Portal with his new accomplices in-wrongdoing.

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February 2002: The dispatch date of is delayed for one more month… Or two…

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Stephen builds up an on-line book club in a unimaginably brief timeframe because of a thought proposed by a kindred CAP Youth.

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Neil plans various site pages, including one for Community Employment Services and another for Community Options for Justice Oxford.

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February 2002: Proving that CAP is yet a venturing stone for future accomplishments in IT, CAP web developer Dave leaves Ingersoll to acknowledge a web advancement position with a prominent Guelph firm...

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And then there were four...

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The "Web Team Totem"

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Present Day The folks figure out how to manage Post-CAP Withdrawal By sticking around for their chance In CAP webpage Ingersoll

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March 2002: CAP attracts to a nearby, yet Ian, Bryan, Neil and Stephen proceed with their ventures in Ingersoll.

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July 2002: The OCL Kids Portal is formally propelled!

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With Bryan and the library staff, and helped by Stephen and Neil, Ian creates starting with no outside help, including building the children server and making the skink representation. The webpage is a showcase of innovative programming, taking into account an extraordinary idea for a children\'s site.

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Courtesy of Stephen, Seymour\'s Book Drop rapidly turns into a hit on Top scores accomplished by the Web Team are (tolerantly) wiped before the webpage is acquainted with people in general.

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July 2002: Neil makes the George Leslie Mackay gathering of five between connected Local History website pages ( ) in record time to concur with the visit from representatives from Tamsui, Oxford\'s twin. The experience incurs significant damage, be that as it may...

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The Future? Skinks and sites would all say all are extremely well, But is there life after OCL?

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OCL staff foresee the fate of our CAP youth

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After getting his enormous break when a record maker hears the (up \'til now unreleased) soundtrack to Seymour\'s Book Drop, Stephen\'s low pitch guitar playing turns out to be more than only a leisure activity…

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because of his exceedingly acclaimed Web Chat articles, Neil acknowledges a position as senior games editorial manager at the New York Times…

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In acknowledgment of Bryan\'s grant win, the University of Waterloo forsakes Descartes for the Yeung Math Contest…

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… and Ian\'s oft-specified Pottahawk Party Barge at long last sets sail

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Thank you and GOOD LUCK!

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