Ascent of Islam.

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Ascent of Islam Today Created after Christianity 1/5 of the world populace are Muslims Millions go to the blessed city of Mecca to beg Arabic is a standout amongst the most broadly talked dialects on the planet TODAY Most Muslims today are Sunni (90%)
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Ascent of Islam

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Islam Today Developed after Christianity 1/5 of the world populace are Muslims Millions go to the heavenly city of Mecca to supplicate Arabic is a standout amongst the most generally talked dialects on the planet

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TODAY Most Muslims today are Sunni (90%) Most Shiites live in Iran, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen Most Shiites have part into distinctive gatherings

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Way of Life No pork No liquor Friday evening love No religious power Worship Allah

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Emerged from Arabian Peninsula Desert territories, cultivating just great on the desert garden (prolific regions watered by characteristic well or spring) One desert garden town – Mecca Good commercial center Good exchanging courses

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Muhammad Born in Mecca ( an exchanging city ) around 570 About 40 years of age went to ponder Heard the blessed messenger\'s voice Gabriel, ambassador of God calling to him Wife urged Muhammad to acknowledge the “call” Birth of Islam significance “submission” “Allah” means god

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Turning Point At first a couple individuals listened to Muhammad Some dreaded teachings disturbed exchanging the city Threaten to be killed Muhammad went on a hijra (venture)

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Text Quran States that individuals are in charge they could call their own behavior Everyone will remain before God on judgment day Rules on the best way to live

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5 Pillars 1. Assertion of Faith – “no god yet God” MONOTHESTIC 2. Every day Prayer – Face Mecca, 5x 3. Provide for Charity – Education or Social Services 4. Quick – Sunrise to Sunset amid Ramadan 5. Hajj – Journey to Mecca

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Islam and Women Made more equivalent to a man Education Marriage and right to property Daughters shielded from death

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Spread of Islam Remember the Battle of Tours 732 Martel halted development into Western Europe Weakened Byzantine Empire; Islam spread rapidly along Middle East and North Africa Conquering grounds Non Muslims burdened yet permitted to practice own religions Many changed over because of basic message

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Remember the Crusades Muslims drove by Saladin Fighting over the heavenly land Jerusalem As domains spread divisions happened

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Sunni Wanted to pick their pioneer Felt they ought to take after Muhammad’s illustration Believe that the Shiite pulverized the importance of the Quran Shiite Felt their pioneer ought to be immediate decedents from Muhammad Do not perceive power of the Sunni Claimed the Sunni wrecked the significance of the Quran Grew to appreciate affliction as a show of their confidence Divisions inside Islam

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Sunni Later a piece of Ottoman Empire Eastern Europe to Middle East to North Africa Shiite Later a piece of the Safavid Empire Iran Territory New Military Technology Created New Empires

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Both Belief in one genuine God Quran Hajj to Mecca

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Muslim Society Social Mobility – ready to move in social classes Not accessible amid feudalism Muslims not slaves, changed over youngsters free TRADING Africa, China, India, Egypt, Europe, Russia “luxury goods” Use of Checks

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Golden Age of Muslim Culture 830 “House of Wisdom” set up in Baghdad – most noteworthy focus of Muslim learning

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Art & Literature No religious craftsmanship (no symbols) Architects adjusted vaults and curves from Byzantine Large mosque (Muslim spot of love) Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

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Translated all works into Arabic Put all information to the test of reason Except Quran Aristotle

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Muslims and Medicine Test before could practice Built healing facilities Advances Cataracts Tasteful syrups in Rx PDR

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Muslims on the Move Enter Europe through Sicily and Spain Crusades India

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Hindus in India Defeated Hindu armed forces Sultan (Muslim ruler) made Delhi his capital Many lower position individuals changed over to Islam? No bondage Move upward in social framework Prevented their passing

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Caste System

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- REVIEW-Hindu Evolved over a large number of years polytheistic Icons Many consecrated writings (Vedas) Muslim “newer religion” monotheistic NO symbols One holy content (Quran) Rejected Caste framework Differences

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Muslims domain toward the north Hindu toward the south

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Built by the Muslim ruler Shah Jahan as a grave to his wife. Kicked the bucket in the wake of bringing forth their 14 th tyke Took 22 years to fabricate White marble changes shading as light reflects off of it from the sun and moon

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With Muslim development and new domains picked up, countries in t

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