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Region 2.

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Region 2. New York. The U.S. Virgin Islands. New Jersey. Puerto Rico. St. Thomas, VI. San Juan, PR. Region 2 Offices. Niagara Falls, NY. New York City. Stamford, CT. Edison, NJ. What Makes Region 2 Unique?. We have several large metropolitan areas
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Locale 2 New York The U.S. Virgin Islands New Jersey Puerto Rico

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St. Thomas, VI San Juan, PR Region 2 Offices Niagara Falls, NY New York City Stamford, CT Edison, NJ

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What Makes Region 2 Unique? We have a few vast metropolitan ranges We are the most thickly populated of all the Regions Part of our Region is tropical We are amidst the Northeast transport issue We have a considerable measure of water around us

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These are our real asset expending exercises at this moment 1. World Trade Center Recovery 2. Title 5 Permit Challenges 3. Ozone SIP Related 4. Transportation Issues 5. Air Quality Assessment

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World Trade Center Recovery Air Quality & Meteorological Monitoring Activities Air Quality Impact Analysis & Risk Assessment Public Communication Task Force Activities

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U.S. EPA, New York State Dept. of Environ-mental Conservation, and New York City Dept. of Environ-mental Protection air observing locales executed because of the World Trade Center calamity Region 2 Office Ground Zero

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Title 5 Permit Challenges 5 Title 5 Petitions Responded To/15 Pending/More Expected 6 Lawsuits Filed/3 Pending T5

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O 3 Ozone Activities Finalize 1-Hour Ozone SIPs Environmental Defense Lawsuit Ozone Sublead

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Transportation Issues Diesel Particulate Control NYMTC Conformity Relief OBD Phase-in

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Air Quality Assessment National Monitoring Network Review Toxics Network Development Special Studies