An unnatural weather change.

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An unnatural weather change Badly arranged truth freebee Material science of anthropogenic worldwide warming Key graphs Outcomes What would you be able to do? What causes An unnatural weather change? Expansion of nursery gasses to environment Fundamental guilty parties are Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and water Trees take up CO 2 Creatures Produce
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An Earth-wide temperature boost Inconvenient truth present Physics of anthropogenic worldwide warming Key graphs Consequences What would you be able to do?

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What causes Global Warming? Expansion of nursery gasses to environment Main guilty parties are Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and water

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Trees take up CO 2 Animals Produce Methane CS Fig. 15.20 4

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Basic Physics Greenhouse gasses trap heat in Earth’s air Greenhouse gas fixations have risen Trapped radiation has been measured Planet will warm!!!!

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Measured Changes in Outgoing Radiation 1970-1997

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CS Fig. 15.25 9

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Has the blazing of fossil energizes brought about expanded CO2 fixations in the climate? Yes! Estimations of air in Hawaii Measurements of antiquated air safeguarded in ice

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CS Fig. 15.19 11

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Bubbles in frosty ice safeguard quality of past penny uries: Tell us what CO 2 focuses were similar to before the modern unrest

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Last Interglacial Current Longer records Current CO 2 levels are well above reach saw amid late geologic history connected with the ice ages

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Can’t represent late warming Can’t represent earlier warming Works! Best confirmation that late warming is anthropogenic Three years in the 1990’s are the hottest in the Northern Hemisphere, by a long shot, of the most recent 400 years! Information from Mann and others, Nature, 1998; Figure from IPCC 2001 Report

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Consequences Planet will warm High scopes will warm more than low scopes Sea level will rise Questions: How quick will warming and ocean level ascent happen How will Earth’s climate examples be influenced

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Global Temperatures anticipated to rise 3 to 7 °F IPCC 2007 report/ar4/syr/ar4_syr_spm.pdf

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The greatest level of a worldwide temperature alteration, as anticipated by 95,000 home PCs Stainforth, D. A. et al Nature 433 , 403−406 (2005).

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CS Fig. 15.23 18

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Change in Minnesota “Recent exploration demonstrates a warming pattern in Minnesota. An atmosphere\'s investigation record at Fort Snelling demonstrates an increment of 2.9°F in normal yearly temperature between the 1860s and 1987, just about three times the overall normal. Examinations of more than a hundred temperature-profundity profiles in North America demonstrate that ground scopes similar to Minnesota’s showed ground warming of up to 3.6°F.” From “Playing with Fire, Global Warming in Minnesota” 1999; information from Baker and Skaggs, 1989

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Change in Lake Superior

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MN Biomes at danger

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