Assessment of the Execution of Paris Revelation Nation Level-Bangladesh M Musharraf Hossian Bhuiyan Secretary Monetary R.

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NRG in Bangladesh assumed the supervisory part and supported general ... For the benefit of Japan Government JICA subsidized the PD Evaluation in Bangladesh. ...
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Assessment of the Implementation of Paris Declaration Country Level-Bangladesh M Musharraf Hossian Bhuiyan Secretary Economic Relations Division (ERD) Ministry of Finance (MoF) Government of the People\'s Republic of Bangladesh (GoB)

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The National Reference Group - Who was in it? Did it function admirably? What were the tricky issues (assuming any)?

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Finance and Contracting Who financed? Who contracted? For the benefit of Japan Government JICA subsidized the PD Evaluation in Bangladesh. Accomplice nation strategy (Public Procurement Regulations) was taken after to lead the assessment. A nearby counseling firm, "Normal Resources Planner (NRP)", was locked in to set up the Report. PRS-HAP Cell, ERD, on sake GoB, nearly observed and composed the entire procedure of PD Evaluation in close cooperation with DPs in the Working Group.

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Finance and Contracting: Contd. Qualities of the procedure Partner nation\'s acquirement framework was taken after great exhibit of adjusting to nation technique Low cost (Budget: US$ 200,000, Expenditure: US$108,320) Establishing Government initiative and proprietorship through utilizing nation framework Capacity advancement of the Government authorities

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Finance and Contracting: Contd. Shortcomings of the procedure Time expending High turnover of the authorities of GoB and DPs deferred the procedure. No adaptability all the while: The accomplice nation framework requires suitable time at every phase to take after essential method to finish the procedure.

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Conduct of the assessment Strengths Procurement of counseling administrations according to nation framework . Utilizing nation acquirement framework guaranteed that the entire assessment procedure would be under the authority of the Government. GoB possession in the PD assessment procedure was fortified. Fortifying coordination amongst GoB and DPs through dynamic Working Group Working Group component functioned admirably to mutually execute the assessment exercise. It improved coordination amongst GoB and intrigued DPs. This Working Group system can be an extremely compelling instrument for other PD related issues.

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Strengths : Contd. Through the assessment exercise , i. e. interviews by experts and workshops, an expanding number of GoB and DP authorities are presently mindful of PD and its duties. Through the interview procedure , PD central purposes of both GoB Ministries/Departments and DPs are currently clearer about their own part . GoB has a rundown of central focuses which adds to other PD-related exercises/activities. It additionally evaluated the effect of the guide adequacy activities set against the five tomahawks of the PD and appraisal of impacts as far as exchange expense.

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Strengths: Contd. The assessment was overseen and composed mutually by the GoB and DPs which guaranteed shared obligation regarding the assessment and would encourage execution of the suggestions of the study. All partners , including GoB authorities, DPs and individuals from the Civil Society, were connected with the assessment procedure which reinforced responsibility for execution of the PD. Sharing of the preparatory discoveries of the assessment with different nations in a worldwide workshop in South Africa has improved the study and carried a consistency with the assessment system of other accomplice nations.

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Conduct of the assessment Weaknesses The assessment was set aside a few minutes when the PD was in its initial phase of usage and all things considered absence of mindfulness and comprehension of the issues identifying with the responsibilities of the PD by various partners postured imperatives to the assessment. The assessment group needed to confront a testing circumstance because of the above requirements furthermore the absence of introduction of the individuals from the assessment group to such sorts of assessment.

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Weaknesses: Contd. Obtainment of counseling administrations according to nation framework. It really brought on deferral in obtainment process, which makes everyone comprehend that arrangement to nation acquisition framework is in certainty difficult and basic, and much should be done to make it truly workable for both GoB and DPs.

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Utility of the assessment – for household use with accomplices in Bangladesh The assessment has sharpened both GOB and the DPs in Bangladesh on the PD duties and the requirement for executing them so as to enhance help viability. The assessment report has uncovered a portion of the genuine requirements of GOB, both systemic and limit related, for proficient use of help. The assessment additionally recognized the shortcomings and the bottlenecks of the DPs in executing the duties of the PD.

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Utility of the assessment: Contd. – for residential use with accomplices in Bangladesh   The assessment has conveyed to the surface the requirement for advancing possession for help viability and the attempts that are required with respect to both GOB and DPs to enhance proprietorship. The assessment report has made some vital suggestions for enhancing help adequacy. Both GOB and DPs have as of now began executing a portion of the proposals. The assessment report recommends smooth guide dispensing by the DPs and ideal usage of assets by the Govt. The assessment report recommends more guide conveyance in basic divisions like force, vitality, environmental change and so on

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Utility of the assessment: Contd. – for planning for the 3 rd HLF in Accra The assessment report has been widely utilized by the GoB as a part of its readiness for the third HLF in Accra and has helped the Bangladesh group to raise a portion of the essential issues * in the discussion that should be tended to critically by both DPs and accomplice nations to enhance help viability. ( * Donor conditionalities, Joint diagnostic work, Joint mission, Reduction in parallel PIUs were the issues examined in 3 rd HLF. These were likewise reflected in the Accra Agenda for Action (AAA).

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