Asian Youth Gathering.

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Asian Youth Gathering For The individuals who will reach Narita Airplane terminal on 28 th . The most effective method to Get to National Olympics Remembrance Youth Center (NYC) From NRT Air terminal For Your Awesome Enterprise Welcome to Tokyo!
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Asian Youth Forum For Those who will reach Narita Airport on 28 th . Step by step instructions to Get to National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (NYC) From NRT Airport For Your Wonderful Adventure

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Welcome to Tokyo! Tokyo Team truly respects all the AYF members to our energizing city, Tokyo! The city of Tokyo has the perplexing train and tram transportation frameworks. Albeit entire the framework looks tad bit hard, with this super direction book for your experience, you would appreciate the little adventure from NRT Airport to National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (NYC) with train/transport. In the event that you would feel agonized over getting on the right prepares to the city\'s heart yourself, don’t stress!, our individuals will get and take you to NYC from NRT Airport or at Shinjuku Station (by transport). For those going ahead the morning flights, our last holding up time is 12:00p.m, and for those of the evening flights, the last meeting time is 15:00p.m. *For case: on the off chance that you land at NRT at 10:00a.m., you will need to sit tight for different individuals and leave NRT for NYC at 12:00p.m. with our individuals. On the off chance that you touch base at NRT entirely sooner than 12:00p.m./15:00p.m . furthermore, would prefer not to hold up, or if your flight is after 15:00p.m ., please take either Airport Limousine yourself.

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IMPORTANT! If it\'s not too much trouble send to for the accompanying\'s answers questions; For Those who will land at NRT before 15:00p.m. 1) Are you going to sit tight for everyone getting together until 12:00a.m./15:00p.m., or going to NYC yourself by transport? 2) When is your entry time at Narita Airport? For the individuals who will touch base at NRT after 15:00p.m. We are sad yet you have to come to NYC yourself. It would be ideal if you take the airplane terminal limousine transport. We will go to get you at Shinjuku transport stop. 1) When is your landing time at NRT? ここは事前に 28 日に成田着方にメールで聞いたほうが良いと思います。

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Transportation Fees 1. Keisei Line (Train: Two Transfers)→ Hardest however Cheapest \ 1000 (NRT to Nippori Sta.) + \ 190 (Nippori Sta. to Shinjuku Sta. + \ 120 (Odakyu Line Shinjuku to Sangubashi) Total: \1310 This is the wayTokyo individuals will take you to NYC 2. Air terminal Limousine (Bus: One Transfer)→Easiest! \3000 (NRT to Shinjuku) +\ 120 (Odakyu Line Shinjuku to Sangubashi) Total \ 3120 This is the way you will take to NYC yourself

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Overview (Approximately 2hours travel) 1. Keisei Line: Tokyo individuals will bring this line to get down to NYC. Keisei Line Narita Airport Sta. →Nippori Sta. → exchange to JR Yamanote Line Nippori Sta.→ Shinjuku Sta. → exchange to Odakyu Line Shinjuku Sta. → Sangubashi Sta. 2.Airport Limousine (Bus): For the individuals who need to go to NYC yourself Narita Airport → Shinjuku Bus terminal →Odakyu Line Shinjuku Sta. →Sangubashi Sta.

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Airport Limousine In the landing Gate of NRT Airport, please go to Limousine Bus principle counter and purchase a ticket to Shinjuku Station. 2. Take after the Airport\'s guideline Limousine and go to the transport stop (either 11 or 2). 3. Handle in your sacks and get on the transport. 4. Get off the transport at Shinjuku Station Bus Stop. 5. Stroll to Shinjuku Station West Gate or South Gate and discover Odakyu Line. 6. Take Odakyu Line Local Train to Sangubashi Sta .

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NRT Airport Terminal 1: Where to purchase the Limousine Ticket

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NRT Airport Terminal2: Where to Buy the Limousine Ticket

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Useful Item: To Buy the Ticket すみません、新宿駅行きのリムジンバスチケットをください。 Sumimasen, Shinjuku eki yuki no limujinbasu tiketto wo kudasai. Pardon me, would I be able to purchase the Limousine transport ticket to Shinjuku Station?

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Shinjuku Station Bus Stop: Where you get off

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Useful Item: Asking where the Key Station is. すみません。小田急線はどこですか。 ( Excuse me, where is Odakyu Line?) “Sumimasen, Odakyuu sen wa doko desuka?” When you are lost, please call xxx-xxx-xxxx. ( 仮)

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How to Buy a Ticket 1. Select Fare For administration in English Press the "English" catch 2. Press the catch for \120 3. Supplement money into the machine. 4. The machine will issue a ticket (and change, if material). Take the ticket (and change) when it rises up out of the machine. This finishes the exchange.

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Useful Item: Asking for Help to get the ticket 小田急線参宮橋駅までいきたいのですが、 120 円分の切符の買い方を教えてください。 Odakyu sen Sangubashi eki made ikitainodesuga, 120yen bun no kippu no kaikata wo oshiete kudasai. Pardon me, I need to go to Odakyu Line Sangubashi Station, please demonstrate to me generally accepted methods to get 120yen train ticket.

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5. Getting into the Station Insert the ticket to the entryway machine and get into the train station. Keep in mind to take the ticket once more from the machine. Imperative!!! 6. Setting off to the Platform Please locate the indication of LOCAL TRAIN (beneath) and the go to the stage for the neighborhood train.

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7. Boarding the Train Wait for the train behind the yellow line. In the event that stage boarding pointers are given, line up at the suitable marker. At the point when the train arrives, let landing travelers off first and take your swing to board. 8. Rules on board the Train No smoking is allowed. Set your cell telephone to quiet mode, and avoid chatting on you\'re versatile while on the train. Need seats are for elderly, crippled or pregnant travelers. If you don\'t mind surrender your seat when there is a traveler in need.

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9. Getting off the train at Sangubashi Sta . Get off the train at Sangubashi sta.( 参宮橋駅) Insert th

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