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Diversion Play. Essential CONCEPT: Freefalling through a passage system attempting ... our group for the last venture will be the protected innovation of NuclearGecko. ...
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Atomic Gecko Dwaine Hewitt Jr.– Director Chris Clark – Artist Scott Seeley – Sound Lead, Web Admin David Hinton – Lead Programmer David Gutierrez - QA

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Organizational Chart

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Game Proposal Overview Game title Game play depiction Target crowd The bait of the diversion User interface Level configuration Target stages Key advances Intellectual property

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Game Title Sudden Drop

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Interface FEATURES Endurance meter Cave Network Map (CNM) Weapon/Item Inventory Speedometer Cave view Falling substances view Multiplayer

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Target Audience Everyone 10 and more seasoned (E10+) Genre: Adventure/Racing Themes/Warnings: Cartoon Violence, Minor Gore

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Game Play BASIC CONCEPT: Freefalling through a passage system attempting to get to the center or essential issue of different planets. L, R, U, D CONTROLS: Can move left, right, all over to abstain from hitting dividers or obstructions. Quick SPEED CONTROL: One catch to give a brag of velocity. Constrained use.

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Game Play proceeded with SLOW SPEED CONTROL: Use another catch to moderate yourself. Additionally restricted use. Gather ITEMS CONTROL: A catch to utilize any kind of uncommon things you pick up while falling.

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Technologies C# Programming Language XNA IDE Graphics: Static 2D layers that get littler and blur to offer profundity to the look of freefalling. Gradually have them come up to give the sentiment falling. Sound: will be made and changed over utilizing XACT, XNA\'s sound segment. Stage: XBoX 360, PC.

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Level Design Main passage: Start off in a primary passage then have branches off into side passages that are arbitrarily made taking into account set models we have for each. Branches meet: At diverse focuses branches join so we can have exceptional occasions that every time, you should experience. (like a collapse with rocks you need to keep away from and so forth.) Collecting things: Items, for example, power-ups that empowers abating yourself for a brief span (thing illustration: a parachute). What\'s more, things to expand your continuance to moderate/speed yourself up.

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Intellectual Property All questions that will be utilized by our group for the last venture will be the protected innovation of NuclearGecko. Code Policy Tutorials and different activities Our own particular code

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Project Management Milestones: To be resolved, model being chipped away at now Schedule: Microsoft Project Bugs: Mantis Meetings: Weekly, IM, Physical Meeting Progress reports: done by method for IM logs and authority reports in Adobe Dreamweaver

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Game Lure Simple idea Casual to no-nonsense gamers alike will appreciate! Diverse, unmistakable races Different thought processes and endings Attractive interface, complete with thing accumulations and force ups.

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Game Lure Tribute to old arcade diversions, for example, Tempest Enhancing on the present idea and making multiplayer conformities (later)

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Nuclear Gecko

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