Appropriate Wear of the Top Uniform.

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Wearer MUST consent to CAP prepping principles however not CAP weight benchmarks. ... Top prepping and weight benchmarks apply for ALL USAF style uniform mixes ...
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Legitimate Wear of the CAP Uniform Capt Charles E. (Toss) Corway, CAP Professional Development Officer

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Covered Today Current Approved Uniform Combinations Insignia Placement Retired Uniforms Known Issues and Prohibited Items Spot The Uniform Problem – photographs "The main concern is basic: Air Force norms must be consistently known, reliably connected and non-specifically enforced." – General Ronald J. Fogelman, Chief of Staff, USAF, 1995

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Why are we having this class? Legitimate wear of the CAP uniform keeps on being a test We lose validity with the Air Force and different offices on account of a few individuals who were wearing precluded things, missing emblem, blending CAP and USAF uniform parts, or were disregarding preparing or weight norms We simply need to help you "hit the nail on the head"

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When do we wear a CAP uniform? At all CAP gatherings and exercises During support in ANY Emergency Services movement, whether preparing or real While performing Cadet preparing

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When do we NOT wear a CAP uniform? While occupied with private job Implies official sponsorship Under any condition that would have a tendency to bring ruin or blame upon the uniform. Over one hour after finish of CAP gatherings or exercises Travel time to and from exercises excepted When taking part in exercises, for example, open discourses, interviews, picket lines, walks, energizes, or in any open show not endorsed by the Air Force. Wearing the uniform may suggest authorization of the reason for which the show or action is led. At any meeting of any precluded bunches Fascist, totalitarian, socialist, subversive, and so forth as dictated by the U.S. Lawyer General In a remote nation, unless approved

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Command Responsibility Commanders will guarantee CAP individuals introduce a very much prepped appearance which reflects acknowledge upon CAP as the U.S. Aviation based armed forces Auxiliary. Authorities will remedy uniform infringement instantly and advise all individuals from the best possible wear of the uniform. Numbness OF REGULATIONS IS NO EXCUSE! Seniors/Cadets have power to right infringement. Junior work force use TACT/DIPLOMACY in tending to uniform disparities. A senior "calls consideration" to something – a lesser just "welcomes consideration" to a circumstance. Persistent inability to watch uniform wear directions is reason for end of CAP enrollment!

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Where do we discover the directions? CAPM 39-1 is experiencing a since quite a while ago required upgrade! Until then, the CAP uniform directions are a blend of CAPM 39-1 and different NEC/National Board minutes and between time change letters Air Force holds control over the evaluation badge and any gadgets on the AF-style regalia

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How do uniform changes come to fruition? Recommendations put together by individuals through the levels of leadership Reviewed at National Headquarters (Development Committee) National Board for the most part considers uniform changes once every year Changes to CAP recognizing contrasts on the AF-style garbs experience the Air Force hierarchy of leadership to Air University (AU) and Air Education and Training Command (AETC)

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Where do I get my outfits? Vanguard Industries Official supplier of CAP regalia and badge (800) 221-1264 AAFES (Army and Air Force Exchange Service) (Only if current/resigned military and in DEERS) (800) 527-2345 Shop MCSS just at army installations and phone orders eBay Good hotspot for some utilized uniform things and CAP collectibles The Hock Shop Unofficial supplier of CAP outfits and emblem (800) 843-4625

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Uniform Combinations USAF Style Uniform All parts MUST be right, including outerwear Can be costly when obtained new Very particular as to symbol position Wearer MUST consent to CAP weight and preparing principles Mixing parts amongst CAP and USAF uniform styles is denied!

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Uniform Combinations CAP Distinctive Blue (Corporate Service) Uniform May be worn by senior individuals and cadets more than 18 Not approved for resigned part wear Uses white pilot style shirt and AF blue 1625 trousers AF blue officer epaulets Flight top (ought to match shade and weave) Optional corporate administration dress coat (twofold breasted) Insignia position same as on USAF style Military strips OK, no military identifications or gadgets Wearer MUST consent to CAP prepping principles yet not CAP weight guidelines.

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Uniform Combinations CAP Distinctive Gray Uniform Worn just by senior individuals Uses white pilot style shirt Medium dim DRESS trousers, creased front and bound sew OK CAP dim epaulets No headgear (affirmed dim blue baseball top OK) Insignia arrangement – close to two identifications No military strips, identifications or gadgets Wearer does not have to consent to CAP preparing or weight gauges.

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Proper Uniform Fit Shirt Garters "Gig Line" Trousers and slacks Service dress coat fit Skirt length Flight tops Service top

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Shirt Garters Shirt Garters Optional for wear, however very prescribed Cadets wear them… seniors ought to as well! Keeps shirt from riding up when worn Secured at base of shirt and top of socks Backup security – or hazard getting snapped (OUCH!) One sets is sufficient to carry out the occupation If you don\'t wear ties – take in the military tuck!

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The \'Gig Line\' Imaginary line between edge of shirt, belt and trouser fly Always keep adjusted Differences in male and female gig line Buckle tip to one side (male) Buckle tip on wearer\'s right side (female) "Metal on Brass" Tip of belt does not reach out past clasp

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Proper Dress Uniform Fit (USAF Style Service Dress and Corporate Service Dress Uniforms) Fit is particularly imperative Service Dress Coat Fit effectively over mid-section and shoulders Bottom edge stretches out 3 to 3 ½ inches underneath top of thigh Should not force or cluster in back above abdomen Sleeves end ¼ inch from heel of thumb Collar appears at any rate ¼ to ½ inch above coat neckline and focus back Senior part officers wear officer administration dress coat with epaulets Cadets and SM NCOs wear enrolled style administration dress coat without epaulets USAF style administration dress coat shade is 1620 poly/fleece, CAP is 1625 polyester – DO NOT blend shades or weaves!

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Skirt Length Skirts Hang actually over hips Horizontal wrinkles at abdomen or protruding in side pockets show the size is too little No shorter than top of kneecap nor longer than base of kneecap when standing Applies to USAF-style and corporate garbs

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Trousers and Slacks Worn at normal waistline with no clustering at midriff or drooping in seat. Even wrinkles at abdomen, snugness in groin and protruding in side pockets shows the size is too little. Trouser break Front laying on top of shoes with slight break in front Rear around 7/8" lower than front Sometimes called "West Point break" by tailors If the fix\'s dragging… pull up your trousers!

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Flight Caps Differences in flight tops Cadets/SMWOG/SM NCO – blue funneling SM officer (FO-Col) blue and silver precious stone (\'zipper\') channeling Generals – full silver funneling Differences in flight top badge Cadet aviators – CAP prop and wing plate (\'treat\') Cadet officers – grade symbol Senior individuals (paying little heed to review) – CAP bird emblem CAP symbol on left side (NO evaluation symbol!) Flight top added to repertoire when not being used Left or right side Bottom of top adjusted to trouser crease at pockets CAP badge out if under left side Rear of flight top is not uncovered when tucked added to repertoire

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Service Cap Optional wear by cadet officers if approved in wing supplement Optional wear for senior individuals Silver chinstrap for CAP Corporate Service Uniform, dark calfskin for USAF style uniform Tuck under left arm if not wearing administration top Service tops for Majors or more require mists and bolts on overflow ("farts and dashes") Maj-Col – 2 \'farts and darts\' per side Brig Gen and up – 3 \'farts and darts\' per side Don\'t mistake one style for the other! (Commanders don\'t as women that is.) \'farts and darts\' on administration top have no qualification between field review or general officer. Administration top sizes keep running in any event ¼ to ½ size littler than flight tops – attempt a bundle on if conceivable Only accessible from AAFES MCSS. Extraordinary request from The Hock Shop FGO Service Cap (Maj-Col) CGO and Enlisted Service Cap (Capt and underneath)

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CAP Distinctive Uniforms Less costly Less convoluted No prepping controls (LOOK SHARP!) Civilian outerwear permitted Good approach to begin in CAP

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Other CAP Distinctive Uniforms Golf Shirt/Gray Pants Utility Uniform (jumpsuit) Distinctive Field Uniform (Blue BDU) Dark Blue Nomex Flight Suit Blue Blazer

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Dark Blue Golf Shirt Most fundamental CAP uniform, ideal for new senior individuals Worn with light dim slacks, dark plain shoes, and dark belt. Reasonable for UDF, Flight, and Base Ops Considered an "easygoing dress uniform" Not satisfactory for field work (GTM) Inexpensive ($20-40, contingent upon symbol & variant) No prepping or weight prerequisites for wear Any non military personnel outerwear is worthy Available from Vanguard and The Hock Shop Now accessible in short and long sleeve adaptations

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Dark Blue Golf Shirt Three distinct sorts of dim blue golf shirt White screen printed CAP seal on left bosom Color weaved CAP seal on right bosom Color weaved CAP seal on right bosom with customized name and aeronautical rating/claim to fame identification/strength track emblem Vanguard shirt – Cotton/poly mix Hock Shop shirt – Cotton/poly mix, less expensive Vanguard has all the official CAP air evaluations and identifications for weaving – don\'t think about The Hock Shop

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CAP Utility Uniform Also alluded to as new "jumpsuit" Replac

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