Atmosphere Energy Policies for the 44th President 111th Congress .

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Climate & Energy Policies for the 44 th President & 111 th Congress. William Becker Presidential Climate Action Project November 13, 2008. What science is telling us. Global warming is real. It is underway now. It is caused mostly by human activities.
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Atmosphere & Energy Policies for the 44 th President & 111 th Congress William Becker Presidential Climate Action Project November 13, 2008

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What science is letting us know Global warming is genuine. It is in progress now. It is brought on for the most part by human exercises. On the off chance that permitted to go much more remote, it will have sad outcomes for our economy, wellbeing, security & environments. We have the instruments to keep this. We don\'t have much time.

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How Far? Outflow Reduction Goals for Industrial Nations By 2015 Stabilize worldwide discharges: IPCC By 2020 (contrasted with 1990) 25-40%: Bali activity arrange 20-30%: European Union

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How quick? "If there\'s no activity before 2012, that\'s past the point of no return. What we do in the next 2 to 3 years will determine our future. This is the extremely important occasion." – Rajendra Pachauri, IPCC "The following president and congress must characterize a course one year from now in which the United States applies administration similar with our obligation regarding the present risky circumstance… " – Dr. Jim Hansen, NASA

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Moving in Wrong Direction McKinsey & Company 2030 Reference Case for U.S. By 2030… CO 2e discharges increment 35% Carbon assimilation diminishes 7% Carbon force & per capita outflows improve Growth elements Population development Buildings & apparatuses More carbon-based power

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Moving in Wrong Direction Energy Information Administration - 2007

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The test… 21 st century economy Security Opportunity Stewardship

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Carbon Economy Petroleum Oil reliance to cost economy $560 billion & 1.5% of GDP in 2008 (Oak Ridge National Laboratory/DOE) $1.7 trillion lost in recent years $1 trillion exchanged to oil-creating countries Oil = 1/3 exchange shortfall Cheap oil gone Efficiency, preservation & new powers can convey 50 times more oil than extended household boring (Consumer Federation of America ) Direct Economic Costs of U.S. Oil Dependence, 1970-2009 Source: U.S. Branch of Energy

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Carbon Economy Electric Generation U.S. control segment world\'s biggest 2 times China 3.5 times Russia 5 times India Per capita use in U.S. 5 times worldwide normal 70% squandered in era 6-9% squandered in line misfortunes Congestion/power outages cost $79 billion/year BAU by 2030 60% influence from coal 34% of GHG outflows

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Carbon Economy Coal 80% U.S. control plant CO 2 1/3 existing plants to resign by 2030 151 plants in pipeline in 2007 Nearly 90 ceased by claim, allowing, absence of speculation CCS decade + away

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Post-Carbon Economy Market opportunity Global green market to reach $2.7 trillion by 2020 (UNEP) U.S interests in renewables = $13 billion in 2007

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Post-Carbon Economy Renewable Energy Today 11% of era Wind limit grew 45% 2006-2007 Solar limit grew 40% Geothermal tasks up 20% through Aug. 2008 What\'s Ahead 20% twist by 2020 (DOE) Solar framework equality in ~5 years (McKinsey) Smart lattices Distributed power

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Largest wellspring of US vitality supply for most recent 35 years 30% reserve funds financially savvy in the following 20-25 years (ACEEE) $1 for effectiveness stays away from more than $2 in new supply (IEA) Best pad against rising costs Efficiency could hold US CO2 steady to 2030 (NREL) Post-Carbon Economy Energy proficiency

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Post-Carbon Economy $100 billion investment could produce 2 million employments in two years - Center for American Progress $500 billion venture could deliver 5 million occupations in 10 years - Apollo Project National push could make 2.5 million new metropolitan occupations by 2018 - U.S. Gathering of Mayors

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McKinsey Curve: Power of Efficiency

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Project Sponsors: Building and Construction Trades Department (AFL-CIO) International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Industrial Union Council (AFL-CIO) United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Environmental Defense Fund Available on 11/18 at:

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Raw Materials Components Manufacturers Window Manufacturers Consumer Market Retailers Low-E Coatings Seki-Sui-Lec: (Japan) Emirates Glass: (Dubai) CPFilms : (VA) Silica U.S. Silica Co., Wedron Silica Co.(IL), Shore Mountains Silica (TN) Top Window Manufacturers Jeld-Wen: (OR) 25,000 representatives, $ 2,900 million deals Pella Co.: (IA) 9,000 workers, $1,530 million deals Andersen: (MN) 9001 workers, $3,000 million deals Milgard Windows: (WA, CA) 3,607 workers, $1,227.1 million deals Atrium Windows and Doors : (TX) 520 representatives, $120.6 million deals Gorell Enterprises (PA) 280 representatives, $72.2 million deals Alpen (co) Leading U.S. Window Retailers Lowe\'s: (NC) 160,000 workers Home Depot: (GA) 331,000 representatives 84 Lumber: (PA) 9,500 Employees Flat Glass Corning, Inc: (NY) 313 representatives Cardinal Insulating Glass (ND) 280 workers Pilkington Glass Co.: (OH) 300 workers Nickel Russia, Canada, Australia, Indonesia Chromium Elements Chromium (TX and NC) Spacer Edgetech I.G.: (OH) 50 workers GED Integrated Solutions: (OH) 110 representatives TruSeal Technologies: (OH) 40 workers Manufacturer Retail Stores/Showrooms Polystyrene Foam Owens Corning (OH), Carpenter Co. (VA), Foamex Intl. (Dad) Installation (Contractors) Argon Praxair (CT), Air Products and Chemicals (PA) Gas Fills: Praxair : (CT) 27,992 representatives Air Liquide : France Air Products and Chemicals : (PA) 21,500 workers Airgas : (PA) 14, 500 representatives Professional Installation Contractors Within Each State Aluminum Alcoa Inc., A.M. Mansion Fiberglass U.S., China Other Components: Backer Rod, Flange Residential Construction Companies (Professional Installation) D.R. Horton (TX) 6,231 Employees Lennar (FL) 6,934 Employees Pulte Homes (MI) 8,500 Employees Centex (TX) 11,418 Employees Vinyl Dow Chemical Co., E.I. du Pont Frames: Most edges are made nearby at the completed item producer: Pella, Jeld-Wen, Milgard Lumber Weyerehouse Co.(WA), Jeld-Wen (OR), Pella Co.(IA) Research & Development: Manufacturers: Many segment and window makers utilize look into designers (ex: Pella has more than 300 architects; CPF Films has a R&D office) Industry Organizations: Energy Star Other: Krypton, Titanium dioxide, Silver

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U.S. Part and Window Manufacturers

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LED Lighting Manufacturing Companies

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Status of U.S. Approach Americans can simply be relied on to do the privilege thing...after they have depleted all different potential outcomes . – Sir Winston Churchill

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PCAP Mission Provide the 44 th President of the United States with an extensive arrangement to make intense move on environmental change inside 100 days.

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Background Most thorough climate activity arrange yet Two-year, $2 million venture Wirth Chair, UC-Denver Sources of recommendations: Science & strategy specialists Advisory Committee individuals Original research Current & previous government

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Ray Anderson, Founder & CEO, Interface Inc. Dr. D. James Baker, previous NOAA Administrator Scott Bernstein, Center for Neighborhood Technologies April Bucksbaum, Baum Foundation Dianne Dillon-Ridgley, Chair, Plains Justice Brian Castelli, VP, Alliance to Save Energy Boyd Gibbons, past president, Johnson Foundation Gary Hart, U.S. Sen. (ret) Sheila Slocum Hollis, Partner Duane Morris LLP Van Jones, President & Founder, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights John Petersen, Arlington Institute Hunter Lovins, Natural Capitalism Solutions Michael Northrop, Rockefeller Bros. Support Dr. David Orr, Oberlin College Theodore Roosevelt IV, Pew Center Larry Schweiger, President, National Wildlife Federation Jeremy Symons, National Wildlife Federation Dr. Gus Speth, Dean, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University Adm. Richard Truly (USN ret), previous NASA Administrator & NREL Director Heidi VanGenderen, Chief Climate Advisor, Colorado Governors Office National Advisory Committee

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Comprehensive Economic arrangement Climate approach Energy strategy National security Agriculture/provincial advancement Buildings Transportation Federal carbon administration Natural asset stewardship Ocean biology Freshwater assets Equity Adaptation Public wellbeing State/Local activity International approach Presidential initiative

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Presidential Climate Action Plan

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PCAP by the Numbers Action things 181 suggestions $160 billion/year Executive power investigation 96 atmosphere statutes Landmark ecological laws 140 government court cases 370 official requests from 1937 Climate Plum Book 200 senior atmosphere basic positions 250 candidates

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Among the issues… Carbon estimating Perverse sponsorships Fed versus state initiative Carbon secure Capital International desires

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Carbon Pricing President-choose Obama expansive top & Trade 100% sale EPA direction GHG = 1990 by 2020 80% cut by 2050 PCAP far reaching top & exchange Upstream recompenses 100% sale No exit ramps/wellbeing valves Reductions measured in absolute tons 25-30% cut by 2020 80%+ cut by 2050

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Renewable Power President-choose Obama 25% by 2025 $15 billion/year PCAP 30% 2020 $30 billion/year $1 billion platinum carrot Energy stockpiling Plug-in half breeds Cellulosic ethanol

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Energy Efficiency Critical for Coping President-choose Obama Reduce utilization 15% beneath anticipated request by 2020 PCAP 25% cut from today\'s utilization by 2020 half cut by 2050

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Coal-terminated Generation President-choose Obama Aggressiv

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