Application Introduction Lancaster Region Walk 2010.

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Home is assembled with your organization. Move In and Settlement on home. ... Assessed expenses for a home sold for $140,000: Over 20 years, this equivalents a month to month ...
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Application Orientation Lancaster County March 2010

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What is Habitat for Humanity? Habitat for Humanity is a non-denominational Christian lodging service committed to offering reasonable houses to qualified candidate families. Photograph by Kim MacDonald

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You can purchase a house! Environment for Humanity gives: A reasonable house – Habitat for Humanity makes no benefit. A moderate home loan - Habitat for Humanity charges 0% interest. Strong, solid system – building homes in Lancaster County since 1986.

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Owning a home means… Joys More accomplishment in school for children, individual space and enriching decisions! Obligations Paying the home loan on time, cutting the garden, scooping snow, changing lights and the batteries in flame alerts, more bills to pay!

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How does Habitat for Humanity select families? Application Process incorporates: Submit finished application and printed material Credit check Home visit Violent wrongdoer registry check

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Ability to pay Must have reasonable salary Debt must not be inordinate No liens or judgments No back Child Support installments Consistent installment history with rent Ability to make relevant up front installment and shutting costs 3 years since Bankruptcies/Foreclosures

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Ability to pay Amount of your obligation How much cash do you owe? School advances Car advances Bank Visas Store Mastercards or accounts Utility bills Medical bills

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Ability to pay Residency Requirements Must live in Lancaster County for 1 year before applying If utilized, working with same organization for no less than 6 months Must be a Permanent Resident or US Citizen Entire family unit should live in this County

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Ability to pay Income Eligibility Maximum Income per family 1 person $37,800 2 people $43,100 3 people $48,600 4 individuals $53,900 5 people $58,200 6 people $62,500

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Current Projects South West Lancaster City 19 homes on Fairview Ave.

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Current Project Income Guidelines Fairview Build Taxes and Homeowner Ins. - $410 every month Principal installment – $400 every month Homeowner\'s Association – $70 every month Minimum wage is $33,000 for this undertaking.

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Current Project Income Guidelines Ephrata Build Duplex in bigger blended wage neighborhood Taxes and Homeowner Ins. - $300 every month Principal installment – $400 every month Homeowner\'s Association – $20 every month Minimum pay is $27,000 for this venture.

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Need for Housing criteria: Overcrowded living conditions. Substandard living conditions. Paying more than 30% of month to month gross pay for lodging costs. Denied a conventional home loan. As of now living openly lodging, or Sec 8.

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Willingness to accomplice criteria Returns application complete and on time Returns telephone calls instantly Agrees to finish 500 hours of sweat value Agrees to spare toward 1% up front installment Agrees to go to mortgage holder workshops Creates safe situations for neighbors.

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Partnership is a key some portion of Habitat for Humanity Many people, bunches, temples, organizations and nearby associations bolster and take an interest in Habitat for Humanity. Mortgage holders are members. Everybody is viewed as an accomplice. A large number of understudies accomplice with Habitat through Collegiate Challenge, an option Spring break program. Photograph by Kim MacDonald

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Homeowners\' sweat value Our subsidiary obliges families to finish 500 sweat-value hours: Construction Workshops Office mailings Interviews Minimum of 16 hours a month Family individuals or companions can help with this necessity. Photographs by Trevor Kobrin, Kim MacDonald and Neal Gallagher

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Required workshops for property holders Match Savings Account with Tabor CS (planning and money related arranging) Home Maintenance Zoning and Permits Being a Good Neighbor Understanding Your Settlement Paperwork

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Steps of association for the mortgage holder Complete the Application procedure (60-90 days). Acknowledgment by Board of Directors. Introduction for system. Sweat value hours are finished (6 mos – 2 yrs). Home is worked with your association. Move In and Settlement on home. Normal time allotment – 1 to 2 years

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Typical monetary commitments to purchase a Habitat for Humanity house Before home buy: Approximately 1% of offers cost ~$1,500 After home buy: Monthly home loan installments, incorporates foremost, charges, and protection: Principal sum for 20-30 years (~$400) Taxes and protection change every year Payments: ~ $700-1,000

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House offering value Estimated costs for a home sold for $140,000: Over 20 years, this equivalents a month to month chief installment of $584 + assessments and protection. More than 30 years, this equivalents a month to month important installment of $389 + charges and protection

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Please realize that… Some families apply 2 or 3 times before they get to be qualified. We WANT to work with you. On the off chance that you are not acknowledged the first run through, please come back to our office at a later date and apply once more!

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Any Questions? Do you comprehend the prerequisites and criteria for homeownership? Do you comprehend what Habitat for Humanity will offer?

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How to apply Return application by April 30, 2010 Applications are accessible here or in our office at 443 Fairview Ave., Lancaster Contact: Deborah 717-392-8836 x 208

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Wait to get notification from us… Make beyond any doubt we can contact you by phone! On the off chance that your contact data changes, please let us know.

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Lancaster Area Habitat for Humanity Thank you for your time! 443 Fairview Ave. Lancaster, PA 17603 717-392-8836 x 208

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