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About half allude to particular centerpieces that are outlined ... The inquiry requests that you address huge workmanship history topics and issues. ...
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AP Exam Test Format REA AP Art History Test Prepartation

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I. Antiquated through Medieval—30% Greece and Rome 10—15% Early Christian , Byzantine, Early Medieval 5—10% Romanesque 3—7% Gothic 7—10%

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II. Past the European Tradition– 20% Africa (counting Egypt), the Americas, Asia, Near East, Oceania, and Global Islamic Traditions

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III. Renaissance to Present—half 14 th through 16 th Centuries 12—17% 17 th through 18 Centuries 10—15% 19 th Century 10—15% 20 th and 21 st Centuries 10—15%

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About the Exam 3 hours in length 115 different decision questions 7 short articles 2 long papers

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Exam Format Part A: Slide-base Multiple-decision Questions Part B: Multiple-decision Questions Long Essay Short Essay Long Essay

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Section I (60 minutes) Part A: Slide-based Multiple-Choice Questions (.69 point for every inquiry) Four arrangements of pictures Each set contains seven to nine inquiries Fours minutes to answer every set

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Section I (One Hour) Part B: Multiple-decision Questions (.69 point for each inquiry) 85 to 87 questions About half allude to particular gems that are delineated Part A & B complete 115 inquiries (then a break)

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Section II: Free-reaction Questions Long Essay Question (25 focuses) Must consolidate no less than one case from past the European convention 30 Minutes

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Section II: Free-reaction Questions Short Essay Questions (10 focuses per question) 7 coordinated expositions Two 5-minute papers Five 10-minute papers Based on slides and one essential source cite a hour

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Section II: Free-reaction Questions Long Essay Question (25 focuses per question) The inquiry requests that you address huge workmanship history topics and issues. You should utilize particular cases 30 Minutes

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Scoring Multiple Choice (80 focuses) 1 point for every right answer Incorrect answers are 1 x 1/3 Example: envision you answer 100 inquiries effectively and 15 addresses erroneously 100 – (15 x 1/3) 100 – 5 = 95 x .69 66

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Scoring Short Essay (70 focuses) Each of the 7 papers is worth 10 focuses Readers grade them on a 4-point scale Total score is increased by 2.5 7 papers x 4 focuses = 28 focuses 28 focuses x 2.5 = 70 focuses

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Scoring the Long Essay (50 focuses) Each of the two yearns papers is worth 25 focuses Essays are scored on a size of 0—9 The score is duplicated by 2.77

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Strategy Short Essay (4 focuses) Each short article starts with an inquiry requesting that you recognize the date, the craftsman, the engineer, or the work (1 point) Then you should answer the inquiry Be certain to give no less than 3 more vital truths or perceptions to procure the 4 focuses

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