Assessing Periodicals.

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Articles are composed by subject pros and specialists in a particular field ... Articles are composed by columnists, independent scholars, or a publication staff ...
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Assessing Periodicals

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Source of an Article When utilizing articles for examination, the wellspring of the article helps you recognize its propriety for the kind of exploration you are doing Source = the periodical (diary, magazine , or daily paper) in which the article is distributed

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3 Types of Periodicals Research or insightful diaries (additionally called scholastic, peer-audited or refereed) Professional or exchange productions Magazines or famous periodicals

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Scholarly Journal Characteristics Informs and investigates research (generally unique) done by researchers and specialists in a particular control/field of study Articles are composed by subject masters and specialists in a particular field Intended for a restricted gathering of people—scientists, researchers, and specialists in a particular field Often incorporates a writing survey Articles are regularly protracted (10+ pages); may have graphs and/or outlines Includes list of sources or references Example: Academy of Management Journal Sample Article

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Trade or Professional Publication Characteristics Reports on industry patterns and new items or procedures valuable to individuals in an exchange or business Articles are composed by authorities in a specific field or industry Intended for experts in a specific calling, business, or industry Presents an assortment of data: expert news, patterns, employments, and so forth. Abridges examination and how to apply it May likewise incorporate into profundity research, lists of sources, and so on. Case: Harvard Business Review Sample Article

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Magazines or Popular Periodicals Entertains and illuminates a general gathering of people without giving top to bottom investigation Articles are composed by columnists, independent scholars, or a publication staff Intended for a wide fragment of the populace, engaging non-masters May give an account of examination or give a diagram May recognize wellspring of data in article however as a rule does exclude a book index Example: BusinessWeek Sample Article

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Putting it Together Your task or venture decides the sources you ought to utilize These attributes will help you recognize which sources are most fitting for your task or venture

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