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Arranged Media. Individual media encounters at whatever time, anyplace. Aurelio Severino Marketing&Strategy, Ericsson Italy. Organized media One regular business sector for media and telecom commercial enterprises. Organized media. Versatile 3G systems. Computerized content. Telecom. Media. Settled broadband systems. Video.
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Organized Media Personal media encounters at whatever time, anyplace Aurelio Severino Marketing&Strategy, Ericsson Italy

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Networked media One regular business sector for media and telecom commercial ventures Networked media Mobile 3G systems Digital substance Telecom Media Fixed broadband systems Video Games Print Music TV Radio Personalization “Everything’s arranged. You need to converse with some individual or converse with another machine, you need to see music and computer games and substance and information and services” - Howard Stringer, CEO Sony

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An advanced client experience

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Networked media opportunity A quickly developing region A million downloads a month of SeeMe TV (3UK, propelled in Oct05) 57% of US young people make own substance for the net (Pew examination reported by Guardian) >210 million homes have BB association >2 billion portable clients More than 50M 3G empowered clients 1 million features sold in 20 days (I-Tunes, Apple, Nov05) >335 legitimate music download stores, up from 50 two years prior (IFPI:06 Digital Music Report) 1.82 billion paid-for WAP page impressions (amid Mar-05 in UK, MDA) 1 million feature streams in 10 days (Dec-05, BSkyB and Vfe UK) “There is an interest out there. How enormous? It\'s too early to say. In any case, it\'s for genuine, and it will be with us for a long time” - Bob Wright, director of NBC Universal

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Example: TV/SMS voting Example: ”inNw?” crusade Networked media advantages (QoS) Personal Interactivity Payments Niche intrigues Viral appropriation Networked media Feedback circle day in and day out “Certain costs borne in the physical world, for example, assembling, returns and pick-pack-boat are not pertinent for computerized items. For physical items, these expenses are in the scope of 15% to 18% of offers ” (EMI, yearly report 2005)

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High enthusiasm for new media administrations Music download is the #1 administration for the YEA bunch Music download administration Video telephony Multimedia/picture informing Browsing the web Positioning administration (like gps) Photo altering Share a photo while talking E-mail Music features/film trailers Walkie talkie anyplace TV in your cell telephone Game download administration Share a feature cut while talking Personal landing page Information redesigns YEA (Young Early Adopters) Instant item data Total 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% half 60% Source: Ericsson Consumer Lab Global 10 Survey 2005 (>13.000 respondents in ten nations)

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Recent organized media study UK-based expert gathering Analysys upheld us to assess the income capability of the arranged media market Global synopsis 2005 – 2011 degree Bottom-up and top-down anticipating and also meets

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120 100 80 billions) 60 Networked media market incomes (EUR 40 20 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Western Europe North America Developed Asia Rest of World Networked media opportunity Over EUR100 billion by 2011 Figure 3 : Networked Media market incomes by district, gauge 2005 - 2011 [Source: Analysys, 2006] “In 2005, the arranged media business sector was esteemed at just shy of EUR20 billion, however by 2011, general business sector size will develop to EUR107 billion ” “Included in these figures are availability, substitution, volume increment and extra incomes – identified with home and versatile screens ”

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“By 2011, aggregate organized media incomes will represent 11% of aggregate media market revenues” “We would likewise anticipate that this offer will keep expanding after 2011 taking into account current development rates.” “Note that the organized media business sector develops at a much speedier rate than customary media (35% versus 3.5%) amid the 5-year period” 1,000 900 800 700 600 Total business sector incomes (EUR billions) 500 400 300 200 100 0 2011 Traditional media Networked media 11% of all media incomes by 2011 Figure 4 : Traditional v Networked Media market incomes, estimate 2005 - 2011 [Source: Analysys, 2006] Average yearly development rate of 35% Average yearly development rate of 3,5% *Networked media incorporates IPTV, portable TV, versatile music, online music, versatile ringtones, versatile gaming, internet gaming, online feature, versatile radio, online radio, portable distributed data, online distributed data

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“Today, built up business sectors of organized music, gaming and distributed record for the greater part of arranged media revenues” “By 2011, organized TV and gaming will be the biggest income sources” “The fast IPTV and versatile TV development give organized TV the most elevated development rate (62% CAGR) of the six organized areas” 120 100 80 60 Total business sector incomes (EUR billions) 40 20 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Networked Television Networked Music Networked Gaming Networked Video Networked Radio Networked Print Multiple substance sorts Figure 7 : Networked media market development by sort, conjecture 2006 - 2011 [Source: Analysys, 2006]

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“There are various administrations where the term ‘media’ doesn’t straightforwardly apply, yet which could be considered as a component of the organized media business sector relying upon the definition” Potential for more arranged media administrations Imaging/photograph Etc. Betting Non-amusement

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“ Increased utilization of organized media will be the primary part of development (around 60% of arranged incomes by 2011)” “This is because of the certainty numerous arranged administrations will be creative in nature” “Additional administrations, for example, promoting, brought together informing, short-design feature and PVRs will contribute progressively to general arranged media revenues” 120 100 80 billions) 60 Networked media market incomes (EUR 40 20 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Connectivity incomes Substitution Volume increment Additional Main development from expanded use Figure 8 : Networked Media market incomes by source, estimate 2005 - 2011 [Source: Analysys, 2006]

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“They have no CRM or different structures set up and tried that would be important to our clients. The substance proprietors/makers would improve to leave this space to the operators” Skepticism amongst both media and telecoms associations Media organizations on Telcos on media organizations “(Well referred to MNO) consider themselves to be like a shopping center. Be that as it may it is difficult to perceive how administrators can truly cut themselves a corner in this business sector as they are not retailers and have next to zero experience or comprehension of retailing ” “The administrator has an individual association with the end-client. A supporter, and so on., by and large does not. They may feel they have one, as the substance proprietor, however they have little or for the most part no immediate involvement with customers ” “Content suppliers view administrators as funnel owners" “Operators control the association with the end-client yet we are constantly extremely included, particularly the brand police & the showcasing department” Source: Networked media venture interviews, Analysys Research, 2006

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Networked media difficulties Creating fruitful plans of action that give greatest advantages to both media and telecom commercial enterprises Understanding and fulfilling (particularly youthful) clients with exceptional and intelligent media sessions Fulfilling the guarantee of one experience where all gadgets with TV, PC and versatile consistently interwork Value chains Pricing models Managing advanced rights Maximizing inclusion Segmentation Maximizing uptake Solution joining Multi-administration taking care of Multi-configuration taking care of

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Device/customer method Content total Strategy? Arrangement? Customer & Enterprise Lab Reach? Complete arrangements Hosting Consulting Content administration? Rights clearing? Set up relations Mobility World Segmentation? Charging? An industry in its making Ericsson takes a dyn

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