Archaic exploration: Preparing you for the cutting edge working environment.

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an Archeology graduate takes in a smaller scope of transferable ... Leader of the British Film Institute is an alum of Southampton Archeology ...
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Prehistoric studies: Equipping you for the advanced working environment

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Welcome Dr. Louise Revell Archeology confirmations mentor

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What can Archeology offer?

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What is an Archeology degree? The investigation of individuals in the past through their material remains

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What is an Archeology degree? 2 million years of human past

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What is an Archeology degree? Working in the field

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What is an Archeology degree? Dealing with essential materials

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What is an Archeology degree? Legacy, historical centers and the presentation of the past

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What sort of degree? Single respects Archeology/Archeological Science (BA/BSc) Combined respects with History Geography Anthropology Classical Studies (counting Ancient History) Languages

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Myths around an Archeology degree Has somebody let you know that … an Archeology graduate can just fill in as a digger  an Archeology degree is just a professional training  an Archeology graduate takes in a smaller scope of transferable aptitudes than graduates in History and related subjects  Then they are incorrect!

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Careers straightforwardly identified with Archeology: digger surveyor conservator discovers authority venture supervisor legacy chief gallery caretaker historical center training officer exhibition hall shows officer tourism officer memorable structures investigator preservation officer What sort of profession?

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What sort of profession? In 2002 there were 4,425 individuals acting as "diggers" and gallery staff, educators, open heads and business advisors. Development was anticipated at 30% or more by 2008 .

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What sort of profession? Assemble your occupation aptitudes Mix of science and expressions Practical and hypothetical Embedded in appraisals Teamwork Critical supposing and critical thinking Preparing and introducing reports Communication abilities IT aptitudes

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What sort of profession? Graduate bosses search for : Flexibility, versatility and the ability to adapt to & oversee change (88%) Self inspiration and drive (88%) Analytical capacity and basic leadership (75%) Communication and interpersonal aptitudes (75%) Teamworking capacity and aptitudes (63%) Organization, arranging and prioritization capacities (half) (HEA overview of graduate businesses 2005)

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What sort of profession? Graduate impression of their employability (Southampton Archeology graduates 2007; scores out of 5) Ability to work with others 4.5 Written relational abilities 4.5 Problem tackling & expository skills 4.4 Ability to learn/investigate freely 4.5 Personal certainty 4.5 Overall employability 4.4

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What sort of profession? 65% of opening publicized for graduates in the UK don\'t request particular degree subjects. Employments taken by Archeology graduates include: instructing budgetary division military law Head of the British Film Institute is an alum of Southampton Archeology Managing executive of Waitrose is an Archeology graduate

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What do you search for? Enthusiasm for the past Academic reputation (offers are BBB/ABB or proportionate capabilities) Study aptitudes Ability to think basically

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