A.S.T Degree Partner of Science in Educating.

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Rudimentary Education Majors Transferring to a TBR School. Rudimentary Education Degree ... General Education List. Sophomore Literature. Extra Humanities ...
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A.S.T Degree Associate of Science in Teaching

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Who ought to look for this degree? Basic Education Majors Transferring to a TBR School

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Elementary Education Degree Licensed to Teach Grades K-6

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TBR Schools Tennessee Technological University Cookeville 2+2 Program at RSCC Roane County Campus Oak Ridge Campus Cumberland County Campus

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TBR Schools Austin Peay State University (Clarksville) East Tennessee State University (Johnson City) Middle Tennessee State University (Murfreesboro) Tennessee State University (Nashville) The University of (Memphis)

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What classes are required? See Handout

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Notice the or on the present ART 1030 or MUS 1030 ASTR 1010 or GEOL 1040 or GEOL 1050 POL 101 or SOC 201 BIOL 1110 or BIOL 1120

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General Education List Sophomore Literature Additional Humanities Elective

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Additional Requirements Grade Point Average 2.75 Successful Completion of Praxis I or ACT Score of 22 or higher Satisfaction rating on a list of reasonableness for the showing calling (Disposition Assessment)

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Disposition Assessment Completed by: 1. Professional (K-12 instructor, foremost, advisor) 2. RSCC Faculty Member (other than training personnel) 3. Training Faculty

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Disposition Assessment Collected in: EDU 101 – Practitioner EDU 111 – RSCC Faculty EDU 212 – Education Faculty

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