Analyses - Exodus .

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4QExod a. Qumran content from ca 100 BCELXX third c BCEMasoretic Text 100 CEPosition of
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Discourses - Exodus Childs, OTL (1974) Hyatt, NCB (1971) Fretheim, Interpretation (1991) Brueggemann, New Interpreter\'s Bible (1994) Durham, Word (1987)

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4QExod a Qumran content from ca 100 BCE LXX third c BCE Masoretic Text 100 CE Position of "And Joseph was in Egypt." 70 versus 75 (Ephraim, Soutalaam-Edem, Taam; Manasseh, Machir-Galaad)

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Outline of Book 1:1-19:2 Deliverance from Egypt; landing in Sinai [Israel remains until Num 10:10!] 19-24; 32-34 Covenant- - its rupture and reestablishment 25-31; 35-40 Tabernacle

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Exodus and… Creation! All the earth is mine my name should be proclaimed all through the earth 9:16 God works additionally through non-human specialists the sanctuary as microcosm of creation

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The Call of Moses in JE (in Midian) Who is this God? Who am I? Individuals won\'t trust I have never been articulate Send another person!

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The Reassurances of Yahweh Revelation of "Yahweh" I will be with you Three signs: bar wind; diseased hand; water-blood I will be with your mouth Aaron chosen

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Meaning of the Name Yahweh "I am my identity" "He causes to be" = "he makes": "El who makes the radiant armed forces"? (El du Yahwi seba\'ot; Yahweh for short) in case of the Exodus we took in God\'s name Yahweh- - LORD- - Jehovah- - Pipi!

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Exod 4:24-26 Yahweh tried to execute him! Part of Moses Role of Zipporah You are a "husband of blood" Jubilees: Prince Mastema tried to execute him!

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The Call of Moses in P (in Egypt) God- - El Shadday- - Yahweh I will recollect my pledge (cf. 2:24) I will reclaim you the place where there is Canaan in which they were staying Ties to Genesis 17!

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Exod 6/Gen 17 Yahweh/El Shadday They were productive and increased (1:7)/I will make you productive… . I set up my contract/I will build up… . "I will be God- - in the Exodus"/"I will be God- - in land guarantee" Canaan-place where there is visiting

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Genealogy of Aaron ! Motivation behind this ancestry - pressure with setting, to be specific, call of Moses Aaron-Eleazar-Phinehas = devout ministers Ithamar precursor of Levites Number of names are Egyptian: Moses, Aaron, Putiel, Phinehas

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