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Australia Same size as U.S. Comparative Society English Cattle rustlers Wild West Down Under Seasons turned around Calm in the South Semi-Tropical in the North Abandon in the Outback Desert in the Southwest Winter - May through September Stormy Season - December and January
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Australia Same size as U.S. Comparable Culture English Cowboys Wild West Down Under Seasons switched

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Temperate in the South Semi-Tropical in the North Desert in the Outback Desert in the Southwest Winter - May through September Rainy Season - December & January Tourist Season - April & October

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Great Barrier Reef Great Sandy Desert

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Island Continent One-Nation Continent Great Dividing Range Fertile Coast area Table area Lake Eyre bowl Deserts

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History Aborigines 1787 - British Penal Colony 1800’s - Free Settlers/6 Colonies 1901 - Commonwealth of Australia British Royal Family

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New South Wales Victoria Tasmania South Australia Western Australia Northern Territory Queensland

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Tourism First Rate Infrastructure Well-created Attractions Friendly individuals Comfortable for Western Travelers Outdoor Activities Nightlife Unique Wildlife Beaches

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NSW Sydney (SYD) greatest city Harbor Opera House 2000 Olympics Canberra Capital City Parliament house

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Victoria Melbourne (MEL) Koala Sanctuary Penquins

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Koala Bear

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Temperate/European Sparsely populated Tasmanian Devil Tasmania

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Tasmanian Devil

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Tasmania - Port Arthur

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South Australia Coober Pedy Opal Mines

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South Australia

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Termite Mound

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Western Australia Perth (PER) Beaches Nightlife

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Northern Territory Outback Alice Springs Ayers Rock Kangaroos Darwin Kakadu Nat’l Park Platypus

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Ayers Rock

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Queensland Cairns (CNS) Brisbane (BNE) Great Barrier Reef

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Great Barrier Reef

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Great Barrier Reef

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Great Barrier Reef

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Culture Chicago with an accent Warm, inviting, casual Dislike Pretensions Mate Like to contend Appreciate Punctuality Appreciate Humor

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