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Boss Apprenticeship Forum 2006. 2. APPRENTICESHIP . What is apprenticeship?Hands-on preparing system for individuals who need to work in a talented exchange and who appreciate learning by doing90% of apprenticeship preparing is given in the working environment by employers10% in-school hypothesis or classroom guideline by a preparation conveyance operators (TDA)College or innovation schoolSecondary school (OYAP).
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APPRENTICESHIP Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities Kenora Apprenticeship Branch Training Consultants - Roxanne Emery or Wanda Harris 1-800-734-9572 Presented by OYAP Coordinators Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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APPRENTICESHIP What is apprenticeship? Hands-on preparing program for individuals who need to work in a talented exchange and who appreciate learning by doing 90% of apprenticeship preparing is given in the work environment by bosses 10% in-school hypothesis or classroom direction by a preparation conveyance operator (TDA) College or innovation school Secondary school (OYAP) Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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APPRENTICESHIP Key focuses to recall Earn while you learn Employed specialists In-school hypothesis is government sponsored Minimal classroom charge is paid by the student Expectation by TDA is that disciples ought to be set up to buy course readings Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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APPRENTICESHIP Key focuses to recollect Proof of instruction is required Minimum common training necessities Grade 12 – Motive, Service and Industrial Sectors Grade 10 – Construction Sector Employment protection is accessible if understudy is qualified Apprenticeship expenses: $40 enlistment expense $100 expense for composing exchange examination Majority of exchange examinations have between commonplace "Red Seal" Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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APPRENTICESHIP What is OYAP? Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program Available to review 11 & 12 secondary school understudies Students must be16 of age, with16 credits accomplished OYAP opens the way to apprenticeship for youth Students work towards a vocation in a talented exchanges as an enrolled disciple while finishing secondary school recognition Opportunity to test the business/representative match without duty on the business\' part Opportunity to get a head begin to Certificate of Qualification Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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APPRENTICESHIP What are the advantages to bosses? Representatives are prepared to common industry standard while procuring a comprehension of your work environment Employers make a pool of gifted specialists who can keep organizations aggressive Experienced representatives of various ages Employees apprenticing build up a devotion to managers who enlist them, prompting a more steady workforce Employers who enlist disciples in a few exchanges might be qualified for a commonplace assessment credit and different motivating forces Government-upheld in-class preparing accessible Cost-successful selecting arrangements – OYAP Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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APPRENTICESHIP How to begin Search the rundown of exchanges Or call the Kenora MTCU Apprenticeship Office toll free 1-800-734-9572 The way toward enrolling a worker as an understudy and their at work preparing prompting affirmation is straight forward If you require additional data or help anytime in the project, a Ministry Training Consultant can help you Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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APPRENTICESHIP Step-by-step highlights When prepared to make a preparation duty, contract the worker The neighborhood Job Connect office can help you locate a qualified hopeful Connect the worker with a qualified talented tutor or mentor in your work environment Contact the MTCU preparing advisor to mastermind a work environment visit to enlist your new representative Roles and obligations will be talked about On-the-occupation preparing aide will be given Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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APPRENTICESHIP Step-by-step highlights Review with the student the exchange particular preparing standard Initial spotlight on the wellbeing measures contained inside the preparation standard As the student shows aptitudes, consistently sign these off in the preparation standard Encourage the understudy to keep up contact with the preparation specialist Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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APPRENTICESHIP Step-by-step highlights The understudy would go to the in-class segment of the preparation as booked with the nearby apprenticeship office Typically three 8-week obstructs through the span of a 4-year apprenticeship system May be accessible on-line or on low maintenance premise Classroom preparing at a junior college or TDA Upon consummation of preparing, energize and backing your understudy in get ready for and composing the confirmation examination Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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APPRENTICESHIP How to get the best individual OYAP gives chances to secondary school understudies to start apprenticeships while still in school You can watch the capability of people on a trial premise to check whether they are a solid match with your work environment Students are an important asset and can get ability the most recent innovation and PC programming Students bring thoughts, vitality and energy to the working environment Pre-Apprenticeship Program Job Connect workplaces – Red Lake, Dryden, Kenora, Fort Frances Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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APPRENTICESHIP Ontario government impetuses Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit (12/16/04) Refundable to organizations utilizing students in certain talented exchanges for the initial 36 months 25% of qualified consumptions 30% for organizations pay rates/compensation totaling $400,000 or less Paid or payable after May 18, 2004 and before January 1, 2011 Up to a greatest of $5,000/yr per qualifying student Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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APPRENTICESHIP Ontario government motivators In-school hypothesis is Government financed A routine set of expenses for every student is paid to the endorsed TDA The aggregate sum has had the classroom charge of $400 subtracted Classroom expenses are paid by the understudy "a charge of $10.00 per six-hour unit of preparing, or part of a unit, in a course of preparing or study inside an endorsed apprenticeship project is payable by students, aside from as generally gave in this area O. Reg. 32/02, s 1(1)" Employer Signing Bonus and Apprenticeship Scholarship programs Managed by Job Connect Employer Apprenticeship Forum 2006

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APPRENTICESHIP & OYAP Questions? OYAP Coordinators KPDSB – Karen Thorne, RRDSB – Marnie Cumming, KCDSB – Jim Robertson,

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