April 30, 2009 County Accountants Conference .

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April 30, 2009 District Bookkeepers' Meeting. Joyful Daher. Government Help Arranges Engineer Telephone: (651) 366 3821 Fax : (651) 366-3801 Email: merry.daher@dot.state.mn.us. What we will go over today. ARRA (American Recuperation and Reinvestment Demonstration of 2009) HPP Financing Breakdowns and Paybacks
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April 30, 2009 County Accountants\' Conference

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Merry Daher Federal Aid Plans Engineer Phone: (651) 366 3821 Fax : (651) 366-3801 Email: merry.daher@dot.state.mn.us

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What we will go over today ARRA (American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009) HPP Funding Breakdowns & Paybacks Advertising

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ARRA 100% Federal Funds (for Eligible things) Same prerequisites as whatever other Federal venture PLUS Federal Certification by Washington DC Additional Proposal Contents Additional Reporting Requirements 100% Audit Probability (CFDA No. is 20.205)

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ARRA Reporting Advertisement date Federal Permit endorsements Award date DBE objective & leeway Notice to Proceed date Percent Complete Contractor Information . . .

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Contractor Information Contractor Name Addrress E-mail address

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Out-State ARRA Program 24 out-state street ventures 19 ventures have come in 15 are out for offers 23 out-state connect ventures 18 ventures have come in 14 are out for offers First to be let is in Morrison County – today.

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Metro ARRA Program Three levels STP Tier I – 3 proj. already in STIP MnDOT will contribute ARRA $ Tier II – 2 proj. as of now in STIP that will be made entire by ARRA $ Tier III – 32 will get some ARRA $ - not 100% for development just ARRA Enhancement – 6 – 16 activities to be chosen (1.3 million max ARRA$)

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2009 Construction Projects Summary Out State – 47 ARRA ventures Metro – 43 – 53 ARRA extends Out State – 127 Regular undertakings Metro – 30 - 35 Regular tasks

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Advertising – Bid Opening Designated Publication Trade Journal Mn/DOT Website Timing controlled by MN Statute 160.17 County: 3 weeks + 10 days Towns: 2 weeks + 10 days

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E-Advertising The SALT website can be gotten to from MN/DOT site page posting Mn/DOT ventures SALT webpage will contain shortened promotions connected to full advertisements. Submit promotions through One Office or SALT Website Expect 2 day pivot for posting once data is endorsed.

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E-Advert Basic Requirements 1)Your County must have a site or connection where the full promotion can be put. (i.e. District Website, One Office, Quest.cdn) 2) "Non" One Office clients will require a logon ID & secret key.

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E-Advert SALT web publicizing will parallel Construction Bulletin for about a year Important to move far from CB as the Trade Journal for business consistency Need to work out testimony of Publication (This is to fulfill evaluators on state promoting req\'ts)

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