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Relic Task LSJ 332 Fall 2007 M. Morris Task Rules Turn in 3 papers (Oct 25, Nov 15, and Dec 6) Recognize 1 ancient rarity for every paper and address the accompanying things: Who created the thing and for what gathering of people? Where was it delivered, where was it found?
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Antique Assignment LSJ 332 Fall 2007 M. Morris

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Assignment Guidelines Turn in 3 expositions (Oct 25, Nov 15, and Dec 6) Identify 1 curio for every paper and location the accompanying things: Who delivered the thing and for what gathering of people? Where was it delivered, where was it found? What message about inability does it pass on? How can it fit into one (or more) of the models of handicap?

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What is an Artifact Anything in the public eye that depicts inability somehow Examples: Movies TV gives Articles Books Hints Comics Songs Jokes

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Example of an Artifact Movie 300

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About the Artifact What is the artifact… 300 Who produced… Frank Miller novel created by Warner Brothers Where is it found… Any feature store close you Who is the audience… General open

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Movie Synopses Spartans are conceived warriors Infants are inspected during childbirth and on the off chance that they are observed to be undesirable, then they are pushed off a bluff Children are taught from a youthful age to be physically fit and to battle

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King Xerxes of the Persians comes and debilitates King Leonidas and the Spartans King Leonidas declines to submit and looks for religious approbation from the Ephors and the Oracle to go battle the Persians They don\'t give a gift however King Leonidas takes off w/300 of the finest men

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King Leonidas and the troopers walk to meet the Persians and stay outdoors at a precipice A man who has a hunchback tails them and requests that join the armed force

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Battle – ridiculous and violent The Persians got “monsters” to battle King Xerxes acquires the man who has a hunchback and urges him to surrender the Spartans by offering him ladies, cash and influence The man who has a hunchback surrenders the Spartans and every one of the 300 kick the bucket

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“300 white fellows from a warmonger eugenist sexist tyke manhandling society valiantly guard the thin go of Thermopylae against the dynamic, racially, ethnically, capacity and sexually various (yet influence hungry) Persians in this flawlessly taped activity stuffed bloodfest.” John on

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Portrayal of individuals with handicaps Eugenics Ephors are seen as eager, exploitative, and unreasonable Man with a hunchback is seen as feeble physically (can’t battle in fight) and frail ethically (enticed by the adversary with ladies, cash, and force) His shortcoming is the thing that prompted the thrashing of the Spartans Any Persian with any physical distinction is seen as a creature that should be contained unless battling against a foe

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Message of the Artifact Message…? Note: Think about who the potential groups of onlookers are ie: overall population, adolescents, grown-ups, persons with disabilities…

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People w/incapacities are frail and don\'t have a spot in the public eye not able to contribute usefully to society ethically degenerate effectively enticed by insidiousness can destroy a general public

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Application of Models How does this fit into the models of handicap examined in class....? Keep in mind the models… Social Personal disaster Moral Medical

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Moral Medical

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About the Assignment Two pages twofold divided or one single dispersed Remember your punctuation! Place ALL of the obliged pieces into the paper

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About the Assignment (cont) Use no less than 3 of the models talked about in class over your 3 papers You don\'t have to utilize the models\' majority, simply the ones that apply to your relic Think about the models as far as the message(s) of the antique There are PLENTY of ancient rarities out there You must pick 3 distinct mediums (motion picture, article, and so forth.) for your 3 papers

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Grading Criteria Grammar = 1 pt Who created/who was the gathering of people = 2 pt Where was it delivered/discovered = 1 pt What message is being passed on about handicap = 3 pt How can it fit into one or more models of incapacity = 3 pt To

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