Appreciation as an Action Plan .

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Gratitude as an Action Plan. Carol Bailey Floyd Director of Programs Mental Health Recovery and WRAP. Thank you very much for joining us today!. Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons! -- Ruth Ann Schabacker. Gratitude Study.
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Appreciation as an Action Plan Carol Bailey Floyd Director of Programs Mental Health Recovery and WRAP

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Thank you especially to join us today!

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Each day comes bearing its own particular blessings. Loosen the strips! - Ruth Ann Schabacker

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Gratitude Study Studies led by Michael McCullough, PhD. from the University of Miami and Robert A. Emmons, PhD. from the University of California – Davis isolated subjects into three control bunches with an attention on one of the accompanying: 1. bothers 2. things for which they were appreciative 3. normal life occasions

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The advantages uncovered from the appreciation gatherings were exceptionally amazing!

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Benefits of Gratitude Grateful individuals are more: • idealistic • vigorous • excited • decided • intrigued • happy

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More Benefits of Gratitude Grateful individuals: • feel more grounded about taking care of difficulties • have less sicknesses • get more rest • practice more

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Even More Benefits of Gratitude Grateful individuals: • will probably help other individuals • have less jumbled situations • are less jealous • have all the more clear considering

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More and More Benefits! Thankful individuals: • have better strength amid extreme times • encounter less stretch • are more composed • have higher resistant reaction

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The Last Four Listed Benefits Grateful individuals: • have nearer family ties • are less materialistic • gain more ground toward objectives • have longer lives!

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Gratitude is FREE!

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Gratitude has the ability to transform challenges into potential outcomes, issues into arrangements, and misfortunes into additions. - Daniel T. Peralla

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You might be grateful to: • The Universe • Your Higher Power • God • Yourself • Someone or something else

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Gratitude opens the totality of life. It transforms what we have into enough, and then some. It transforms foreswearing into acknowledgment, mayhem into request, disarray into clarity. It transforms issues into blessings, disappointments into achievement, the startling into immaculate planning, and oversights into essential occasions. Appreciation understands our past, brings peace for now and makes a dream for tomorrow. - Melodie Beattie

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Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) • Wellness Toolbox • Daily Maintenance (3 sections) • Triggers and Action Plan • Early Warning Signs and Action Plan • Things Breaking Down and Action Plan

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Wellness Recovery Action Plan • Crisis Plan • Post Crisis Plan

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The Action Plan Aspect of WRAP • Using wellbeing instruments for activity arranges • Doing constructive activities in light of adverse occasions • Diminishing or killing triggers and early cautioning signs • Gratitude as an effective activity arrange

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Gratitude Action Plans Help you to: • roll out changes • make improvement • confront challenges • have any kind of effect • take your energy back

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Gratitude Action Plans • Counting great things – 10, 20, compose • Gratitude list during the evening – Simple Abundance by Sara Ban Breathnach • Gratitude list in the morning • Emergency thank you treatment

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Gratitude Action Plans • Thank you notes – particularly sudden • Gratitude document of got cards to say thanks • Gratitude List – 100 things (post) • Ask a companion what makes them thankful

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Gratitude Action Plans • Focusing on what is correct and not on what is wrong • Raising your mindfulness level with appreciation • Mindful appreciation in times of stretch

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Gratitude Action Plans • Gratitude ABCs for going to rest • Showing appreciation to other individuals -embraces -handshakes -grateful words • Being thankful for trust

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Quotation Therapy as an Action Plan "You can\'t be troubled and appreciative in the meantime." – obscure "The ability for being cheerful is acknowledging and preferring what you have, rather than what you don\'t have." – Woody Allen "A few people are continually protesting on the grounds that roses have thistles. I am appreciative that thistles have roses." – Alphonse Karr "Let us ascend and be grateful, for on the off chance that we didn\'t take in a considerable measure today, at any rate we took in a bit, and in the event that we didn\'t take in a bit, at any rate we didn\'t become ill, and on the off chance that we became ill, at any rate we didn\'t pass on; so let every one of us be grateful." – Buddha

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Examples of Gratitude Unconditional Gratitude Therapeutic Gratitude Transformational Gratitude

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Gratitude Websites – Gratitude Dance!

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Thank you for going along with us today! Inquiries or remarks?

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