Associations as Legislative issues.

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Associations as Legislative issues. Two Meanings of Governmental issues. 1) Associations as Government 2) Associations as Political Movement. Associations as Govt. 1) Legislative issues as Government: Despotism Organization Technocracy Codetermination Agent Majority rule government Direct Popular government.
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Associations as Politics

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Two Definitions of Politics 1) Organizations as Government 2) Organizations as Political Activity

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Organizations as Govt. 1) Politics as Government: Autocracy Bureaucracy Technocracy Codetermination Representative Democracy Direct Democracy

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Politics as Government 1) Historically, what has prompted the conviction that U.S. associations ought not be managed by direct democacy or speak to. Popular government or co-determination.

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Organizations as Political Activity 1) Interests 2) Conflict 3) Power

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Interest Task Career Extra-painting

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Conflict will ALWAYS exist. Strife can be close to home, authoritative, status-related. Strife is deciphered by the spectator\'s status Types of contention will relate to a society’s qualities, objectives and standards.

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Power is utilized to determine struggle. Sorts of Power -

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Formal power Control of Scarce assets Use of Org. Standards, structure and reg. Control of Decision procedures Control of learning and data Control of Boundaries Ability to adapt to instability Control of Technology Interpersonal organizations together and systems Control of Counter-organizations. Imagery and administration of significance Gender/Race/Sexuality/Ability/Age Structural variables Power one as of now has. Sorts of Power

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Strengths and Weaknesses Recognizes that contention exists. Maybe makes us see strife in spots it doesn\'t genuinely exist….

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What Concepts Should be Used When Applying This Metaphor?

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