Atmosphere Well disposed Parks: Get ready for the Test of Environmental Change Shawn Norton September, 2008.

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The Climate Friendly Parks (CFP) Program, a coordinated effort of the National Park Service and the U.S. ... National Parks are in a remarkable position to teach the general population and ...
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Atmosphere Leadership in National Parks Climate Friendly Parks: Preparing for the Challenge of Climate Change Shawn Norton September, 2008

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Overview What is a CFP The Climate Leadership in Parks (CLIP) Tool GHG Emissions in Parks Program Results and Accomplishments Do Your Part

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CFP Program Overview The Climate Friendly Parks (CFP) Program, a coordinated effort of the National Park Service and the U.S. Natural Protection Agency, furnishes national parks with administration apparatuses and assets to address environmental change. Program approach Develop comprehension of CC effects. Measure GHG outflows. Create techniques to alleviate outflows and adjust to effects (CC Action Plan). Offer victories and teach general society about what they can do in their own particular lives

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Program Importance National Parks are in a remarkable position to instruct the general population and give natural administration. NPS is in charge of saving and ensuring our country\'s natural assets Large guest populace with interest in ecological issues and protection of regular assets Educating guests and park staff about the impacts of environmental change on the nation\'s common marvels can empower general society to make a move

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Becoming a Climate Friendly Park CFP Milestones Submit a CFP application Go to CFP site: Develop a GHG outflow stock Participate in separation learning instructional meetings and start utilizing CLIP Tool. Extra specialized help will be given. Complete an Action Plan Participate in separation learning instructional meeting and finish the CLIP Tool. A set number of on location workshops are accessible. 4. Continue with continuous exercises Do Your Part! Actualize Action Plan Monitor advance and report comes about

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CLIP Tool: Module 1 Emissions estimation Uses action/source information sheets Calculations covered up, however open Data-putting away/development capacities Best accessible approachs Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Guidelines EPA\'s Inventory of U.S. Nursery Gas Emissions and Sinks

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Welcome Sheet Control Sheet Export Results to Module 2 CAP Source Sheets GHG Source Sheets Background Sheets Contact Info Sheet Methodology Sheet Emission Factors Sheet Module 1 Structure

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CLIP Tool: Module 2 Import Emission Inventory Results View and look at discharge results and action information by segment (Energy, Transportation, Waste, Other) Set emanation lessening objectives Use number crunchers and different elements to arrange relief activities and evaluate outflow decreases Create an Action Plan

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Action Planning Sheet Features

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Summary Sheet and Action Plan

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CFP Program GHG Inventories GHG Emissions (MTCE)

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CFP Program Park Operation Emissions

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An on-line program that gives guests the data they have to diminish their carbon discharges and in this manner lessen environmental change sways on America\'s national parks. Helps members make an arrangement to lessen their own GHG emanations. Advances atmosphere neighborly activities at the family level. Quantitatively benchmarks the emanations diminishments accomplished by individual and by every park. Rouses people to participate in shared activity to achieve shared objectives.

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Do Your Part! Landing page

Slide 15 Visit the CFP site: Get points of interest on part stops Get application materials News overhauls CLIP Tool Sign up for CFP listserv Resources

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