Audit OF THE Administration Arrangement OF NATIONAL PARKS AND OTHER Ensured Territories IN SERBIA.

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Audit OF THE Administration Arrangement OF NATIONAL PARKS AND OTHER Secured Territories IN SERBIA Snezana M. Prokic Directorate for Natural Insurance of the Republic of Serbia 1. Presentation The idea of the improvement of the common qualities in Serbia is based upon
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Survey OF THE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OF NATIONAL PARKS AND OTHER PROTECTED AREAS IN SERBIA Snezana M. Prokic Directorate for Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia

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1. Presentation The improvement\'s idea of the regular qualities in Serbia is based upon the directed security administrations, arranged bases of protection, advancement and economical usage of normal asset, composed administration and observation.

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Protected Areas of the Republic of Serbia National Parks of Nature Area with Exceptional Features Reserves of Nature Monuments of Nature The ensured regions incorporate national parks, stores, parks of nature and landmarks of nature, steady with the global criteria of IUCN Table 1: A Surface\'s Survey Areas of Protected Areas of Serbia

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The Aim of Protection of Special Natural Values to actualize the commitments characterized by the Law of ecological security and the national arrangement for assurance of extraordinary regular qualities, biodiversity, and normal zones of specific qualities and significance for the Republic of Serbia.

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This is finished by creating arrangement of secured zones having national, territorial and worldwide significance: Biosphere saves - the some piece of the Park of Nature "Golija" is announced the Biosphere Reserve in September of 2001,MAB Program wetland regions of universal significance Reserve of nature of Ludas, Reserve of nature of Obedska bara - marsh, Reserve of Nature of Stari Begej – Carska bara - swamp.

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2. General Data on National Parks of Serbia By the Law on National Parks of the Republic of Serbia (announced in 1993, in concurrence with already acknowledged universal commitments), five national parks were set up in this way: National Park Djerdap, National Park Tara, National Park Kopaonik, National Park Fruska Gora and National Park Sar Planina.

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Table 2: A Surface\'s Survey Areas of National Parks of Serbia Republic of Serbia 88.361 km2 - * In these national stops the I level of insurance is spoken to by the nature holds, while in them locales of different degrees of assurance are not characterized.

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Figure 1: Map of the Environmental Protection and Protection of Natural Heritage

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The legitimate standards of security and advancement of the national parks: 1. Assurance, safeguarding and advancement: of biogeographical elements of the zone , of environments and differences of the first greenery , of the hereditary store and its reestablishment , of the agent natural, geomorphological, land, hydrographic and picturesque elements , ethnological legacy and social verifiable qualities ;

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The lawful standards of insurance and improvement of the national parks (proceeded with): 2. Avoidance of exercises which may decay essential elements and different properties of the national park ; 3. Advancement : of exercises in logical examination , of exercises in society and training , of exercises in presentation and promotion of the normal and social qualities , of touristic, recreational and other improvement capacities in use of the regular and social estimations of the national park inside of the breaking points and in the way giving insurance, safeguarding and advancement of these qualities

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The lawful standards of assurance and advancement of the national parks (proceeded with): 4. Administration and building of articles, for reason : of protection, reestablishment and advancement of the normal and social qualities and of presentation, sanation and renewal of the imperiled parts of the national park .

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3. Administration of the National Parks of Serbia so as to bring these profitable living spaces, as the secured regular estimations of national centrality possessed by the state, into capacity of performing aggregate assurance and improvement, by the Law on National Parks open endeavors were shaped for dealing with the national\'s districts parks .

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Table 3: A Survey of Management Applied to National Parks of Serbia

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National park Kopaonik

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The illustration of high tourism in the National Park Kopaonik

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4. Instruments in overseeing secured regular qualities in Serbia Protection administrations Management, assurance and usage arrangements of the territories and characteristic assets Protection and improvement projects of nature and zones of the ensured common qualities Environmental impacts investigations Agreements/endorsements by the Republic\'s Government of Serbia/Ministry of the Environment Institutions accountable for administration and control of the ensured normal worth Monitoring Financial backing

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The organizations in charge of administration of ensured zones and control are: The Republic\'s Government of Serbia – characterizes legislative issues/technique for insurance of nature and normal qualities and in that connection dealing with those qualities and activity arranges so as to direct settled politic/method Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection – proposes governmental issues/methodology and activity arranges, their execution and co-appointment with exercises of different services and other capable foundations, supervision of overseeing, fitting arrangement of perception and monetary backing, to the Republic\'s Government of Serbia Institution for Protection of Nature of Serbia

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4.Instruments in overseeing secured common qualities in Serbia (proceeded with) Public Enterprises (PE) built up by the state to oversee: national parks: PE "National Park Fruska Gora", PE "National Park Djerdap", PE "National Park Tara", PE "National Park Kopaonik", and PE "National Park Sar-Planina" and characteristic assets in the state property – woods and backwoods land: PE "Srbijasume" and PE "Vojvodinasume“ waters: "Srbijavode

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Instruments in overseeing ensured characteristic qualities in Serbia (proceeded with) Competent organs of region –manage the characteristic products secured by the district and bolster and add to the co-operation in the field of overseeing of secured zones of high national significance

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5. Decisive Remarks However, in the use of this administration framework so far not the greater part of the normal results were accomplished. The most imperative reasons for such circumstance are recorded beneath: there is an issue with sharing obligations between the proprietor, trustee, overseeing endeavor, viz. caretaking association criteria and conditions are not characterized to be satisfied by a venture or association keeping in mind the end goal to be depended by administration of other ensured common qualities standards are missing for bound together bases of arranging the security, arranging and staff training administrations

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Conclusive Remarks (proceeded) mandatory guidelines have not been set up for arrangement and completing the administration arranges standards are likewise missing for securing co-appointment and co-operation in the administration of secured regions rule has not yet been produced with all the essential instruments of coordinated administration of the characteristic assets , with the subsequent issue of maladjustment of part arranges with the administration arrangement data framework has not yet been built up budgetary backing is still lacking .:tslides

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