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Henry Ford Early College is a key partnership borne of a workforce need and to meet a ... Monday Thursday at Henry Ford Community College Dearborn Heights ...
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Associations THAT WORK! Henry Ford Community College Dearborn, Michigan Dr. William Barber, VP of Academic Affairs for Career & Technical Programs Katherine Howe, Dean of Nursing Ronald Bodurka, Dean of Health Careers

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Partnerships That Work! Quickened Nursing Program Henry Ford Community College Henry Ford Health System Henry Ford Early College Henry Ford Community College Henry Ford Health System Dearborn Public Schools

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Partnerships That Work! Keys to Success: Success of system over parochial interests of organizations Shared Vision Communication Deal with issues, both of all shapes and sizes Sensitivity to every establishments society

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Accelerated Nursing Program Blending of Two Cultures

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HFCC/HFHS Accelerated Nursing Curriculum Response to deficiency of medical attendants Accelerated educational programs Unique open door for clinic representatives Maintain advantages and go to class All costs with payback necessity AAS degree program at their healing facility

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College Issues BON Approval Requirements NLNAC Accreditation Requirements Required Faculty Credentials Union Contract Issues School Policies Management of Papers College Intranet Access

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Hospital Issues Security/Parking Access Issues Room Management Issues Dress Code Issues Employee Job Descriptions Payment Issues-Detroit Taxes Employee Work Hours/Benefits Employee Re-Payment Issues

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Logistical Issues ? ? ? Keeping Student Issues Separate Housing of Student Files Office/Lab Staff Availability Student Access to Support Services Attrition Issues Faculty Mileage Issue Ownership of Supplies/Equipment

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Keys To Success Overall Commitment to Program Success Consistent Scheduling Clear Delineation of Responsibilities Know Boundaries-Student or Employee Communication Is Vital

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How Successful? Roughly 150 graduates more than three years First two accomplices financed by an award Third associate self-supported by doctor\'s facility Current benchmark program in state

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Henry Ford Early College

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Partnerships that Work A substantial restorative framework with numerous healing centers and outpatient centers. Experiencing issues enlisting a quality specialized staff New doctor\'s facility being proposed

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Partnerships that Work The restorative focus is situated in a urban focus The region has been in financial decrease for various years High unemployment rates Public educational system graduating just 25 to 37% of their understudies

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Partnerships that Work Challenges Where will the clinical workforce for what\'s to come be found? Is there an approach to set up the understudies from encompassing groups for these occupations?

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Partnerships that Work Henry Ford Early College is a vital collusion borne of a workforce require and to meet a social worries by numerous gatherings.

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Henry Ford Early College Five year program Receive High School Diploma: Granted by Dearborn Public Schools Receive Associate Degree, Certificate, or significant advancement toward accomplishment thereof: Granted by HFCC Employment opportunity at Henry Ford Hospital upon graduation

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Benefits Small school learning environment Mentors for each understudy College courses begin in 10 th grade Power of site – grown-up learning environment powers rate of development

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Enrollment Started with 50 understudies in first year Build to 300-400 understudies

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Curriculum Development Primary center fixated on State secondary school graduation prerequisites College graduation criteria Health vocation affirmation/licensure arrangement Curriculum arranges accessible for ten wellbeing programs

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Student Time Monday – Thursday at Henry Ford Community College – Dearborn Heights Campus Science research centers at HFHS Fridays at Henry Ford Health System

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Respiratory Therapist Educational Plan

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Respiratory Therapist Physical Therapist Assistant Pharmacy Technician Surgical Technologist Radiographer Medical Practice Clinical Management Medical Practice/Facility Business Management Ophthalmic Tech Biotechnology Henry Ford Early College Career Options

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Student Profile Earn A\'s, B\'s or C\'s Have had few, if any disciplinary issues in school Have an enthusiasm for a wellbeing related profession will underscore scholastics over extracurricular exercises found in the customary secondary school

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Student Demographics Currently 116 understudies selected 45% from Dearborn Public Schools 55% from 13 other Wayne County School Systems 70% female; 30% male Ethnically and racially assorted

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Henry Ford Early College National Middle College Consortium participation Gates Foundation award subsidizing

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The Middle College-Early College Model Community joint efforts between school locale and universities, guardian and business agents. Make school achievable, decrease reiteration in the educational programs, yield composed understudy benefits and dispense with the requirement for remediation.

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National Middle College Consortium Conditions for Funding College Locations — situated on school grounds.

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National Middle College Consortium Conditions for Funding Small Enrollments — little understudy enlistments of close to 100 understudies for every evaluation, starting evaluation 9

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National Middle College Consortium Conditions for Funding A Five Year Academic Plan — scholarly arrangement that offers a blend of secondary school and school classes that comes full circle in an Associates Degree or up to 60 transferable school credits.

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First Year 2007 – 08

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22586 Ann Arbor Trail Dearborn Heights, MI 48127 Paul Smith, Principal (313) 317-1588 One Ford Place, Suite 5F Detroit, MI 48202 Contact: Marva Brooks (313) 874-5447 5101 Evergreen Rd Dearborn, MI 48128 Contact: Cyndi Sheuer (313) 317-6575 18700 Audette Dearborn, MI 48124 Contact: Paul Smith (313) 317-1588

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