Authoritative Model of the Medical Reserve Corps Program at the DeKalb County Board of Health .

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DeKalb County, GA speaks to one of the 10 provinces encompassing Atlanta. A rural group of 665,000 individuals, it is a standout amongst the most socially differing groups in the southeastern piece of the United States. More than 139 dialects are talked. It is a resettlement group for a huge number of exiles. .
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Hierarchical Model of the Medical Reserve Corps Program at the DeKalb County Board of Health Vickie Elisa, BA Program Director, Medical Reserve Corps

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DeKalb County, GA speaks to one of the 10 regions encompassing Atlanta. A rural group of 665,000 individuals, it is a standout amongst the most socially different groups in the southeastern part of the United States. More than 139 dialects are talked. It is a resettlement group for a large number of evacuees. Socioeconomics

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Established in 1921, the DeKalb County Board of Health serves the general population who live, work and play in the group. Our main goal is to advance and give quality, preventive and essential care that lessens or disposes of illness, damage, incapacity and unexpected passing. We join with business, urban gatherings, confidence establishments, training and nationals to fulfill our objectives. Socioeconomics

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The Public Health Infrastructure Our yearly working spending plan is $34 million We have a workforce of more than 550 people We have six wellbeing focuses situated all through DeKalb County We have overseen mind organizations with Grady Health Systems, Children\'s Health Care of Atlanta and DeKalb Medical Center We are included with SNS arranges, all risks arranges and have a 22 year old volunteer program.

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Diversity - More Than A Word Staff can decipher 22 dialects; and convert into 11 Web website: midpoints 300,000 hits for every month and 9 million since 1998 Three link programs Spanish, English and Vietnamese on government get to TV We deliver a program called the Security Report, about nearby readiness endeavors.

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Community Assets: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Rollins School of Public Health Emory University State Public Health Lab DeKalb County Office of Homeland Security Corporations: CNN, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Home Depot and BellSouth. More than 90 million individuals travel through Hartsfield International Airport every year.

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DeKalb County Board of Health was subsidized in 1999 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to build up a Center for Public Health Preparedness.

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We are one of three wellbeing divisions financed by the National Health Alert Network/Training Exemplar ventures. The inside\'s part is to: • Enhance the metro Atlanta\'s availability to react rapidly to BT crises. • Establish successful correspondences and electronic general wellbeing observation. • Develop tabletops and preparing exercises for medicinal services and crisis reaction experts.

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American Red Cross GEMA CDC DeKalb Medical Center DHR Veterans Affairs FBI/GBI Fulton County Department of Health Georgia Poison Control Center Georgia Public Health Lab Grady Health System Medical Association of Georgia National Association of County and City Health Officials National Guard DeKalb County Homeland Security Partners include:

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The DeKalb County Medical Reserve Corps is intended to fit inside the general hierarchical structure of the DeKalb County Board of Health.

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MRC Organizational Structure Medical Reserve Corps Steering Committee Center for Public Health Preparedness Office of Public Relations and Volunteer Services (Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer Partnership Coordinator) Environmental Health Epidemiology Communicable Disease Control Personal Health Services Medical Reserve Corps Neighborhood Emergency Help Centers Surge Capacity/Non-Emergency Needs

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A controlling board of trustees made out of inside and outer individuals oversees, create course and general objectives of MRC. Outside gatherings include: National Association of Retired Federal Employees - 70 volunteers Community Relations Commission - 500 volunteers Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - 800 volunteers DeKalb County School System - 800 volunteers St. Luke\'s Presbyterian Church - 300 volunteers Watsonian Society/CDC - 100 volunteers CEO/DeKalb Medical Center - 400 volunteers DeKalb Medical Society - 400 restorative volunteers Georgia Nurses Association - 300 volunteers

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(proceeded) Emory University, Center for BT Preparedness - 100 volunteers Georgia Medical Association - 150 volunteers Georgia Hospital Association - 300 volunteers DeKalb County Board of Health - 300 volunteers Office of Homeland Security - 50 volunteers American Red Cross - 800 volunteers DeKalb County Police Department - 100 volunteers Scottdale Child Development Center - 50 individuals Grady Health System - 200 volunteers DeKalb County Fire/Rescue Services-100 volunteers Health and Human Services, Region IV

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MRC Activities: * Mock Bacillus anthracis facility penetrate directed in October, 2003. * On-line application for MRC volunteers * Internal/outside retreats directed to better incorporate MRC inside existing wellbeing division\'s crisis arranging endeavors. * Development of a satellite TV program. * Pro bono work to create show for obligation, credentialing and record verifications. * Multi-ethnic enrollment arranges. * Tie-in with BOH authority administration. * Tie-in with three neighborhood schools of nursing. * E-bulletin for preparing openings. * Volunteer acknowledgment service – year 2.

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Challenges/Barriers: * Internal and outer turf guarding * Limited assets Strategies * Internal and outside showcasing of MRC * "Finding shared ground"

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Ongoing training– Establishment of a progressing preparing timetable that goes past BT readiness additionally incorporates authority advancement abilities, for example, open talking, allow composing, program plan, assessment. Association building is basic.

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Next Steps: Volunteer enrollment/preparing for ridicule "Bacillus anthracis" center. Lessons scholarly are shared Refinement of approach Evaluation of process Assessment of programming to oversee volunteer database Environmental sweep of volunteer gatherings/associations Community training about MRC for corporate accomplices, chose authorities and confidence base gatherings. Acknowledgment function for MRC controlling board of trustees and volunteers Identification of future areas to test readiness for "filthy bombs," substance spill as well as flu episode.

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Contact For more data contact Vickie Elisa (404) 294-3829

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