AUSSIE Australian for Money.

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The Aussie shows off his enormous wheat field and the Texan says,
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AUSSIE Australian for Cash What\'s the future look like down under, mate?

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Monetary History Introduced in 1966 Aussie notes are issued by the Reserve Bank of Australia Coins are created by the Royal Australian Mint It was overseen as per the Bretton Woods highest quality level

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Monetary History Continued In 1971, Nixon expelled the US from the Gold Standard The Aussie kept on pegging to the dollar however this bit by bit changed in the next decade In 1983, the Aussie moved far from being pegged to whatever other specific cash Instead, it is currently esteemed as per residential measures, for example, Australian CPI

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Graphical Analysis An investigation of diagrams of the Australian Dollar against the U.S. Dollar in the course of recent years…

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What Do the Analysts Think? As indicated by most experts, the Australian Dollar has an incredible standpoint both fleeting and long haul. Despite the fact that the diagrams demonstrate an obvious resistance point around .79 in the course of recent years, there is a probability that it will at long last break the .79 boundary and made another resistance point some place in the .80s. Most property a ton of this awesome viewpoint to substantial abroad exchanging of the Aussie and future increments in Australian financing costs.

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Analyst Quotes "The standpoint for the Aussie is looking pretty good." - Alex Schuman, cash strategist at Commonwealth Bank (2/23/05) "The Aussie kept up its tease with the 0.79 district before pulling back yet the business sector is keeping on purchasing on shallow plunges and the Aussie liable to gradually and bit by bit break upwards." - Kunal Sharma, Forex Analyst (2/22/05) "There may have been some underlying Australian dollar purchasing in the midst of further talk in nearby daily papers of likely loan fee rises." - Chris Loong, senior portfolio chief at AMP Capital Investors. (2/21/05)

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More Analyst Quotes "There\'s a considerable measure of resistance at the $US0.7900 level. Maybe with there being more vulnerability throughout the useless trek, they\'re accepting the open door to offer it up around that $US0.7900 level." - John Kyriakopoulos, cash strategist at National Australia Bank. (2/21/05) "Offshore has been extremely eager to purchase Aussie in the most recent 10 days on the back of the loan fee contention. Seaward (financial specialists) are truly very enchanted with this loan cost sort point and have chosen it doesn\'t generally make a difference if loan costs go in March or April." - Jo Masters, cash strategist at Macquarie Bank. (2/21/05)

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More Analyst Quotes "The Aussie dollar remains solitary in resisting the US dollar quality that began in 2005. That outcomes in a positive diagram that backings a further valuation for the Australian money. In spite of the fact that the uptrend is required to keep going somewhat more, long positions are to be observed nearly as resistance is near." - Martijn Prook, money strategist at Rabobank Group Treasury. (2/18/05)

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And now for some Aussie Humor… A Texan agriculturist goes to Australia for an excursion. There, he meets an Aussie rancher and gets talking. The Aussie flaunts his huge wheat field and the Texan says, "Oh! We have wheat handle that are at any rate twice as extensive. At that point they stroll around the station a bit, and the Aussie flaunts his group of steers. The Texan promptly says, "We have longhorns that are in any event twice as substantial as your cows". The discussion has, in the mean time, practically passed on when the Texan sees a crowd of kangaroos jumping through the field. He asks, "And what are those?" The Aussie answers with a doubtful look, "Don\'t you have any grasshoppers in Texas?"

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