AUSTRALIAN Stargazing.

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INDIGENOUS ASTRONOMY. 40,000 years of stargazing. Star examples signifying creatures & individuals ... 1927 : Prof McAulay threatens Tas Uni administrator into subsidizing space science ...
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AUSTRALIAN ASTRONOMY Watchers of southern skies

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INDIGENOUS ASTRONOMY 40,000 years of space science Star designs signifying creatures & individuals Star timetable for discovering nourishment Sky myths for profound quality

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EUROPEAN ASTRONOMY BEGINS IN AUSTRALIA Venus travel gives nearby planetary group scale Cook & Charles Green to Tahiti & Australia First Fleet & William Dawes\' observatory La Perouse\'s doomed cosmologists

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EARLY ASTRONOMY AROUND SYDNEY 1821: Brisbane, Rumker, Dunlop discovered "Paramatta" Observatory Catalog of 7385 stars, comets and so forth 1847: Closure after "fallings out" 1858: Sydney Observatory established Time administration, cosmology, geophysics, meteorology

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19TH CENTURY STATE OBSERVATORIES Hobart: geomagnetism, climate, stargazing Melbourne: Carte du Ciel and so on Adelaide: primarily met., likewise travels Qld (none) - studying, time-keeping Perth - Still working today

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GREAT MELBOURNE TELESCOPE 1869: 48" (1.2m) scope - world\'s biggest! An Anglo-Australian endeavor based on gold Telescope issues... Moon, stars, nebulae watched Sold for scrap - later "reawakened"

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EARLY AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS John Tebbutt (Windsor) Comets, occultations, shrouds, space rocks, twofold stars and so forth Edward Pigot (Riverview Observatory) Weather-Sun association, photography, variables and so on Many others, then and now...

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MT STROMLO 1901: Federation & nationalizing of science 1924: Commonwealth Solar Observatory WWII: optical assembling 1950s: From Sun to stars; ANU merger 1950s: Bok "offers Galaxy" to understudies 60s to today: Siding Spring\'s 0.4m, 0.6m, 1m, 2.3m opening telescopes...

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EARLY "CSIRO" RADIO ASTRONOMY WWII radar improvement Radiophysics Lab enters sun powered stargazing Radio waves from the Galaxy & past

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PARKES & CULGOORA RADIO TELESCOPES 1961: Parkes Giant 64m dish Quasas, radiomaps, atoms, pulsars, Apollo, Giotto, SETI, and so forth 1967: Culgoora sun based radio telescope A variety of 96 little (13.7m) dishes Solar picture/sec for observing movement 1984: conclusion - would you like a "free" dish?

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UNIV. SYDNEY ASTRONOMY 1912-1926 : Prof Cooke WWII: optics not space science 1952: Messel\'s cosmology blast starts Sydney Uni still extremely dynamic today...

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UNIV. TASMANIA 1927+: Prof McAulay threatens Tas Uni administrator into financing space science Cosmic-beam stargazing Optical cosmology X-beam stargazing Radio cosmology

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UNIV. ADELAIDE Ultra-high vitality grandiose beams Meteor/space rock stargazing X-beam stargazing Gamma beams (BIGRAT & CANGAROO) Cosmology & astronomy (Paul Davies)

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ANGLO-AUSTRALIAN OBSERVATORY 3.9m AAT (1974) 1.2m UKSTU (later AAO) Schmidt (1973) Major optical bi-national offices half-subsidized each by Australian & UK

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AUSTRALIA TELESCOPE ATNF Parkes ATCA (1988) Major national radio space science office A telescope as wide as a mainland (and past)

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