Authorities Gathering May 2010.

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Game and Entertainment New Zealand Authorities Discussion May 2010 SPARC Vital Arrangement 5 key needs: Youthful New Zealanders Grassroots Game Diversion Accomplice Ability Elite Key SPARC Reports SPARC Vital Arrangement Group Sport Methodology Volunteer Stragegy/Plan
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Game and Recreation New Zealand Officials Forum May 2010

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SPARC Strategic Plan 5 key needs: Young New Zealanders Grassroots Sport Recreation Partner Capability High Performance

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Key SPARC Documents SPARC Strategic Plan Community Sport Strategy Volunteer Stragegy/Plan Coaching Strategy/Plan Officials Strategy/Plan

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PARTICIPATE (Lifelong) EXCEL PERFORM Integrated game and entertainment framework TiD LEARN EXPLORE Sport and Recreation Pathway

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Community Administrator Community Official Community/Regional Coach Participation Athlete Performance Athlete Performance Coach Performance Official Performance Administrator Community Athlete Performance and Competition Paddling Programme” facilitator Club CRNZ Regional “Performance” Coach Level 4 Modules Recreational Paddling Options Sprint Marathon Ocean Ski Multisports Surf Life Saving Canoe Polo Slalom Swimming Pool programs Sea Kayaking CRNZ administration HP Manager Director of Coaching Executive officer Performance Paddler program 19yrs + NZ Championships Club CRNZ Performance Official Level 4 Olympics World Championships World Cups CRNZ Performance Coach Level 5 Competitive Paddler program 17yrs + NZ & Club Championships Club Youth Olympics Junior World Championships Trans Tasman U23 HP Squad U19 TiD Squad CRNZ Performance “Competition Coach” Level 4 CRNZ Regional “Competition” Coach Level 4 Modules CRNZ Performance Official Level 3 or 4 National TiD advancement camps U17 Trans Tasman Emerging Paddler project School & grown-up age Club & Regional Club Emerging Olympians program Yr 6-8 understudies Yr 9-13 understudies School CRNZ administration Director of Coaching Executive officer CRNZ Community “Development” Coach Level 3 Modules CRNZ Performance “Competition Coach” Level 4 Emerging Olympians Program organizer School/club CRNZ Community Official Level 1 or 2 Introductory Paddler system School & grown-up age Club Events Club Future Olympians Program facilitator School/club CRNZ Community “Introductory” Coach Level 2 Package Future Olympians program Yr 6-8 understudies Yr 9-13 understudies School CRNZ Whole of Sport Framework “Have a Go” program Yr 6-8 understudies Yr 9-13 understudies School CRNZ “Have a Go” Coach Level 1 Package “Have a Go” project School & grown-up age Club Starting Out

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Key Role of Officials (for input) The part of authorities in a NSOs entire of game arrangement is to: ‘Provide a reasonable and safe rivalry environment’

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National Officiating Strategy (2003) Vision and Goals Guiding Principles Strategies To give quality preparing to authorities To give quality backing and assets to authorities and administering To enhance open view of authorities and directing Critical achievement elements Outcomes Increase in numbers Increase in quality Improved backing and acknowledgment

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SPARC Website - Questions what number of you have gotten to the authorities area of the SPARC site? What materials do we have on the site? What materials have you utilized? What is missing? Is it the right data to offer assistance? (both NSOs and people) Long term, in what capacity ought to SPARC add to this site?

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SPARC Website and-clubs/Toolkit-for-Officials/Role of authorities Development toolbox Learning territories (assets) Articles of premium Glossary PM Scholarships

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PM Officials Scholarships Up to $250K contributed every year, approx 15 – 20 grants Group and individual grants A considerable measure of utilizations are declined – candidates don’t comprehend the project, applications are dubious and projects are not connected to criteria underneath There are moderately couple of requirements; Officiating on the world stage (first class level) Development/learning/accreditation Process – applications, SPARC preparing, control

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PM Officials Scholarships - Questions For examination in the last session: Are the criteria fitting? Does the PM Scholarship Program advantage the right authorities? If not, by what means can procedures be enhanced to do this? What steps can be taken to guarantee the grants boost the advantages for games? Are there lessons from the Australian experience?

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Other Considerations What are your needs? Does SPARC have a part in meeting these? What are your desires of SPARC? What desires are or are not being met? Where ought to directing and authority improvement fit in SPARC’s arranging? What are the joint realizing open doors for authorities and mentors? Are there lessons from the Australian ex

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