An unnatural weather change: Actuality or Fiction?.

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A dangerous atmospheric devation: Reality or Fiction? Exhibited By: Kenyatta Esters Rhonda Nichols What is An Earth-wide temperature boost? Alludes to a general warming pattern of the earth Conceivable causes: Tectonic Cosmic Green house gasses Other Air conditions 1880-2000 1950-2000
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A worldwide temperature alteration: Fact or Fiction? Introduced By: Kenyatta Esters Rhonda Nichols

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What is Global Warming? Alludes to a general warming pattern of the earth Possible reasons: Tectonic Astronomical Green house gasses Other Atmospheric conditions

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1880-2000 1950-2000 Earths Temperature Fluctuation

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Green House Gasses Carbon Dioxide 50% Methane 18% 27x CO2 Nitrous Oxide 6% 150xCO2 Synthetic Gasses (CFC’s) and other 26% 6% CFC10,000x CO2 CFC substitutes 300-5,000xCO2

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“Careful estimations have affirmed that CO2 is expanding in the environment and that human exercises are the essential cause… … 31% increments can not be clarified by normal reasons. CO2 fixations are presently likely higher than any found in the in no less than 420,000” EPA Website

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Green House Gas

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Impacts Flooding of Coastal Areas Salt Water Encroachment

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Impacts Flooding of Coastal Areas Major urban communities New Orleans  New Atlantis, Miami, Bancock, Netherlands Marsh Everglades vanishing Salt Water Encroachment

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Calculate the impact of liquefying ice sheets on ocean level Total Surface Area of Earth 197,000 sq miles 70% sea  138,000 sq miles 30% area 59,000 sq miles 326 million miles3 aggregate water Oceans 317 million Glaciers 7 million Water volume increase 2 million km29 million

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Is Global Warming Real ??? Is it a DIRECT outcome of fossil fuel utilization? Do we have a moral commitment to lessen CO 2 outflows?

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Little things mean a considerable measure Drive less/fly less Heat less Renewable Energies Buy privately delivered powers Recycle Energy proficient transportation and structures Educate others Encourage security of normal assets Question Everything Political/Corporate/Academic/Environmental Stances

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