Apple iPhone: Diagram.

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Apple iPhone: Outline. A "progressive" mixed media cell phone for the customer business sector 'More straightforward, simpler to utilize' yet more practical Consolidates three center components: Cellular Telephone Sight and sound Web Skimming. Key Equipment Highlights. Virtual touchscreen interface; no keypad/catches
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Macintosh iPhone: Overview A ‘revolutionary’ sight and sound cell phone for the buyer market ‘Simpler, simpler to use’ yet more utilitarian Combines three center components: Mobile Phone Multimedia Internet Browsing

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Key Hardware Features Virtual touchscreen interface; no keypad/catches UI changes by application Responds to taps and motions Compensates for unplanned touches, missed catches 3 Sensor Technologies: Accelerometer to consequently control screen angle Proximity to debilitate touchscreen when held to ear Ambient light to naturally alter screen backdrop illumination Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE WiFi b/g, Bluetooth 2.0

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Home Screen and Applications Menu Icon-driven menu Links to telephone, applications, gadgets Links to center applications (telephone, email, program, and iPod) along the base Displays date/time, scope, battery influence Slide motion with finger opens screen

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Phone Interface and Virtual Keypad Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE Dial by name Conference calling Call history Integrated with PIM, program applications

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Virtual QWERTY and Email Client Virtual touch-empowered QWERTY keypad for email, SMS, PIM information passage Rich Text and HTML abilities asserted Attachment bolster (record arrangement seeing TBD) Compatible with POP3 and IMAP records Scheduled synch with records ‘Push’ email empowered with Yahoo mail

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Safari Browser Full HTML perusing Scroll and zoom

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Multimedia iTunes combination On-screen controls Widescreen design feature

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Google Maps Locations hunt and bearings Business query items incorporated with telephone Support for Google satellite maps Scroll and zoom

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Pearl versus iPhone

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Key Unknowns Durability It’s one goliath touchscreen – don’t drop it! Battery life How will the OS, full web perusing, relentless information associations sway? Virtual QWERTY How can it truly stack up? Remote Data Performance Reliability, pace of perusing, information exchange, and so on. Transfer speed utilization – key for battery life! ‘Push’ Email Experience What’s the vehicle? How strong, dependable, secure? ‘Push’ incorporation with records other than Yahoo?

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What the Analysts are Saying so far… “In our perspective there are two unmistakable fragments in the cell phone market: mixed media and informing. The iPhone has an in number interactive media suite that will engage customers, yet we trust RIM’s BlackBerry cell phones with equipment consoles have predominant informing (secure email) elements focused at prosumers and enterprises.” Merrill Lynch January 10, 2007

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What the Analysts are Saying so far… “iPhone is impressive…but confronts some enormous challenges.” “The gadget is lavish (US$499-US$599), has one and only transporter accomplice in the U.S., confronts potential battery life confinements, and is likely burdened on bearer systems as far as transmission capacity consumption.” “We don\'t see the iPhone taking important offer from BlackBerry in the cellular telephone market.” Scotia Capital January 10, 2007

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What the Analysts are Saying so far… “I imagine that any individual who utilizes the iPhone as a part of its original – for basic business – is crazy.” “Today’s top of the line telephones – BlackBerry, Treo, the numerous Nokias, and so on – have experienced forever and a day of advancement to get to where they are. There are SO MANY things that can turn out badly in a phone.” “…it’s an extreme, intense occupation to make a telephone that’s both advanced and dependable, and all the handset sellers wear the scars of that c

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