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Australian Leadership Awards - Scholarships. ALA Scholarships is a prestigious territorial recompense for scholastically high achievers with the possibility to be pioneers in their field Only 150 grants are offered every year
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Australian Leadership Awards - Scholarships ALA Scholarships is a prestigious territorial honor for scholastically high achievers with the possibility to be pioneers in their field Only 150 grants are offered every year Enable understudies from Asia-Pacific embrace Masters or Doctorate degrees at Australian advanced education foundations

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Australian Leadership Awards - Scholarships Valued at up to A$130,000 for Masters and A$250,000 for PhD programs Benefits include: Return air travel Visa bolster Establishment recompense Full educational cost charges Contribution to everyday costs OS medical coverage International Academic Program Leadership Development Program

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Australian Leadership Awards - Scholarships Open to all fields of study Applications energized for need subjects : Security Pandemics International Trade Climate Change (counting clean vitality)

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Australian Leadership Awards - Scholarships Eligible Countries Participating nations include:

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Australian Leadership Awards - Scholarships 2007 round Inaugural system – fruitful Meets goals including: Identified high bore competitors Good provincial, sexual orientation, need topic representation 942 applications got 179 honors offered, 90 females and 89 guys 124 Masters and 55 PhDs offered 169 candidates acknowledged grants researchers going to 29 organizations

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Australian Leadership Awards – Scholarships 2007 Scholarships Awarded by Country Mongolia Nepal Bhutan China Bangladesh India Laos Thailand Cambodia Philippines Vietnam Federated States of Micronesia Sri Lanka Marshall Islands Kiribati Indonesia Solomon Islands Samoa Papua New Guinea Fiji Vanuatu Palau

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Australian Leadership Awards - Scholarships 2007 round Consultation with Australian Embassies/Commission and establishments as a component of audit procedure Key lessons learnt: Participation of Australian establishments in application process – by means of Unconditional Offers of enrolment Ensure gauge of candidates and improve confirmation of English dialect capability Selection process upgraded by investment of Australian Embassies/High Commissions Mobilization of understudies with help of Australian Embassies/High Commissions

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Australian Leadership Awards - Scholarships Eligibility Requirements Applicants must: be a native of one of the 34 taking an interest nations have been acknowledged into an Australian advanced education organization at the season of utilization have high English dialect capability required (least of 6.5 IELTS or proportional) have a college degree inhabitant outside Australia

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Australian Leadership Awards - Scholarships Who Should Apply Outstanding candidates who have: abnormal state of scholarly accomplishment at undergrad and/or postgraduate level abnormal state of English dialect capability (least of IELTS 6.5 or equal) showed initiative potential and great prospects to impact social and financial strategy change and improvement results in their nation of origin and in the Asia-Pacific district duty to take an interest in Australian Scholarships graduated class exercises on their arrival home Applicants trying to relocate to Australia ought NOT have any significant bearing.

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Australian Leadership Awards Selection Process Australian Embassies/High Commissions short-rundown and meeting candidates in view of legitimacy Australian Embassies/High Commissions make suggestions to Canberra (aggregate of 220 short-recorded possibility for Asia-Pacific) Whole of Government determination board in Canberra considers short-recorded applications from a local viewpoint, including territorial representation, need topics and sex Applicants will be informed regarding the result in mid October, Institutions will be exhorted in the meantime through SIMON

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Australian Leadership Awards – Scholarships Selection Criteria Selection is attempted over the area and is a h ighly aggressive yearly process Applications will be evaluated on scholastic execution and authority potential Selection criteria: Academic record Leadership and individual qualities Potential results Professional record

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Australian Leadership Awards - Scholarships Applications Process Application structures are accessible: in printed copy at Australian Embassy/High Commission in the candidates nation of citizenship on-line at the AusAID site: There are two (2) choices for presenting an application - online and via mail. Applications close: 16 July 2007 for applications being sent via mail 31 July 2007 for applications being submitted online

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Australian Leadership Awards – Scholarships Leadership Development Program ALAS researchers will take an interest in a Leadership Development Program (LDP) while undertaking their college examines The LDP means to upgrade the aptitudes, learning and systems of ALAS researchers, equiping them for future administration parts in their groups, organizations and governments A delicate for administration of the LDP will be issued in May

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Australian Leadership Awards – Scholarships Leadership Development Program Core program modules include: 2½ day national Leadership Conference in Canberra – dispatch Program & unite new partner of ALAS researchers – March every year (note: gathering will be held 9-12 August 2007) 3-day private Leadership Workshop assembled in state capitals in July every year to concentrate on initiative hypothesis, abilities and apparatuses (note workshop will be held in November 2007)

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Australian Leadership Awards – Scholarships Leadership Development Program After fulfillment of their center modules – understudies may partake in discretionary modules Examples of discretionary modules : Leadership Coaching Leadership Practice – work situations with Australian associations, divisions and organizations

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Further data Fact sheets and additional data, for example, key dates, open doors by nation and qualification criteria are accessible on the Australian Scholarships site: Information on AusAID particular grants is accessible at:

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