Ariston Worldwide Review February 2008.

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Huge open door for Ariston Global to offer correspondence administration suppliers new apparatuses, administrations and answers for location these progressions ...
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Ariston Global Overview February 2008

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Business Thesis Existing correspondence suppliers are standing up to the difficulties of dynamic advances and application requests while confronting improved focused and edge weights Emerging advances, for example, VOIP or propelled applications are empowering the formation of new organizations and/or contenders with administration abilities that interest development from existing suppliers Many reasonable organizations with solid forward-looking items and existing customers involve a great part of the exceedingly divided administrations and arrangements bolster industry Market and client flow shift by geology. These distinctions have brought forth new organizations with alluring, separated capabilities and items around the world

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Business Focus Ariston Global is making an inventive association through mixes of obtaining, merger and natural development that will give progressed empowering instruments, administrations and answers for correspondence administration suppliers worldwide Through perceiving reconciliation and joint effort, the Ariston Global gathering of organizations gives the advantages of scale that go with bigger, reciprocal and extending associations - yet without involving every organization\'s legacy of individual arrangement center and enthusiastic client introduction we will probably build income of portfolio organizations through item expansion, asset sharing, station procedures, administration mastery and correspondence industry contacts Create esteem through expanding scale and extent of Ariston Global organizations

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Emphasis on making the great, better Key Operating Attributes: Invest in organizations exhibiting the capacity to work at EBITDA earn back the original investment or better with solid potential development Criterion incorporate; repeating income streams and long haul contracts with a different client base for items and administrations Product introduction has an unmistakable transformative way to people to come and worldwide applications Find chances to reinforce inner initiative and business sector situating Leverage abilities, stations and/or skills inside Ariston Global organizations

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Telesciences, Inc Acquired Telesciences in April, 2006 TeleSciences EventDynamics portfolio gives a completely coordinated arrangement that consistently gathers information from all system components, relates and circulates use and non-use information to effective, adaptable business systematic devices TeleSciences generally is a pioneer in unpredictable, high-volume intercession answers for the wireline and remote ventures Significant repeating incomes with assorted arrangement of local and universal suppliers

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Complex, Real-time Mediation This is the place Telesciences has customarily exceeded expectations

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10e Solutions Acquired 10e Solutions August, 2007 Business Integration Appliance Services … gives business investigation answers for correspondence administration suppliers through offer of unending licenses and arrangement of facilitated arrangements. Bright, straightforward, and lightweight logical devices permit suppliers to increase extraordinary understanding into utilization patterns, spillage and gainfulness Hybrid Data Storage … one of a kind engineering for information stockpiling and preparing conveys outstanding information volume handling, exponential adaptability, and intense expository business standard motors Key accomplices incorporate Neteeza and Teradata 10e Solutions is being coordinated into Telesciences. A re-marking activity will be finished amid the second quarter \'08

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Data Management connected to Business Analytics The blend of Telesciences and 10e Solutions makes an exceedingly versatile information total and business examination arrangement that opens a window to client utilization patterns, spilling income, and edge administration

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The Strata Group Acquired Strata Group December, 2006 The Strata gathering is a pioneer in endorser online self-look after customary and cutting edge correspondence. As the correspondences business keeps on developing, the C3C® item suite advances to bolster customary and cutting edge mind and provisioning administrations with one basic "look and feel" Product suite incorporates legacy Centrex, IP Centrex and computerization arrangements supporting Next Generation Network administration supplier effectiveness objectives and also forward looking end-client "nearness" applications Key station accomplice associations with Nortel, Cedar Point and Streamwide, a coordinated informing firm situated in France

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Representative Customer End-UI

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Interactive Enterprise Ariston Global procured Interactive Enterprise in December 2007 Interactive Enterprise is a main supplier of administration provisioning and administration answers for administrators – essentially in the link and satellite broadband segments. Their answers empower administrators to enact and deal with the conveyance of multi-play customary and IP administrations including information, voice, video and remote Based in Dublin, Ireland; Interactive has a nearness in Singapore and in addition EMEA and North America Key station accomplices incorporate Motorola and Comverse IE and Strata have corresponding items, clients and accomplices inside the link, wireline and satellite parts.

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Diverse, worldwide blue-chip client base with long haul connections

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M&A Focused on Sectors Revenue and Margin Management Revenue Assurance, Fraud, Rating & Pricing, Analytics Service Delivery, Management and Monitoring Service Activation, Assurance, Diagnostics, QoS and Customer Experience models Next Generation Network Applications – both stage needy and free

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M&A Activity and Dynamics No proof that aggressive weight exists in quest for OSS/BSS firms with under $15M in incomes Combination of authority with solid operational foundation consolidated with experienced private value group is differentiator New or re-submitted contestants into our answer division with resources of noteworthy scale … Oracle (obtained Portal, Metasolv) IBM (gained Micromuse, Vallent) HP re-focused on their administration supplier misrepresentation arrangement and a development of the product offering into the income affirmation space Convergys, the pioneer in charging for the link business, is effectively looking to extend their portfolio to incorporate income confirmation skills

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In synopsis … Unprecedented innovation, application and administrative changes are making the open door for industry changing occasions The biggest and most settled correspondences administration suppliers are being compelled to offer new administrations over an advancing and more proficient framework Traditional requirements that once constrained the extent of "who" gives interchanges administrations and arrangements are being killed Significant open door for Ariston Global to offer correspondence administration suppliers new instruments, administrations and answers for location these progressions

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