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Our aquariums are. perfect for: Gaming zones. Eateries. Gathering ranges ... At that point pick the aquarium size you covet: Tropical freshwater/African cichlid rental ...
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No matter how rapidly or effectively your guests are taken care of, nothing minimizes the sentiment holding up like a wonderful, serene aquarium. It\'s a captivating, unendingly brilliant living picture, with a quieting impact no other type of design can coordinate. A WELCOMING TRANQUIL ATMOSPHERE FOR YOUR LOCATION

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We offer you the most straightforward approach to have the presentation aquarium that is ideal for your business premises – one that dependably looks fabulous with no exertion on your part. W e ensure quality administration, keeping up your tank to the most astounding norms. Easy AQUARIA Our Name Says it all

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You can disregard purchasing and introducing the tank, gradually presenting the fish and the progressing upkeep. The Effortless Aquaria group deals with everything, with an adjusted rental aquarium. There\'s no capital expense: only a basic week after week installment. It couldn\'t be simpler to organize. What\'s more, it\'s all totally bother free from the very first moment.

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Our aquariums are perfect for: Gaming territories Restaurants Reception zones Waiting rooms Showrooms Hotel halls Corporate workplaces Professional suites Clinics Hospitals Medical practices Dental practices Hair and magnificence salons

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So what amount does it cost?

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First you have to choose one of the three styles: HEADLINE African Cichlid Tropical freshwater Body duplicate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Reef marine

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Then pick the aquarium size you fancy: Tropical freshwater/African cichlid – rental cost every week from: 2 foot tank (610x305x465h) $ 55.00 3 foot tank (915x355x505h) $ 70.00 4 foot tank (1220x355x505h) $ 80.00 6 foot tank (1830x465x610h) $125.00 Column tank (465x465x610h) $ 65.00 Reef marine – rental cost every week from: 3 foot tank (915x355x505h) $100.00 4 foot tank (1220x355x505h) $120.00 6 foot tank (1830x465x610h) $195.00 Note: Rental Price incorporates conveyance, establishment, and all on-going upkeep. 2 foot and section tank not accessible for African cichlid style or Reef marine. Costs current at July 2006 and subject to change. Costs in view of a 12 month understanding and a CBD area – conditions apply . Additional charge may apply for specific solicitations or in a few areas. Costs subject to 10% GST. Feature Body duplicate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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CONTACT US If you might want additional data about our administrations, or a commitment free nearby discussion, then please call us on 1300 139 133 . Email:

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Thank you

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