Assembling of Development Hardware and Apparatus.

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Development apparatus is fundamental for quickening advancement ... The Project's goal is to deliver Construction hardware and apparatus mainly ...
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Assembling of Construction Equipment & Machinery Introduction Need Assessment Proposed Project Financial Evaluation Series 1 | Version 1

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Construction Equipment & Machinery Introduction Long history of uncertainty and disappointment Initiated in mid 1960s Transferred to PIDC in mid 1960s Transferred to HMC in mid 1980s No activity to-date All development hardware is still transported in Series 1 | Version 1Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

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Construction Equipment & Machinery Need Assessment Construction apparatus is basic for quickening advancement The present populace of crawler bulldozers in Pakistan is assessed at around 3000 Pakistan is importing around 100 machines for every year on the normal at an aggregate outside trade use of roughly Rs. 300 million Import figures don\'t reflect real request which is in actuality smothered Since substantial measure of open cash has as of now been either ear-checked or dispensed for contruction movement, the requirement for development gear and hardware is bound to just expand Series 1 | Version 1Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

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Construction Equipment & Machinery Proposed Project The goal of the Project is to create Construction hardware and apparatus locally The undertaking is proposed to be situated at Taxila, Lahore or Karachi Initially a gathering plant might be set up and parts acquired from neighborhood merchants, for example, HMC, DESCON, Karachi Shipyard and so on Initially the unit may deliver just 75HP and 150HP bulldozers, loaders, excavators, and so on might be included. Arrangement 1 | Version 1Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

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Construction Equipment & Machinery Financial Evaluation Investment - Rs. 500 million including the expense of exchange of innovation, permitting charges and so on of the OEM IRR - 18% Series 1 | Version 1Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

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