Archaic exploration.

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Prehistoric studies. ???a??????a? Old Discourse. The scienceart worried with the material ... Archaic exploration in the Levant. Edward Robinson, 1838, 1852. His work prompted ...
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Prehistoric studies Riddles in the Dirt

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Archeology Αρχαιολογιας – Ancient Discourse The science\art worried with the material stays of man\'s past Firstly coordinated to Biblical Discoveries Covers both the Magnificent and the Mundane

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Ancient Eras

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Beginnings Napoleon in Egypt – 1798 – Rosetta Stone, &c. Unearthings in Mesopotamia, Paul-Emile Botta, 1842 Excavations of Troy by Heinrich Schliemann, 1870

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Levant (cont.) John Garstang (1876-96) Kathleen Kenyon (1906-1978) William Foxwell Albright (1891-1971)

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Archeology in the Levant Edward Robinson, 1838, 1852 His work prompted further revelations - Moabite Stone, 1868 Siloam Inscription, 1880 Sir Flinders Petrie, Tell el-Ḥ esi, 1890

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Dating Methods Stratigraphy Pottery Numismatics Paleography

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Stratigraphy: Mound Cross Section

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Pottery Dating Material Manufacturing Technique Shape Decorations

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Numismatics Material Image Writing Samaria, fourth penny. B.C.E. Silver 0.74g. 8-9mm. Helmeted head of Athena Owl standing and confronting with open wings; Aramaic letters "SN" in fields. $500.00. John Hyrcanus I, 134-104 B.C.E. Bronze. 15mm. Hebrew engraving, "Yehohanan the High Priest and Council of the Jews," inside wreath. Rv. Twofold cornucopia with filets; pomegranate in focus. $200.00. pieces/coins/greek_coins.html#Minting

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Paleography Material Handwriting Style

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Early Genesis Enuma Elish – Babylonian Creation Account Gilgamesh Epic – Babylonian Flood Account

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Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III Tribute of Jehu, child of Omri. I got from him: silver, gold, a brilliant dish, a brilliant container, brilliant cups, pitchers of gold, lead, fights for the hand of the lord, spears .

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Tel Dan – Bet David Inscription Stone engraving that contains the expression "Place of David"

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Mesha Stele otherwise known as Moabite Stone "I am Mesha, child of Chemosh, ruler of Moab... My dad was lord of Moab for a long time and I got to be ruler after my dad: and I fabricated this asylum to Chemosh in Qerihoh, a haven of shelter: for he spared me from every one of my oppressors and gave me domain over every one of my adversaries. Omri was lord of Israel and abused Moab numerous days, for Chemosh was furious with his territory. What\'s more, his child succeeded him and he additionally said I will mistreat Moab. In my days he said this, however I got the high ground of him and his home: and Israel died for ever.... I have had the trench of Qerihoh burrowed by Israelite prisoners..."

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Cyrus Cylinder Confirms the record in Ezra of Cyrus giving back the Jews to Judea

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Persepolis - Apadana of Darius (ca. 520 B.C.) Stairway to the Palace portrays numerous remote people groups in their conventional garments and executes

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Joash Inscription Matches the record in 2 Kings 12

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Qumran Manuscripts Ante-dates Hebrew original copies by 1,000 years Important to chronicled and phonetic studies

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James Ossuary James, child of Joseph, sibling of Jesus "The James ossuary might be the most punctual substantial confirmation of Jesus of Nazareth, who until this point we knew just through abstract writings." Royal Ontario Museum

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