Arranging A Fruitful High Enterprise Trek.

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Arranging A Successful High Adventure Trek Cooper Wright Venturing Crew 1519

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Why do Them? High enterprise treks are looked for by more seasoned youth They challenge and rouse both youth and grown-ups They develop better pioneers and assemble better units

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Trek Components Crew Logistics Paperwork

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Physical Ability & Emotional Maturity Match the experience to the gathering Set testing, yet reasonable objectives Set physical measures Conduct team preparing (squeezes) Pay specific consideration regarding grown-ups Physically/candidly not able group individuals will destroy the team\'s experience

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Certifications First Aid ARC Standard & CPR (least) Wilderness First Aid (WFA, SOLO) Leave No Trace Specialized preparing Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat Climb On Safely Trek Safely Youth Protection Training (obligatory for consultants)

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Crew Concept Crew size Can extend from 4-12 individuals; 5-8 is perfect May be directed by the boondocks administration territory\'s principles BSA\'s Adult Leadership Policy One counsel 21, second counselor no less than 18 Co-ed teams: At slightest one male and one female pioneer, 21 years of age or more established Three guides suggested

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Crew Concept, cont\'d The Crew Leader drives Organizes the team (may have Ass\'t and QM) Develops the obligation list Seeks accord from group, yet settles on choices The Crew Advisor exhorts With the team pioneer, builds up the preparation program for backwoods aptitudes and building group solidarity Should just stride in when there is a wellbeing or security issue Daily "one-on-one" with Crew Leader Build team solidarity by e.g., planning an unmistakable group shirt

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Shakedowns Develop group flow and solidarity, show aptitudes, and fabricate physical and enthusiastic stamina Train at home preceding squeezes, then practice what you have realized in the backwoods Build in span and trouble Insist on full interest right from the begin

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Equipment Use group/singular hardware agendas Work with your supplier – planes, gear, transports, times, dates, costs Check all apparatus, particularly individual rigging before constantly going out Learn to do with least; think multi-reason Teach safe operation of all team hardware Stoves, water refinement/pumps, bear packs

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Food Develop delectable, simple to get ready, high vitality dinners Good sustenance sustains great group confidence Teach legitimate nourishment taking care of, readiness and transfer Try out trek sustenances amid preparing to recognize likes/disdains, and decide sums required Use a point by point sustenance purchasing list

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Trail Guides and Maps Check with backwoods administration zone for most recent maps and aides Be certain to convey no less than two arrangements of maps Waterproof Put crisis/mishap structure on back Rotate team pilot (pivot day by day) Responsible for get ready Time Control Plan Briefs the whole team before hitting the trail Navigates for team with settles on choices with team input, direction from Advisor

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Trek Plan Written record that incorporates objectives of the trek transportation and course to the trail heads Time Control Plan for the trek required licenses team individuals including any exceptional capabilities emergency treatment and individual solution prerequisites particular preparing necessities individual and team hardware and sustenance crisis telephone numbers bailout arrangement

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Trek Plan, cont\'d Is more than a Tour Permit! Is imparted to every one of the guardians Is left with one answerable grown-up at home who is assigned as the Emergency Contact Person who is accessible to be called by the grown-up counsels while on the trek or guardians at home

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Transportation Plan Start early - plane tickets, van rentals, and so forth. Measures alternatives - time, cost, and so on against auto, van, plane and so forth. On the off chance that passing via auto Limited to close to 10 hours for each day of driving Recommend having two grown-ups per vehicle to drive Cars ought to be mechanically checked & safe

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Transportation Plan, cont\'d Consider for overnight hotel Military bases BSA Council camps Federal, state and neighborhood parks Youth inns Churches YMCAs Be certain to thank your hosts when you return home

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Trek Budget Developed by the counsels and imparted to the team\'s folks and panel Transportation Lodging Meals enroute and on the trail Training Use expenses Insurance Equipment buy or rental Side outings and visits Crew shirts Contingency

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Permits National (or nearby) BSA visit license required Backcountry grants required for most land administration zones Define size of gathering, outdoors areas, sustenance stockpiling strategies, crisis POCs Requires early coordination with boondocks administration organizations

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Medicals High experience exercises require Class III physicals finished inside 12 months going before the movement Advisors must know about every current precondition and medicines for all group individuals

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Consent Forms & Insurance Develop an assent shape particularly intended to cover the action Include a term, areas, and expected exercises Have authorization or not to control OTC medications Carry duplicates of all medicals, protection structures, and assent frames with you at all times (preparing & trek)

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Other Things to Consider Activity preparation/open house Parents and group gatherings An early guardians\' meeting gets "everybody in agreement" Fund raising exercises Communications (pamphlet, email, and so forth.) Social exercises Crew photography Crew log

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Resources National BSA Website Passport to High Adventure – Discover Adventure Directory of Council Operated High Adventure Bases – Leave No Trace - Teaching Leave No Trace –

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Resources US Scouting Service Project High Adventure – High Adventure joins – E-mail Discussion Lists (Canoe, Philmont, Seabase, Treks)– Guide to Safe Scouting –

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Resources Philmont Advisor\'s Guide Council High Adventure Training Advisors of Units That Do Treks Regularly

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