Answers for the Issue Betting and Wrongdoing Association.

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ESCAPE - betting to escape from issues, forlornness, sorrow, tension, ... Games Betting - Sell medications to pay for betting - Bet with $$ on ...
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Answers for the Problem Gambling and Crime Connection Henry R. Lesieur, Ph.D. Chestnut University and Rhode Island Hospital

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Crime Rates Among Pathological Gamblers GA & treatment Studies - 50-67% Helpline Study of Problem Gamblers - 20% conceded wrongdoing and 11.5% captured NORC study - all inclusive community - 32% of PGs captured for any wrongdoing

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Prevalence of Offenses - German Study - Percent

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Crime Types Among Pathological Gamblers Forgery, Fraud, Theft, Embezzlement Tax infringement (misrepresentation & avoidance) Illegal Gambling operation Less regular: Burglary, Armed burglary, Drug Sales, Fencing Stolen Goods, Prostitution, Extortion

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Psychologist as Expert Witness Reviews Materials from Court Interviews Offender and others Evaluates Mental Status Evaluates for Mental Disorders Conducts Psychological Tests Writes Report

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Psychologist as Expert Witness - 2 Examines issues not secured by pre-sentence examination - Emotional Issues - Family Dysfunction - Co-happening Disorders - Coping Skills

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Psychologist as Expert Witness - 3 Examines work history (positives and additionally negatives) Social backings Gambling Progression Cognitive Distortions Personality Disorder (particularly ASPD)

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Action/Escape Phase ACTION - get to be included; great at it; energizing; early achievement; support self-regard by betting; wins=internally delivered; losses=externally created ESCAPE - betting to escape from issues, dejection, wretchedness, tension, injury; betting = time out, time far from issues

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Losing/Chasing Phase ACTION card shark finds losing horrendous; CHASE after awful beats & genuine misfortunes ESCAPE speculator discovers "time out" is costly BOTH use up alternatives for acquiring cash as their contribution increments New Money = Big Win

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Cycles in the Spiral of Options and Involvement 1. Get Money 2. "Moving," "Controlling," or "Juggling" Money 3. Fixing of Resources (Closure) and Need to Make Moral Decision

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Desperation Phase Job & Family Disaster Areas Illegal Activities (CG Spiral) Obsession with Getting Out of Trouble Overtakes Excitement Escapes into Gambling Yet No Relief Serious sessions with Depression Suicide Attempts

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Hopeless Phase Getting Even Not Possible No Longer Care Know They Will Lose Continual State of Depression Playing for Action is All That Matters

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Considerations Before Turning To Crime 1. Opportunity 2. Outside Agents of Social Control (Police, Family) 3. Convictions & Justifications 4. Shutting of Available Options 5. Danger (to self-regard, budgetary danger, Physical risk)

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CRIME AND Stress of Gambling Stress of Financial Pressures Stress of Impact on Family Work-related Stress Produce: Anxiety, Depression, and Cognitive Distortions that Impair Judgment and Decision-Making

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Moral Justifications and Illegal Activity

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Social Attachment (Meyer & Stadler) Change in Living Condition Relationship to Parents Parental Education Methods Emotional & Social Attachment Involvement in Conventional Activities Belief in Social Rules

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Addiction Pressures for Crime (Meyer & Stadler) Severity of Pathological Gambling Cravings to Gamble Duration of Gambling Debt & Income/Loss Ratio Emotional & Family Problems Type and Frequency of Gambling

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Personality and Crime (Meyer & Stadler) Aggressiveness Extroversion Impulsivity; Risk-Motivation Antisocial Personality Frankness; Emotionality Global Mental Status

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Crime: Meyer & Stadler Social Attachment .04 .25 Addiction Criminal Behavior .48 .63 .52 Personality .33

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The Five "R"s Remorse – proof of sentiments Repentance – confirmation of way of life changes. What is distinctive? Work circumstance, marriage, and so on. Compensation arrangement. Is it practical? Recuperation – treatment arrangement for recuperation. Give subtle elements and dates. Proof of consistence Rehabilitation – confirmation of progress in mentality. Charitable effort, group administration, profound way of life change

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US Courts & Pathological Gambling Insanity Defense Argued in 1980s (PG does not have any significant bearing) Federal Sentencing Guidelines Diminished Capacity and Downward Departure "Fundamentally Reduced Mental Capacity"

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Minnesota Rule 82 Pathological Gambling Offenders Convicted of Felony Theft, Embezzlement & Forgery PO Screens utilizing SOGS 17% SOGS 5+ Sent for Gambling Assessment

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Conditions of Probation for Pathological Gamblers Abstinence from Gambling Attendance at GA Community Service Gambling Counseling Restitution Orders How about Exclusion?

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Gambling Court Modeled after Drug Courts Buffalo, New York 26 th Judicial Court in Louisiana Proposed in Florida

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Gambling Court - 2 Eligibility Criteria Pathological Gamblers First Offenders Non-savage No street pharmacists No sex guilty parties

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Gambling Court - 5 Recommendations conceivable rely on upon what treatment is accessible Inpatient treatment (Louisiana just) Intensive Outpatient day treatment Halfway House Outpatient treatment Gamblers Anonymous

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Gambling Court - 8 No Evaluations of betting courts directed to date Drug Courts show 45-half graduation rates Drug Courts show diminished recidivism in 66% of the courts assessed

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Pathological Gambling among Prisoners Conducted a Meta-examination of 10 Studies 19.6% of detainees level 3 speculators (plausible PGs) Gamblers higher guiltiness Higher rate of psychopathy Higher rate of Depression Higher Rate of SUD

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Gambling in Prisons Play Cards for Cigarettes Bet on Horses with jail bookies Sports Betting - Sell medications to pay for betting - Bet with $$ on outside - Get into Fights - Provide administrations to pay betting

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Recommendations for CJS and Pathological Gambling 1. Instruct & train CJS work force 2. Investigate Gambling Courts 3. Assess and Assess Offenders on Pre-trial premise 4. GA gatherings in Prisons 5. PG Treatment with prepared advisors 6. Group Service by ex-detainees at jail GA gatherings

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