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Andaluzia (Espanha) Andalusia (Spain) Andalucía (Espanha). A herança cultural da Andaluzia, as raizes da Família Padilla no Mercosul: The cultural inheritance of the Andalusia , the roots of the Padilla Family in the Mercosul:
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Andaluzia (Espanha) Andalusia (Spain) Andalucía (Espanha) A herança social da Andaluzia, as raizes da Família Padilla no Mercosul: The social legacy of the Andalusia , the underlying foundations of the Padilla Family in the Mercosul: La herencia social del Andalusia, las raíces de la familia de Padilla en el Mercosul Photographed by Jair (Yair) Moreshet, February 2005 www. padilla . adv . br/familia/andaluzia . pps

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Seville: The royal residence of the nearby ruler worked in Islamic (Moorish) style on the site of a prior Islamic castle.

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Just one of the roofs in the castle

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The entryway to the royal residence\'s greenery enclosures

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Seville: A stupendous striking Cathedral based on a momentous Mosque

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Seville: The restored old Jewish quarter changed over into an alluring visitor quarter loaded with air

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Seville: A Synagogue changed over into a delightful church

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Flamenco is a mix of move, guitar, and an exceptional trademark type of singing. - It created as a blend of Gypsy, Jewish, and Islamic components.

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Seville: A road theater in the rear ways

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Seville: The principle access to the bullring site (for bullfighting occasions).

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Cordoba: An immense glorious Mosque changed over into a great lovely Cathedral. Everybody here is glad for the city\'s verifiable widely acclaimed savant - Maimonides (the Jewish RAMBAM).

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Baeza (on UNESCO rundown of protected old urban communities): The Cathedral

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Baeza: Preserved old back streets.

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Granada: The house of prayer Ubeda (on UNESCO rundown of safeguarded old urban areas): The El Salvador church

Slide 36 Granada: The basilica

Slide 37 Granada: The Alhambra royal residence – Islamic engineering taking care of business

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Granada: The Cartuja religious community – "a Christian Alhambra"

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Granada: The Cartuja cloister

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Granada: The Cartuja cloister

Slide 45 Marbella: another private neighborhood

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