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Reason. Add to an in-administration class that would show officers wording, methods and strategies that are utilized by prosecutors, protection lawyers and judges. This class ought to advantage the individual officer\'s execution as a superior police-witness and think about emphatically the division.
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Austin Police Department Leadership Academy Presentation ARREST & TRIAL BY DET LISA MORRILL & SPO BILLIE HANCOCK JUNE 13, 2001

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PURPOSE Develop an in-administration class that would show officers phrasing, procedures and strategies that are utilized by prosecutors, resistance lawyers and judges. This class ought to profit the individual officer\'s execution as a superior police-witness and think about decidedly the division. "Affirming is police work. It\'s the last period of a cop\'s work on a case. On the off chance that the cop isn\'t a decent witness all whatever remains of his police work is only a purposeless work out. Regardless of how splendid the examination, how cautious the capture, and how careful the report; if an officer isn\'t similarly as able on the remain as he is in the field, he\'s simply preparing bodies. There\'s no reason for making captures on the off chance that we wouldn\'t get feelings. When you stand firm, you\'re on trial. Your specialty is on trial."

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AREAS OF INTEREST Currently, officers encounter execution and correspondence issues with judges, prosecutors, safeguard lawyers and other work force in the different levels of the legal framework. For a few officers, an absence of comprehension of the legitimate framework might be an essential concern. Look into has finished up there is a genuine requirement for police divisions to appropriately prepare cadets and officers of the significance in great report composing. Most real Texas police offices, including APD, don\'t offer adequate preparing in court declaration, bringing about poor presentation by the affirming officer and feedback from lawyers, juries and judges. Generally, APD has just given guideline to cadets with respect to the court procedure at the civil court level in a deride court setting and joins declaration. The length of guideline is just nine hours. There is no assessment procedure set up to recognize and select officers who have broad involvement in the different courts and relegate these officers to prepare different officers.

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ANALYZE The West Point Leadership Theories we have chosen to incorporate into the Arrest and Trail In-Service class are: Module 1-Attribution hypothesis, Equity hypothesis, Expectancy hypothesis, Motivation Thru Consequences. Module 2-Groups, Group Decision Making and Counseling. Module 3-Situational Leadership Theory, Transformational Leadership Theory. Module 4-Managing the Environment and Overcoming Resistance to Change.

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ATTRIBUTION Officers credit themselves for affirming admirably on the stand. Inside attribution. Officers tend to accuse the judge, jury, prosecutor when there is an absolution. Outside elements. On-screen character/spectator inclination officer affirms inadequately and accuses outer components. The prosecutor additionally accuses the officer. Self serving inclination the officer praises himself for getting a conviction yet accuses the prosecutor for not acquiring an extensive sentence.

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GROUP DECISION MAKING This class might be effective if officers "get tied up with" what they accept will by and by advantage them in turning out to be better police witnesses. By studying officers and setting up a course intended for cops by cops, with the guide of judges, prosecutors and safeguard lawyers, would they be able to see that the methods and strategies instructed ought to give them the information and certainty to carry out their employments well.

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TRANSFORMATIONAL Instructors decided for this class ought to be individuals with moxy, have individualized thought for the understudies and are mentally animating. Officers will probably "become tied up with" this class when they know who the educators are and what their capabilities are.

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MANAGING THE ENVIRONMENT "The specialized center for any police organization is to implement the law and to ensure the general population peace." Recent case and references issued to prominent undergrads. Jenna and Barbara Bush. Outer variables the world news media. Inside variables upper administration and affecting choices on what sort of reference to issue. Class B or Class C.

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RESPOND Contacted different offices in Texas and looked for their educational programs with respect to how their institutes show court frameworks and declaration. Investigated APD\'s educational programs on the court framework and discovered it was inadequate versus the significance of having the best possible preparing for affirming in court. Reached different prosecutors, judges and safeguard lawyers about taking an interest in office preparing. Created TCLEOSE lesson arrangements to incorporate West Point Leadership Theories and Strategies. Reached in-administration teacher and educated him of the venture. Gotten measurable data from APD wrongdoing examination of the most widely recognized captures APD officers have made in the last quarter. Inquired about the web for different materials on the structure of the legal framework at the neighborhood, state and government levels. Reached the different courts and found the most widely recognized cases being attempted in Travis County. Surveyed officers to decide what number of would be occupied with taking a capture and trial class.

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ASSESS Provide prosecutors with a survey to figure out if there have been any huge changes in the way in which officers are affirming in court and any proposals they may have. Contact prosecutors at all levels to figure out if conviction rates have expanded in light of declaration given by officers having been through this class. After officers have been through Arrest and Trial class, understudies will finish an "Educator\'s Critique" rating the adequacy of the class, and additionally the teacher\'s information and comprehension of material. Reactions from this investigate will be utilized to refine, redesign, include or erase material and enhance the teacher\'s future presentations. Six months after finishing of the class understudies will get a subsequent poll to figure out if any of the strategies educated have been useful in their declaration.

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REQUIRED READING COURTROOM SURVIVAL: The Officer\'s Guide to Better Testimony. Devallis Rutlege, J.D. Copperhouse Publishing Company. 2000.

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Most basic references set for trial in metropolitan court. Ran Red Light Speeding Non moving infringement No safety belt Collisions Other references, for example, PDP, open compartment, PI, MIP(Jenna & Barbara Bush), DOC. Adolescent cases shift from the minor to more genuine of offenses. Review of adolescent laws and general request strategies in regards to the treatment of adolescents. Significance of magistration and the officer\'s negligible nearness amid this time. Affirming an adolescent to stand trial as a grown-up. Essential MUNICIPAL AND JUVENILE COURTS

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County Courts handle Class An and B wrongdoing cases. Most regular cases attempted are: family viciousness, ambushes, dwi, pom, opposing capture/search, dodging, ucw, and cpw. Region Courts handle State Jail crimes and all different lawful offenses. Most basic cases attempted are: disturbed strike, attack on cop, rape, ownership of controlled substance, theft, murder, robbery, taking part in sorted out wrongdoing INTERMEDIATE COUNTY AND DISTRICT COURTS

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Rules of declaration for fabulous jury. Amazing jury area Overview of excellent jury, for example, when they meet, terms, determination Type of cases the government courts listen. Area Judges and prosecutors How and why government law requirement organizations and APD cooperate to send certain cases to elected court. Progressed TRAVIS COUNTY GRAND JURY AND THE FEDERAL COURTS

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