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ASFMS. 2008 Accomplishments Walking the Talk Together. One of the Largest Middle School in the State of RI. 1,300+ Students 6 th – 8 th ! “High Performing” Too!!!. Teacher Evaluations:.
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ASFMS 2008 Accomplishments Walking the Talk Together

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One of the Largest Middle School in the State of RI 1,300+ Students 6 th – 8 th ! "High Performing" Too!!!

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Teacher Evaluations: Never mind that our little managerial staff assessed such a vast staff, an achievement in itself, however… Teacher execution was adjusted to the Goals of the School Improvement Team! Approach to go EVERYONE!!!

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The Bus Duty Squad Survived! Because of… Kim Sturdahl, Keri Potvin, Kevin Seekell,Tim Vesey, Rekha Sara, Diane Kowal, Rachel Houlihan, Cate Wallace, Judy Coutu, and Janet Bliss all ASFMS understudies have arrived and left school securely, some with breakfast in their tummies and wounds on their appearances and knees.

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6 th Grade Joined Us!!! Our school is a greatly improved place with you here!

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Cohesive extensive Literacy Block Keep up the Reading!!!

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Accomplishments of the Literacy Action Team Mary Lou Bettez, Sandy Clunan, Cynthia Ballard, Tao Albrecht, Bob Jordan, Susan Murphy, Shawn Henderson, and Tracey Whitehead

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Jackie Ricci Augusto Gomes Kevin Seekell Tim Vesey Stacey Sousa Keri Potvin Paula Mercurio Kristine Pinto Liz Tattrie Anthony Ferro Kathy Tefft Tony Costa Constance Tundis Linda Grandchamp Patricia Lindley Wendy Bettez Nikki Pekrul Literacy Walks - Staff Participates

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Literacy Team Accomplishments Development of Literacy Action Plans 07-08 and 08-09 Writing of Professional Development Plans for 07-08 and 08-09 Participation in Literacy Walk Self-Study Process Collaboration in composing 4 Literacy Walk Reports Facilitation of expert advancement at personnel gatherings Organization/help of April 8 th PD Day

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Thank You We can\'t thank the workforce enough for their ability to open their classrooms and art to the Literacy Walk Process. Numerous instructors have ventured forward to take an interest in the work. They have independently and aggregately reflected upon best practice with expectations of helping ASFMS move from "Great TO GREAT".

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Paula Mercurio and Cynthia Ballard Thank you for opening your classrooms to be recorded for staff examination and evaluate.

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Personalization Action Team "Scholastic achievement and self-improvement increment especially when youthful young people\'s emotional needs are met." NMSA (2003)

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Personalization Accomplishments Development of Action Plans 07-08 and 08-09 Writing of Professional Development Plans 07-08 and 08-09 Alignment of potential objectives with ASFMS Mission Statement Creation of a review/needs evaluation Sharing of the information with staff

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Accomplishments (proceeded with) Facilitation of a personnel meeting Led staff in a card sort movement to decide objectives of counseling Analysis of staff input to decide need ranges Advocacy, Community, and Skills Creation of Plan for Summer Work Organization of Advisory Committee Committed to arranging PD day in Fall of 08

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Personalization Action Team Members Judy Almy-Coutu Jen Asay Charlie Blanchette Meg Bernardi Cheryl Fram Paula Mercurio Abby Paon Rekha Saran Tracey Whitehead

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Numeracy Action Team Kevin Seekell Roger Desaulniers Cara Banspach Jen Labrie Anthony Ferro Jessica Capaldi

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Numeracy Action Team Accomplishments Numeracy Action Plan Numeracy PD Plans Math aptitudes – amusements and exercises program

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Family Action Team Courtney Chauvette Gina Gateman Rebecca Horton Michael Almeida Ted Mitchell Tim Vesey Jackie Ricci

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Family Action Team Accomplishments Established ASFMS Family Engagement Policy Developed rundown of viable method for school-home correspondence RIPIN Professional Development Assessed far reaching Communication National PTA Schools of Excellence Criteria

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ULSS Accomplishments: RTI State Alignment Circles Program URI Collaboration

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ULSS Accomplishments Continued: Designed program to distinguish understudies with attentional and hierarchical issues (Fall Pilot Program) Teacher Assistant Professional Development Programs Collaboration with Family Enrichment Program. Expanded integrative word related and dialect benefits in independent classes

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Alternate Assessments Training and fulfillment Laurie Masterson, Kelly Kramer, Kim Vernava, and Kathy Mouradjian Yeah!

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Laurie Masterson… require we say more? Yet, in the event that you have to know: An understudy who couldn\'t stroll in primary school now can do as such with the guide of a walker! Another understudy who couldn\'t read can now do as such… perusing at least 200 words without blunder!

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Kelly Kramer Is still alive and endured the year!!!

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Gina Gateman-ULSS Coordinator For going up against the universe of legal counselors, supporters, and increasingly and dominating the competition… approach to go Gina!

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UDL Study Participants Cara Banspach and Jen Kilduff Annie Printer and Sue Smith Jackie Ricci and Emily Muzzy UDL procedures ensure ALL understudies get to and chance to thorough direction.

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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Study Teams of instructors from ASFMS were selected to take an interest in a statewide study supported by RIC and RIDE.

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Accomplishments of UDL Teams Participation in expert improvement and preparing in January 2008 Collaboration to outline units of study, lessons, and undertakings around UDL standards Videotaped lessons (Cara and Jen)

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Feinstein After School Academy 6 Week Programs Fall 07 Spring 08 100 understudies in each

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Connections Program With a staff of 12 volunteers from the senior class of CHS, the school social laborer, school analyst, and assistant led the program including 8 ASFMS understudies in gathering guiding and group building exercises out of Project Adventure

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N.Y.P.U.M Positive Reinforcement at Work! Much obliged to you Mr. Ferro, Dr. Turchetta, & Jen Cole

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Peer Mediation Students helping different associates resolve debate. Program Coordinators: Meg Bernardi, Shawn Henderson, and Sue Davis

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S.T.E.P. Child rearing preparing Career classes for understudies Study abilities for understudies Nice occupation Sue Davis, Dr. Lou, Felix Sarubbi, Nikki Pekrul, Abby Paon, Trish Dorchies, Kim Vernava, and that\'s just the beginning…

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GYMhappy Program A coalition of bolster staff, independent, asset, asset, and team teachers made GYMhappy: eighth grade understudy show/guides with independent, serious asset, and different understudies from evaluations 6 and 7. Exercises included ball, football, soccer, kickball, and dodgeball. Much obliged to YOU FELIX!

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Baseball CONGRATULATIONS! Division Champions Three Years in a Row!!! On account of Coach Howman!

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Wrestling Team CONGRATULATIONS! Division Champions State Runner-up Nice employment Tim!

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Boys\' Basketball Team CONGRATULATIONS! Division Champions Final Four Way to go Dennis!

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School Newspaper Linda Middleton and the Panther Team distributed, The Panther Print.

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Students Against Vandalism Everywhere (S.A.V.E.) Mr. Blanchette - Advisor of the Year SAVE - Website of the Year ASFMS SAVE Program - Middle School of the Year (by Youth Crime Watch of America)

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SAVE Group Goes to Miami

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SAVE Cleans Up ASFMS Pride of Place: SAVE is planting a garden in the front of our school.

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NJHS A huge measure of work sorting out the acknowledgment respect move accomplishment and citizenship. Cate Wallace and Kathy Tefft

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The Robotics Club Wins Awards First Lego League: first Place, Creative Presentation Award TSA: third place in Web Page Design, third place in the Robotics Competition Robotics Park: Most Likely to be licensed honor, Innovative Design Award

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ASFMS Yearbook Thank You: Maria Boulmetis

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Student Council Advisors A superb occupation advancing understudy government, school soul, and group benefit. Jen Pietros, Kim Vernava, Anne Marie Printer, and Brian Skalski

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Portfolio Breakfasts & Student Led Conferences Family engagement expanded for the current year!

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Mustang Team\'s Recycling Program Making our school green!

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Mustang Team Charity The Mustangs raised $750 for the families and offspring of RI And.. $2,085 to the Fogarty Fund!

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Penny Wars for Adopt-a-Family The Evolution and Velocity Team raised several dollars for Adopt-a-Family philanthropy.

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Faculty Donates to Making Strides As a workforce we raised around $4,000 for the Making Strides In Breast Cancer Walk . This is the fifth year Mrs. Norris-Karten has assumed responsibility of this pledge drive, every year raising more than the earlier year.

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Student Council Raised Money Make-a-Wish Special Olympics Pennies for Leukemia Organized a Food Drive

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Family Fundraisers Evolution Team @ Charlie\'s Panthers Team @ Applebee\'s Blizzard Team @ Applebee\'s Fusion Team @ Pizzeria Uno

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The Ben Karten Scholarship Our Faculty Donated $1,900 to the Ben Karten Scholarship Fund! – Thanks from VNK (We\'ll miss you, Vicki!)

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Cate Wallace got ENGAGED!!! The Wedding Bells will Ring in February!

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New Moms and Dads Rachel Houlihan Jen Lawrence Jen Graham Lolita Alves Maria Dunphy Justin Howman

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Tying the Knot Rebecca Horton and Shawn Henderson are getting hitched this Summer!!!

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Kim Sturdahl ABOVE AND BEYOND! End of conversation

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Principal Coffee Hour Dr. Almeida had espresso with numerous guardians and individuals in the group, giving visits, and strolling the discussion with them!

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New School Website!

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School Website/Pages Webmaster-Ted Mitchell Great employment groups, offices, and individual instructors! A debt of gratitude is in order for keeping the school group educated.

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FMS and You Listserve Thank You M

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