Arranging and Planning Powerful Sites:.

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Arranging and Outlining Successful Sites. IS 591 Electronic Trade. Chapter by chapter guide. Subject 1 Prologue to the Web Presentations Point 2 Site Outline. Prologue to Internet Presentations. Arranging and Planning Compelling Sites. The Internet.
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Arranging and Designing Effective Web Sites IS 591 Electronic Commerce

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Table of Contents Topic 1 Introduction to the Web Presentations Topic 2 Web Site Design

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Introduction to World Wide Web Presentations Planning and Designing Effective Web Sites

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The World Wide Web A structure of records associated electronically over the web Composed of Web Documents or Web Pages Web Sites or Presentations are connected arrangements of Web Pages Web Browsers are utilized to view Web Pages

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Web Pages Consist of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) Code, Graphic Objects, and Embedded Programs and Scripts Web Browsers decipher HTML code and reason the Web Page to be shown in a specific organization Pages are connected together utilizing Hyperlinks

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Uniform Resource Locators (URL) Protocol Domain Name File Path Translates to an IP Address (ex: )

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Web Infrastructure Web Servers Server Computers Server Software Intranets/Extranets Local and Wide-range systems

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Web Presentation Design Criteria Effectiveness obliges that the presentation be finished, sensibly sorted out, and exact Affectiveness obliges that the presentation catch consideration by being intriguing, animating, and agreeable Navigational Efficiency the straightforwardness with which clients can find data

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Evolution of Web Presentations High Paper Replacement Text and Graphics Multimedia Intersite Links Interactivity Effect “Flashy” Text Rewrite Low Affect High

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Users Defined Targeted Surfers Users Surfers Population

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Levels of Understanding One-Way Intelligence Mutual Understanding High Presenter Understands Users Low Relationship may be with unintended group of onlookers No Effective Communication Low High User Understands Presentation

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Roles of Web Creators Information Stewards Presenters Users Designers

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Web Site Design Planning and Designing Effective Web Sites

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Information Domain The totality of data gathered amid the Research and Idea Generation stage. Otherwise called Presentation Content

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Information Objects Any completely characterized unit of data that communicates a solitary complete thought as saw by the viewer. Otherwise called “chunks” , every data item brings about a Web page component. Data articles are fundamentally unrelated and all in all thorough .

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Information Structure Diagrams Program Description (A, 1) Information Technology Minor (I, 1) Course List (A, 4) Course Requirements (A, 1) Volatility Legend: I = Infrequently A = Annually

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Design Considerations 40% to 60% of a Web page ought to be white space Average surfer sees a page for under seven seconds Web configuration is regularly best done by groups

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Text Analysis Start with Information Objects Review content connected with the object’s source (record, structure, and so forth.) Discard immaterial content

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Writing Goals Complete or Comprehensive Accurate or Accuracy Labeled Easy to Read Clear Useful To At Least One Defined Audience Concise

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Text Composition Elements Layout Placement of content on a Web page Typography Typeface Type style Type Size Color hyperlinks, decipherability, inclination, tone

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Text Arrangement Proximity places comparative or related things close to one another Alignment position in respect to edges Contrast used to build up point of convergence Repetition rehashed predictable utilization of outline components

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Text Grouping By area Alphabetic By time By amount

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Page Formatting Methods of screen presentation and the division of space on a page Menus Image maps Frames

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Hyperlinks Intrapage Hyperlinks Move inside of a page (at same URL) Intrasite Hyperlinks Move between data objects at same site Intersite (Free) Hyperlinks Move client to other web presentations

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Criteria For Intersite Links Information on the website is finished and exact Relationship attempts to your site’s upper hand Tone of webpage is good with yours Site speaks to your normal gathering of people Site bolster your page or webpage objectives

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Linkage Evaluation Ratio of Possible to Actual Links ought to be in 40% to 60% Range Seven or Less Hyperlinks Per Page (excluding intrapage joins) One Intrapage Hyperlink Per 10-20 Lines of Text Use Intrasite joins if your pages have 150 Lines or more

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Multimedia Text, Graphics, Sound, Animation, Video, or other media items consolidated into a solitary item or presentation

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Multimedia Analysis Guidelines Determine the motivation behind improvements Description , Decoration, Exploration, Demonstration Determine the organization of upgrades Graphics , Animation , Sound, Video, and so on. Match reason and configuration to make choice of sight and sound structure

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Multimedia Composition Selecting or creating interactive media objects for the Web presentation Integrating items into Web pages Evaluating the aggregate impact affectiveness viability navigational proficiency .:tslides

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