AoE and HyperSCSI on Linux PDA.

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AT Attachment (ATA) is a standard interface for joining stockpiling gadgets, for example, hard ... Download from Open Source venture and cross incorporate to PDA variant. ...
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AoE and HyperSCSI on Linux PDA Prepared by They Yu Shu

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ATA and SCSI AT Attachment (ATA) is a standard interface for associating stockpiling gadgets, for example, hard plates and CD-ROM drives inside PCs . SCSI ( Small Computer System Interface ) is an arrangement of measures for physically associating and exchanging information amongst PCs and fringe gadgets . Sets of charges to convey amongst PC and hard drives/fringe gadgets.

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NAS and SAN NAS (Network Attached Storage) File I/O NFS, CIFS User Storage Client OS Server OS Client File System Server File System NFS Client NFS Server TCP/IP TCP/IP

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NAS and SAN (Storage Area Network) Block I/O iSCSI, HyperSCSI, AoE, FC conventions Less overhead then File I/O User Client OS Storage Client File System Server OS Block I/O driver Block I/O Target driver Network

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Data Sharing on Mobile Devices File I/O : NFS, FTP, CIFS, HTTP… .(Traditional ways) Block I/O: AoE, HyperSCSI, iSCSI Block I/O have higher execution then File I/O iSCSI can accomplish 10 times speedier then NFS Using system stockpiling as neighborhood drive This anticipate is about AoE and HyperSCSI on cell phones.

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AoE(ATA over Ethernet) and HyperSCSI ATA and SCSI orders are embodied in Ethernet outline and transmit over Ethernet. Not at all like iSCSI, these 2 conventions does not lay above TCP/IP layer, in this manner it have better execution then iSCSI. It utilizes MAC addresses. It is not routable.

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iSCSI Transport Network AoE HyperSCSI Data join Data join Data join Physical

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Application Scenario SCSI Server running HyperSCSI Target Driver PDA utilizing Virtual Mounted Storage SCSI/ATA Block IO Wireless Network Home/Office Network Access Point Device running HyperSCSI Initiator Driver and AoE Initiator Driver PC/Notebook running AoE Target Driver

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Components AoE/HyperSCSI bit module (driver) Download from Open Source venture and cross aggregate to PDA adaptation. Straightforward AoE/HyperSCSI GUI program Developed utilizing Qt/Embedded + Opie Libraries. C++

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Main Functions Load/Reload/Unload piece modules List Detected Drives Mount Detected Drives Open Mounted Disk utilizing File Manager Do proper setups

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AoE Demostration

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Browse and Use

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HyperSCSI Demostration

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Loading Module

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Browse and Use

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